6 tips for a healthier Halloween

6 tips for a healthier Halloween

There is so much to love about Halloween. Parties, decorations, costumes and of course, all the candy!  With all the fun in store, it can be easy to over-indulge in all the sweet treats.

“Parents can teach their children that candy can be enjoyed, but in moderation,” says Liz Parent, registered dietitian at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago. “It’s important for parents to set good examples of this behavior all year.”

Parent says moms and dads can creatively reduce the amount of candy consumed by their children over the Halloween season.

“Start a family tradition of having the Switch Witch come to visit,” Parent says. “Your child can pick out some of their favorite candy and leave the rest for the Switch Witch, who will take the candy once they are asleep and leave a present. It’s a win-win! Your child will still enjoy the treats and also learn they can have fun without them.

There’s no shortage of advice online offering tips for a healthier Halloween.

One article on philly.com by Katie Cavuto, registered dietitian, offers some great advice.

  1. Don’t go on empty:  Have a healthy meal before you go trick-or-treating so that you are less likely to fill up on sweets.  A meal with whole grains, lean protein and vegetables will keep your stomach satisfied for the night.
  2. Smaller loot bag:  If you have a smaller trick-or-treat bag, you’ll take home less candy.
  3. One per household: Some houses offer multiple pieces of candy.  Plan to only allow your child to pick one piece at each house.
  4. Set limits for the night:  Plan ahead on how many treats are allowed to be eaten on Halloween night.
  5. Pick favorites for snack packs:  When you get home, ask your kids to make a pile of favorite candy.  After Halloween night, think of snack packs as one to two pieces of candy.  Decide how many snack packs your child can have every day and follow these limits.
  6. Healthy pairings:  Encourage your child to have a healthy option before they have their snack pack.  If they have a glass of milk or a piece of fruit, they are likely to be less hungry for the candy.

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  1. These are great tips for children to stay healthy on Halloween.

  2. We are definitely inviting the “Switch Witch” to our house this year!

  3. Love the suggestion of the Switch Witch! I’m going to pass that suggestion on to my family. Thanks!

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