Vitamin deficiencies can make you tired

Vitamin deficiencies can make you tired

Have you been feeling a little sluggish lately? This might not be the result of staying up to watch a late-night movie, but a common vitamin deficiency.

A vitamin deficiency happens when the body is not getting the nutrients it needs to function at its best. Your body may go through great lengths to alert you of these missing vitamins, nutrition experts say.

Because of all the processed foods in our society today, vitamin deficiencies are extremely common. Two of the most common vitamin deficiencies are iron and Vitamin D.

Iron deficiencies may lead to anemia and fatigue so it is important to eat iron rich foods such as lean beef, turkey, chicken and fish, says Michelle Remkus, registered dietitian at the Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Center in Downers Grove, Ill. Vegetarians can also get a healthy amount of iron from beans, dark green, leafy vegetables, fortified breakfast cereals and whole-grain breads.

“Vitamin C also helps absorb iron into our bodies, so combining iron with Vitamin C can help with absorption,” says Remkus. “Try eating tomato-bean salad, spinach salad with strawberries, or fortified hot cereal and a glass of orange juice.”

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is an essential vitamin in bone strength and without it, people may develop osteoporosis.

“Spending 10 to 15 minutes in the sunshine is usually enough to get a good amount of Vitamin D into your body,” said Remkus.

Vitamin D is only naturally present in a few foods but many foods have Vitamin D added to them. It can be found in some oily fish, fortified milk, orange juice, yogurt, cheese, cereal, bread and soy drinks.

In many cases, eating a healthy diet can prevent nutritional deficiencies. However, if you are eating well and still not feeling your best, you should talk to your doctor. A blood test can be done to determine if you are lacking any essential vitamins. If a vitamin deficiency is found, your doctor may suggest a vitamin supplement to help you start feeling great again.

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  1. Good things for you to be aware of since you are a vegetarian

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