In vitro fertilization more successful than ever

In vitro fertilization more successful than ever

For couples who struggle to conceive children naturally, a new study reports good news when it comes to in vitro fertilization or IVF.

Almost 2,000 more infants were born with the help of IVF in 2013 compared to 2012 according to the most recent report from the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology, an organization which represents 90 of assisted reproduction technology clinics in the country.

According to the study, 165,172 procedures resulted in 61,740 babies being born. While that number accounts for less than two percent of the 3.9 million babies born in the United States, the percentage is still the largest number of births resulting from IVF.

In addition, fewer embryos were needed for success and more single embryo transfer resulted in babies, which lead to less incidents of twins and multiple births. The number of twins dropped from 12,436 in 2012 to 12,085 in 2013. Multiple births due to IVF can be harmful for both the mother and child, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

“Better information leads to better informed patients and physicians and better treatments. Most importantly, better data leads to healthier babies,” says Dr. Charles Coddington, president of SART, in a news release.

Dr. Shelley Amuh, obstetrics and gynecologist at Advocate Trinity Hospital in Chicago, recommends that anyone who is considering getting pregnant should schedule an appointment with their gynecologist to discuss a variety of issues from family history to their current health.

“For people who have any chronic health problems like diabetes, hypertension or any autoimmune disease prior to pregnancy, those are all things your doctors should know. They can help you create a plan that makes you and your child safe,” Dr. Amuh says. “It’s important to prepare and have your questions answered while truly understanding what you should be doing and exactly what you shouldn’t be doing.”

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  1. I also read the success rate of IVF treatment, it really acheived the great success. Thank to all doctors who searched this treatment for struggling couples.

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