Video: Dispelling mammography myths

Dr. Vanessa Wear, a diagnostic radiologist and medical director for Breast Imaging at Advocate Health Care, dispels common misconceptions about mammography.

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  1. Cynthia Kokenes October 2, 2015 at 1:21 pm · Reply

    Dear Dr. Wear
    My comments are a little off subject. I would just like to express a concern of mine. I am a five year breast cancer survivor. I have Humana Health Insurance at my new job. Humana denied my yearly mammogram. Do you believe it?! My Doctor /Surgeon recommended I have a 3-D mammogram. As you know, the procedure is the same, the reading of the mammogram appears to be better. I had this type of mammogram before and didn’t for one minute think it wouldn’t be covered by Insurance. I sent an appeal letter to Humana to no avail. My secondary insurance picked up some of the cost and I paid the rest out of pocket. Humana determined a
    3-D mammogram to be an “experimental” procedure. Lutheran General Hospital, has been doing these types of mammograms since 2011. How do we get Humana to add 3-D mammograms to their list of preventative/annual screenings for women? Can you help to make sure all mammograms are covered?
    Thank you.

    Cindy Kokenes

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