4 tips to avoid weight gain on Halloween

4 tips to avoid weight gain on Halloween

Candy sales for Halloween are expected to reach $2.5 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation,

With all that candy around the house, at work and in the stores, it is difficult to not overindulge in sweets. Experts from Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, Ill. provide insight on how to be wise this year with your Halloween candy consumption.

Keep the consequences in mind

According to Clodualdo Martinez, a trainer at Advocate Condell Centre Club, the number one consequence from all these extra calories during this season is weight gain.

“Every candy bar is about an extra 200-300 calories! Now think about all those calories after a day of eating candy, or two days, or a whole week!  It can add up after a few sweet tooth urges,” says Martinez. “You can avoid this weight gain by putting a restriction on how much candy you keep around. The rest can be given to charities that distribute them to the needy during the holiday season!”

Martinez also stresses that in order to work off those extra calories, it could take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes of cardio for a couple days, or even weeks, depending on how much you splurge.

Participate in a candy buy-back program

Many local dentist offices offer to pay money in return for candy stashes as part of Operation Gratitude. This nonprofit accepts candy donations and sends them to soldiers, their families and veterans all year long in the form of care packages. You can also send in candy donations on your own if you cannot find a dentist or business doing the buy-back.

Learn more on their website and find a participating location near you.

Outsmart your sweet tooth

Lillian Bodane, a dietetic intern at Advocate Condell Medical Center, suggests creating a plan to prevent mindless eating.

“My best advice for treats at work is to have your bowl of individually wrapped candies in a desk drawer or a cabinet that is not directly next to you,” says Bodane. “This way, when you want something sweet, you have to get up, go to the candy spot, open a drawer or cabinet and then unwrap the candy piece.  At each point, you have a brief pause to mindfully consider if you really want the candy.”

Set limits for your kids too

For parents, Bodane also suggests encouraging kids to celebrate ON Halloween with their candy binge. Then after the 31st, candy should be limited to meal and snack times to keep it scheduled and portioned.

“This way. kids can still enjoy the fruits of their labor while parents are teaching healthy behaviors regarding their desserts,” says Bodane.

As an added bonus, it could also help you to portion your candy intake!

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