Infographic: How to make a healthier pizza

Infographic: How to make a healthier pizza


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  1. Planning to use almond flour for the crust. Any thoughts on this, i.e. good, not so good. Have blood sugar issues but controlling with diet and exercise – no meds.

    • Kate Eller

      Hi Brenda. I reached out to a clinical dietitian. She said: almond flour crust sounds fine but you will still need to look at the recipe to see the amount of carbs and count them in your diet regimen if you have issues with blood sugars as it’s still made with flour.

  2. Julie Gherardini January 4, 2017 at 1:05 pm · Reply

    I recently made a pizza using cauliflower as the crust. It was really good. I need to make a few adjustments but it was really tasty. I then topped with my own sauce, spinach, mozzarella and some sausage.

    • Julie, that’s sounds delicious. A friend of mine did the same, but said it took a long time to make. She served it with sauce on the side so the crust didn’t get soggy. Is your recipe time-consuming?

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