Do this in the afternoon to lose weight

Do this in the afternoon to lose weight

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  1. Elizabeth Schroeder July 11, 2017 at 3:49 pm · Reply

    I was disappointed after opening the link telling me how I could lose weight. I am 73 years old and struggling to lose weight. I wear a heart monitor so I do know that the six days a week that I go to the gym i burn in excess of 400 calories each session. In total I do seven sessions per week. I am very active and my gym routines consist of cardio and weights. I eat extremely healthy a lot of salads and vegetables in my diet and minimum in the way of carbs. Drink a ton of water daily, do not smoke or drink alcohol. I am upset at my BMI level which is way too high and actually puts me in the obesity range. I am 5′ 6.5″ and weigh 148 on a small bone frame. I have twice attempted to work with personal trainers with no success. I have undergone cryogenic procedures and vitamin B12 shots all to no avail. I approached my GP and his answer was “its old age dear”! If you have any articles you feel will help me I am very open to suggestions. I did try logging all my food on an app which told me I was under eating so encouraged me to eat more which I did and I put weight on. Hoping somebody reads this and have some suggestions for me,
    yours truly,
    Elizabeth Schroeder

    • Elizabeth,

      Knock out all bread and see what happens. Also, eat way more slowly since your enzymes are not in as great of numbers.. Take at least 45 minutes to consume a meal and have more meals with less on the plate at each sitting.

      Lack of sound sleep can be another problem and there is a good remedy for that. When retiring you lie back and breath in through your nose and entire sinus area surrounding both eyes with the lower jaw slacked. It should feel like you are withdrawing your eyes back into the sockets further.

      Allergies could be a problem as well. Gluten intolerance can lead to restless nights.

      Your workout should emphasize symmetry, like trying to be a baseball player learning to throw and hit both left and right handed.

      Stretch cords and medicine balls are better workouts and plyometrics are more useful than weight training. Do you live in the Chicago area?

  2. Elizabeth, I applaud you for all your healthy behaviors! I’m not sure why you think your weight is in the obese category because I checked your BMI and it is 23.5 which puts you in a normal range. Personally, I think it is more important to maintain healthy behaviors than to worry about weight. Anyway, good luck to you for a long, healthy life.

  3. Elizabeth,

    Are you taking any daily medications? I’m not in the medical profession, just a person having the same issues as yourself. The only prescription drug I was on was a PPI (like Prilosec). After over a year of working out / dieting (the same program that had always worked like a charm in the past) and much frustration I began searching for an answer. Was it really just my metabolism failing me? I had read that these drugs may cause weight gain or retention in some people. I went on an altered diet to rid myself of heartburn naturally and weened myself off the drug (not sure how safe that was but I was determined) and as a result lost 25lbs doing the same workout as before. Was it the altered diet, was it getting off the drug or a combination of the two? I’ve been able to keep the weight off and have lost a few more pounds to boot.

    I don’t want to give you bad or dangerous advise, just passing along my own experience. I hope that helps in your search for answers. I was thinking just this morning, as I cinched my belt to the 3rd notch, how great it feels to have that extra weight off. Good luck to you as you try to figure out your own puzzle.

  4. Elizabeth Schroeder July 12, 2017 at 9:54 am · Reply

    Robert, thanks for the advice about earing slower. I do eat fast! Don’t touch bread, rarely eat carbs as we know them and I sleep well. 8 to 9 hours a night with potty visits! 🙂 I am in the far south suburbs.
    Jacqueline, every BMI scale I have looked at puts me in the high 30’s as does the special scale my gym has.
    Tom, I do take one medication. It is prescription strength Cingular. At the age of 71 I was diagnosed asthmatic. I never get short of breath but I did have a cough that I could not shake. They did have me on an inhaler but I stopped that for two reasons, expense and I never felt that I needed it. I hate taking drugs of any sort.
    Thanks for the encouragement

  5. Elizabeth, are you using fatty oils or dressings in your foods or preparation?
    Are you eating white bread or white rice instead of whole grain or brown rice?

  6. Good suggestions about cutting carbs. Also cut sodium watch for main dish recipes with 500 or less mg sodium Nutitionist said fresj fruits and veggies did not count in trying to keep sodium at 2000 to 1500mg a day and drink water frequently through the day. I avoid even the fake salts and watch spices and herbs as sodium can be added to those

  7. Avoid carbs cut sodium to main dish recipes to 550mg sodium or less. Flavor with balsamic vinegars. No salad dressings be careful spices and herbs have sodium added so check Really study the sodium the trace sodium in fresh items are safe and good choices

  8. Elizabeth Schroeder July 14, 2017 at 12:56 pm · Reply

    Thank you for all your advice. Please don’t take offense but obviously you did not read my post too well. All the suggestions I already do. Don’t eat carbs, cook from scratch etc. Thanks anyway.

  9. Research juicing reboot plan. It works. Really.

  10. Elizabeth, Enjoy your life and years you have left! your height and weight for it sounds like a healthy weight to me. Where the over 30 BMI came from I don’t know. Sounds like you take care of yourself and eat right. At our age, that’s all that matters. Do you wear a heart monitor just for tracking purposes at the gym or are there heart issues with you? Sometimes, we cant help if we have issues with our hearts… some are hereditary no matter how we watch our diet.
    Love who you are and enjoy your precious life!

  11. Thanks for sharing great tips! I hope this helps me with my diet.

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