This new marriage trend could be causing major long-term damage

This new marriage trend could be causing major long-term damage

As Beyonce once said, “If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it.”

But put a ring in it? That’s a new one.

Some millennials are ditching traditional engagement rings for diamond piercings on their ring finger.

Even if you have had body piercings before, the procedure can seem intense. After sterilization and the spot is marked, a small tool is used to remove a hole of skin for the diamond’s anchor – normally made of titanium or gold, which will hold the gem in place.

Ten minutes and about $100 later, you’re done.

Just like any other body piercing, it should be cleaned three times a day. If not, there could be the obvious consequences, such as infection. But what about the more serious, long-term damage?

Dr. Vivek Iyengar, a dermatologist affiliated with Advocate South Suburban Hospital in Hazel Crest, Ill., says aside from the initial pain you might experience, there is the risk of infection and migration of the piercing under the skin.

“Given the frequent use of the hand and high mobility of the area, snagging the piercing on a pocket or clothing is a likely risk, which could dislodge the piercing and also increase the risk of infection.”

Think it over before jumping on this bandwagon, millennials.

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  1. Gloria Picchetti March 26, 2018 at 12:18 pm · Reply

    Everyone is entitled to their own choices. To me this is ugly and dangerous. There is a risk of infection having it done and recovering from it. There is a risk of having the skin ripped off your hand if the jewelry gets caught in something. What if you get married for the last time multiple times?

  2. Doctors will never support piercings and I agree with the POV regarding sanitation and general health in this clip. But they are consenting adults, choosing for themselves. Then irony is some doctors (thankfully it’s falling out of favor) continue to support elective infant genital cutting, aka routine infant circumcision. Logic fail. Don’t pierce your hands….but amputate 16 functions of the foreskin off of someone else’s body without their consent.

    • I’ve never met one grown man (or even little boy) who was upset about having had a circumcision as a baby… just speaking from personal experience here. In college I met a few guy friends who confided that they were NOT circumcised and they wished they were! We know from modern history that both groups of men do just fine in getting mates and producing offspring. However, it is very illogical and ignorant to suggest a circumcision procedure is tantamount to ‘genital cutting.’ When you used this word, my mind went to ‘genital mutilation,’ which is completely different and abhorrent- that procedure is NOTHING like a medical circumcision performed by a licensed physician. I came here to read about a new wedding ring trend and end up getting someone’s agenda on circumcision… I bet you don’t vaccine either. Ask that baby boy you denied a circumcision how he feels about it in 30 years. If he grew up in the US he probably wishes he had it done.

  3. One Instagram post does not a trend make. As a millennial, I expect more from my workplace than millennial-bashing.

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