8 ways to sleep better in the summer

8 ways to sleep better in the summer

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  1. One way to sleep better in summer,
    turn on or acquire an AC

  2. Dr. Tony Hampton

    I agree, Adrienne. Keeping the room cool is essential to sleeping well as mentioned in the article. Other tips I would add include:

    1) Avoid looking at screens (T.V., computers, or phones) at least one hour before sleeping. Read a book instead to avoid blue rays that will make your body think it’s time to be awake.
    2) Have a caffeine curfew: I ask my patients to end coffee by 2pm so that coffee won’t keep them up at night.
    3) Keep the bedroom as dark as possible maximizing the benefits of your body’s natural sleep hormones.
    4) Develop a sleep ritual in terms of time and habits (bathing, reading) so that your body is preparing for rest like your parents did for you when you were a baby
    5) Magnesium cream or oil: this mineral is helpful to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and many other benefits too long to list. Just rub it on before bedtime.

  3. You mentioned Magnesium cream or oil, but aren’t there risks for Magnesium toxicity for those that may be already taking a supplement or multi vitamin that already contains Magnesium? How would someone know how much cream or oil is a safe amount to use, and also if combined with other medications?

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