Is this the secret to bouncing back post-pregnancy?

Is this the secret to bouncing back post-pregnancy?

Celebrity Moms. Many of them make it look so easy to bounce back after pregnancy and go out-and-about town with their cute kids in tow, looking as cool-headed and stylish as ever.

While it’s true the paparazzi often catch famous mommies at their best – and we don’t get to see the many long nights and stressful moments experienced by mothers everywhere – you’re not alone if you ask yourself how they do it.

One way may be breastfeeding.

“Fortunately, Mother Nature equips most new moms with the ability to breastfeed their new baby,” says Advocate Nurse Michele Roe, director of surgical and maternal child services at Advocate Trinity Hospital in Chicago. “Not only does breastfeeding provide the best nutrition for baby’s health, it also offers many benefits to the mother.”

Roe, a mother of three, emphasizes that motherhood doesn’t have to be stressful. Although it may seem daunting before you start, many women find that breastfeeding becomes special, bonding-with-baby-time, which many mothers enjoy.

If you’re a new mom, here’s how breastfeeding can make motherhood look effortless without much fuss:

  1. Lose weight: Breastfeeding burns approximately 500 calories a day. Combined with eating sensible meals (keeping carbohydrate cravings in check) and light exercise, you’ll be back into your skinny jeans before you know it.
  2. Look more relaxed: No time for hot yoga in your new routine? Don’t sweat it. Breastfeeding releases two feel-good hormones. Prolactin allows you to relax and feel peaceful during feedings. Oxytocin generates strong feelings of love and bonding with your little one.
  3. Feel more confident: With an estimated one in every eight American women developing breast cancer in her lifetime, it’s good to know breastfeeding can lower that risk. The American Institute for Cancer Research reports that breastfeeding reduces breast cancer risk by two percent for every five months of practice.
  4. More time for you: With everything you need to do in a day, every second counts. Breastfeeding can add minutes back to your day. Skipping the step of preparing formula, could leave a few extra minutes to focus on you.
  5. Save money: Tapping into nature’s supply of baby formula will free-up more money.  On average, you can save anywhere between $1,500 to $3,600 a year by forgoing store brand baby formula. Think about all you can do with that extra money.

Advocate Trinity Hospital offers breastfeeding classes for new and expecting mothers every Tuesday at 10 am. For details or to register, visit

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  1. Can we please stop telling mothers we need to “bounce back?” Your organs just got shoved every which way, your skin stretch, and you literally grew a human inside you. You don’t need to bounce back, you just need to be healthy.

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