Caring for cancer patients at the age of 13

Caring for cancer patients at the age of 13

This is a special love story about a little girl and the grandfather she adores. Little 13-year-old Hannah Davidson and her grandfather, Dr. Jake Bitran stole the show at Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah. A Bat Mitzvah is an important Jewish ritual—a rite of passage at the age of 13. It’s often marked by a large celebration.

And so a year before her big occasion, Hannah and her grandfather started practicing a special hip hop dance together. Hannah was the choreographer, and Dr. Bitran, a more-than-willing participant. The dance went off without a hitch.

But Hannah’s admiration for her grandfather extends far beyond his dancing skills. Dr. Bitran has been a hematologist/oncologist in Chicagoland for the past 41 years. His passion for treating cancer patients at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Ill., has sparked a similar passion in his granddaughter.

To mark her Bat Mitzvah, an important transition from child to adult, Hannah had to do a good deed. She chose to make beaded bracelets and sell them on Facebook. She is donating the proceeds to the pediatric oncology program at Advocate Children’s Hospital.

“She’s a very caring little girl,” says Dr. Bitran. “She understands what I do, and she adores children. She’s already talking about being a nurse practitioner,” he adds proudly.

“My dad and Hannah have a very special connection,” says Lauren Davidson. “She so admires that he helps people. She wanted to do the same thing.”

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