What’s the worst Christmas candy?

What’s the worst Christmas candy?

Many of us will be tempted by Christmas candy this holiday.  While consumers will spend billions, some of the old favorites are coming up short in a recent survey. Thirteen thousand customers of CandyStore.com have weighed in on the most unappealing choices in the candy dish each season.

Here’s the candies identified as the top ten worst:

Source: CandyStore.com

10. Old fashioned hard candy
9. Ribbon candy
8. Non-peppermint candy canes
7. White peppermint M&Ms
6. Lifesaver story books
5. Chocolate covered cherry cordials
4. Peppermint bark
3. Christmas-themed peeps
2. Reindeer candy corn
1. Christmas tree nougat

Just in case you’re wondering, number 11th worst Christmas candy was the peppermint candy cane.  Can you believe it?

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  1. I expected to see fudge or toffee in there

  2. I was thinking this was the worst candies for you, but it’s just which people think are the worst (tasting, whatever). Keeping THAT in mind, I would have been OFFENDED to see fudge on the list!

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