This is who could be more at risk for aggressive breast cancer

This is who could be more at risk for aggressive breast cancer

Breast cancer is a leading health concern for women, but recent research published in the journal Cancer suggests that less common, more aggressive forms of breast cancer could be more rare than previously known.

Called triple-negative breast cancer, it can be more difficult to treat. The study, which looked at U.S. cancer data, found those cases are 8.4% of all breast cancer diagnoses, less than a previously reported 15%.

The study also showed that African American and younger women were at higher risk for triple-negative breast cancer.

Dr. Jodi Brehm, a breast cancer surgeon at Aurora Medical Center in Kenosha, Wis., says women can take steps to address breast cancer risks, starting with knowing what’s typical for their bodies so they can identify irregularities.

“Know what’s normal for you,” Dr. Brehm says. “If it’s not normal for you, point it out for your doctor.”

In addition, she says, you should know your family history. Do you have multiple women on one side of your family who had breast cancer? Did they get it at a younger age? Those are important factors for your doctor to know.

“You can help your doctor help you,” Dr. Brehm says.

The most clear risk factors for breast cancer are being a woman and advancing in age, she says. In addition, Dr. Brehm says women should take care of their general health, be active, try to stay at a healthy weight and limit their alcohol consumption.

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