6 things you didn’t know about skin cancer

6 things you didn’t know about skin cancer

Wear sunscreen. Avoid tanning beds. Limit time in the sun.

Think you know everything about skin cancer? These facts may surprise you.

  1. Melanoma accounts for about 1% of skin cancers but causes the most skin-cancer-related deaths.
  2. $343 million. That’s the cost of medical care for tanning-associated skin cancers, according to the Journal of Cancer Policy.
  3. Left-sided facial cancers and wrinkling are more common in the U.S. because of the position in which we drive.
  4. Melanoma is most frequently diagnosed in white men over 50.
  5. You can get melanoma in your eyes.
  6. More Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers combined.

Dr. Nilam Amin, a dermatologist affiliated with Advocate Health Care, recommends getting skin checks on a regular basis for early detection of any skin abnormalities.

“Many forms of skin cancer are highly curable with local treatments, but others, like melanoma, can advance and spread if not detected early,” says Dr. Amin. “Signs of skin cancer can be very subtle, so it is very important to have any new or changing skin growths or sores that don’t heal or other areas of concern checked by your physician.”

Are you trying to find a dermatologist? Look here if you live in Illinois. Look here if you live in Wisconsin. 

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