Is working out not working for you?

Is working out not working for you?

You might be working out or heading to the gym regularly but not seeing the health improvements you expected. Maybe you need some guidance from an expert to help you avoid common mistakes.

Here are the top three mistakes seen by Joe Ozanic, a personal trainer and nutrition specialist at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital Health and Fitness Center in Barrington, Ill.

  1. Not warming up. It’s very important to progressively prepare your body for exercise to prevent injuries.
  2. Using weights that are too heavy. If you are unable to go through the full range of motion, you would benefit from a lighter weight.
  3. Using weights that are not heavy enough. If you can get to 15 reps and feel like you can keep going, consider increasing the weight by five-pound increments until you fatigue when doing between 10 and 15 reps.

Need more suggestions? Check out these other avoidable gym mistakes.

Are you trying to get fit? Take a free online quiz to learn more about your healthy weight range.

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