Your cat might actually like you

Your cat might actually like you

When it comes to cuddly and social pets, cats are stereotypically seen as benchwarmers.

But cat enthusiasts now have scientific proof to wield when trying to win over anti-cat folks, thanks to a recent study published in Current Biology. It found that just like dogs, cats are sociable creatures who crave attention and affection from their humans.

“This kind of bond, from any good-natured and well-loved pet, can be just as strong as a parent’s bond with their own human child,” says Debra Arrowood, a speech therapist at Aurora Medical Center in Manitowoc County, Wis. “On top of that, pets of this nature can provide invaluable and surprising health benefits.”

What kind of health benefits? Check out the infographic below to see what Arrowood has to say.

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