5 tips to make the perfect avocado toast

5 tips to make the perfect avocado toast

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  1. This looks good.

  2. What do you toast it in? A toaster or do you use the oven?

  3. Li, I eat avocado toast almost every day. I toast my toast in the toaster, some pepper on the avocado and some sunflower seeds for crunch. So good!!!!

  4. You can toast the bread however you like – you do that before you add the avocado and other toppings.

  5. I love avocado toast too. I eat it with sea salt and pepper.

  6. I like to add a splash of rice vinegar and some cumin and chili powder to the mashed avocado. Then top with tomato slices. It’s great on toasted Ezekiel bread. My kids even love this for a quick breakfast or lunch!

  7. Try hummus spread on the toast under the avocado or topped with broccoli sprouts, chili flake, olive oil, and lemon juice.

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