6 signs you’re eating too much salt

6 signs you’re eating too much salt
























































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  1. Those are signs of eating too much sugar and metabolic issues like diabetes. Salt is not the enemy. The human body will die without salt. Sugar is not necessary and toxic to your body with overconsumption and longterm use.

  2. It’s delicious, but, nothing! Stay hydrated and exercise and my doctor says for me at least salt isn’t really that big of a concern. It’s the carbs (and yes, excessive take out and convenience foods) that will do you (me) in.

  3. There isn’t any salt in our home. We like lots of spices.

  4. Wow… Thanks Sam G. for the truth on sugar which is truly a toxin, no doubt. Certainly excessive salt is not good move; but high sugar intake is the real deal killer that’s driving most health problems the public’s facing

  5. In a recent trip to the ER for stroke danger signs, the ER Doctor told me I was NOT getting enough salt. “It’s not only high sodium levels,” she explained, “that play havoc with your blood pressure. Low sodium is dangerous also. Get more salt in your food, especially when you are hydrating a lot.” Funny, I love salt and was using it on most meals. Even oatmeal.

  6. Ernanie Gastala July 5, 2022 at 10:14 pm · Reply

    At one time I ate regular potato chips and I felt a bit dizzy. I cannot check my BP because I do not have my BP monitor. Maybe I ate too much of the sodium or potassium content which are both very high.

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