When should I get the new COVID booster?

When should I get the new COVID booster?

The CDC last week signed off on a new FDA-authorized COVID booster shot that will offer increased protection against the omicron subvariants of the virus that have become most common in the latest phase of the pandemic.

The BA.5 variant currently accounts for approximately 90% of COVID cases, according to the CDC.

“The new boosters were designed to add protection against omicron strains of the virus,” says Dr. Robert Citronberg, executive medical director of infectious disease and prevention at Advocate Aurora Health. “So even if you have received a booster with the original vaccine, you should consider receiving one of the new boosters.”

This is especially recommended for those with weakened immune systems, the elderly and those with underlying health issues. But what if you’ve already had two booster shots? Dr. Citronberg says you should wait at least two months after your last shot before receiving the new booster. “Some experts recommend waiting up to six months after your last shot, which may help to maximize your immune response to the vaccine,” he says.

And if you recently were sick with COVID, Dr. Citronberg recommends waiting three to six months after your infection before receiving the booster. The new COVID boosters are authorized for those 12 years and older for Pfizer and those 18 years and older for Moderna.

It could take some time for local providers and pharmacies to get a supply of the new vaccines.

Consult with your doctor for additional guidance on when you should receive the booster.

Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines at aah.org/vaccine

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  1. When will the new, variant specific, COVID boosters be available? I will want to schedule and appointment at that time. Will LiveWell send out an announcement?
    Thank you!

  2. I tested positive for Covid August 15th. I’m 56 and with health problems. I am finally starting to feel like a partial “ME” again. lol. So now when should I get this new Covid Booster shot? In this article it recommends that I wait 3-6 months?! What if by then the Booster shot is not available for me in my small town. Will LIVE WELL announce it?I sure hope so. I will be making my appointment right away.

  3. When will the omicron variant pfizer booster be available to schedule an appointment?

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