7 tips for a healthy Super Bowl Sunday

7 tips for a healthy Super Bowl Sunday

Wings, chili, sloppy Joes and dips are common go-tos for a Super Bowl party. So during the big game, is it possible to make it healthy?

Dr. Sunil Pauwaa, a cardiologist with Advocate Heart Institute at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill., says moderation is important when attending events full of food like the Super Bowl. Even when eating large quantities, if you choose the right snack, you might not get into too much trouble.

Dr. Pauwaa suggests the following substitutions for your most-loved game day snacks:

  1. Sliced veggies can be your friend. Carrot sticks, celery sticks and sliced bell peppers. Avoid dressing dips, especially creamy ones, as they are typically high in fat and salt.
  2. Swap ground beef for lean turkey meat.
  3. Go for whole wheat pasta over regular.
  4. Try chicken wings that are grilled, baked or cooked in a slow cooker. Top with your favorite sauce to serve.

“I also suggest trying to fit in a good workout that morning to get your daily exercise in,” he says. “And keep active throughout the day since you will be glued to the game and commercials.”

He offers these three tips to help your heart while cheering on your favorite team this Sunday:

  1. Pick your seat wisely. Try not to sit right next to the appetizer table.
  2. Choose a small plate. Recognize when you are full and eat slowly to allow yourself to fill up.
  3. Stand up and walk around as much as possible throughout the day.

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  1. Tip #8, Come out snow shoeing me instead of sitting on the couch for the super bowl.

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