Decades later, head trauma can lead to memory loss, other issues

Decades later, head trauma can lead to memory loss, other issues

Talking with my mom the other day, I was surprised to hear that my dad had seen a neurologist to discuss recent lapses in his short-term memory.

Dad’s doctor discovered that his memory loss was likely came from the slight shrinkage of the right frontal lobe of his brain caused by a concussion, Mom said.

The concussion occurred decades ago, possibly before I was even born.

All of this worried me, of course. I worried about my father’s health. I worried about other friends and family members who had been bumped, smashed and pummeled by athletics, car accidents and falls. I worried about what I didn’t know.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a blow to the head or other excessive force. An injury to the brain, which may or may not lead to a loss of consciousness, can impair a person’s physical, cognitive and even emotional behaviors for days or weeks.

However, studies are raising concerns about the long-term effects of concussion and other brain injuries, even if suffered just once, says Dr. Raina Gupta, a neurologist at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

“The long-term effects of head trauma are just now being studied. So not much is known,” Dr. Gupta says. “They very likely include changes in cognition and, yes, memory loss.”

We know much more about the short-term effects, which include headache, seizures, dizziness, insomnia, depression, irritability, double vision, changes in smell, facial pain and the loss of memory. These typically develop in the first days after mild TBI and generally stop within a few weeks or months. But any of these symptoms can persist longer.

“If you sustained a head injury years ago and are having persistent issues with your cognitive function, such as feeling foggy or slowed down, difficulty concentrating, memory loss or confusion, you should definitely talk to your doctor,” Dr. Gupta says.

“Also be sure to discuss any changes in mood or sleep, and difficulties with language, attention and processing information,” she adds. “Long-term effects of head injury may lead to partial or total disability that may prevent a person’s functional and psychosocial recovery.”

Though it may be difficult to definitively connect such symptoms to a head injury from many years before, physicians are certain such injuries can cause changes in the brain, even at the cellular level. But Dr. Gupta cautions that it will take more research to fully understand these effects on the brain.

To avoid long-term effects, anyone suffering a head injury should be immediately evaluated by a physician.  After any head injury, you should take your time to recover, slowly increasing physical activity and exercise, as symptoms allow, under the supervision of your doctor. During your recovery, avoid undue strain to the brain until your learning processes have fully recovered. Seeking treatment for mood and sleep disturbances also may be beneficial to your recovery.

“Anyone experiencing any or all of these cognitive symptoms, even years after a blow to the head or concussion, should seek medical attention and, if appropriate, further evaluation,” Dr. Gupta says. “It’s always better to be safe. And there are ways we can help.”

I will definitely be passing this advice on to my dad.

Symptoms of Concussion:

Thinking/Remembering Physical Emotional/
Difficulty thinking clearly Headache
Fuzzy or blurry vision
Irritability Sleeping more than usual
Feeling slowed down Nausea or vomiting (early on)
Sadness Sleep less than usual
Difficulty concentrating Sensitivity to noise or light
Balance problems
More emotional Trouble falling asleep
Difficulty remembering new information Feeling tired, having no energy Nervousness or anxiety

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  1. In December of 1993, my mom was in a horrible car accident. It’s been nearly 21 years and she still hasn’t really got the help she needs. Thanks for this article on long term effects.

    • hi when i was 7 weeks old i was told had a fractured skull im 43 years old now and still have problems with depression and anxiety and have major trouble sleeping,,,, i also hear low voices in my ears and see things in the corner of m,of my eye and nothing is there

      • When I was 7, i fell off my bike (or was hit by a “hit and run”) and fell face first into the pavement. I lay unconscious until a roving police car came upon me, crying, but unconscious. The year was 1962, so don’t be alarmed by what happened next. Apparently, the police officer picked me up in his arms and placed me in the back seat of the patrol car. A neighbor alerted my family and my sister made it to the scene in time to ride in the police car with me to the hospital. To this day, I remember waking briefly to the sounds of a siren as I lay in the back seat. After that moment I have no recollections until waking up after midnight (my accident occurred around 3:30pm). When I awoke I was vomiting blood from one end of the hospital bed to the other. The disconcerting thing is that no one was there, not my parents, nor any nurses. It was at least 10 minutes before a nurse appeared and apologized as she had to attend to emergency. Pretty scary for a 7 year old. I spent 3 days in the hospital and needed the aid of someone to assist me in walking (to stabilize) for over a week…and I missed the last two months of second grade. I am 63 now and can report no ill effects. Can repercussions still occur?

      • Hi Pete,

        My daughter suffered a skull fracture during the first month of her life. She was dropped. She is now 2 but everything seems normal. Should I be concerned? I am always thinking the worse and now I am a little scared she will be suffering later on. 🙁

      • Hi I Had a fall from a 20 foot wall when I was 3 years old I was in Hospital for 3 weeks that was in 1955.I had a mir and been told there is lesions in my deep white matter .what is this, and how could it affect me?
        Regards Annie

      • Hey pete did your injuries cause any disformities ? I remember falling appx. 4 ft on to my head when i was 9 yrs . as i got older ive always wondered how head turned out lopsided when my mom claims to have used helmet to prevent a disformed head.

      • Natasja Harris May 18, 2018 at 4:10 pm

        It was interesting reading your comment because I have had 2 skull fractures..once when I was 7 and again when I was 20. I don’t sleep well at all, I feel anxious all the time, I’m on depression medication, and my short term memory is not great. I am relieved to know that I’m not the only one experiencing these issues.

    • Me, too.
      What an exasperation that it’s been Decades since I wiped out my car and nearly myself on sudden- freeze ice. Don’t remember at all how long I was in a coma [HA !]
      But I’m Alive!
      My RN wife must have known I would be a basket case if I survived-
      Doctors said “Not to worry,my survival was not likely.”
      Short-term memory [all of my short-term memory: engineering math, etc. G-O-N-E]
      Long-term is much better: HS algebra, OK

      BUT MY EXPLOSIVE TEMPER and anger can all go to Siberia and Cool It (I wish) !!!

    • Was in 2 auto accidents.Head hit windshield.First at 16,other 38. Have memory,social,mood challenges. Neighbors dont like me. Am ignored,

      Isolated. Often feel fear when out alone as get rude comments so wear head phones out. Have no close friends anymore as best friend died in

      September 2022. Have 3 cats though,faith,therapist,dr. for meds,a service coordinator,CIC through TBI waiver,entertain self with

      music,tv,movies,pc games,support groups,art,paint,read,watch videos,keep positive, . Keep up with apartment,ex. Chores:do laundry,food shop,take

      meds,get enough
      sleep,budget money,pay rent,ignore toxic,negative neighbors,etc. who dont know me and have own problems

      highlight my strengths,down play my weaknesses.One day at a time.

    • I also have an advocate through bianys, brain injury association New York state and attend TBI group with other survivors run by advocate.

      Many states have brain injury associations,survivor groups. It’s not great but is bearable at least.

  2. I have had two serious car accidents in my life, both causing head trauma, one I was in a coma for three weeks or three months, and the 2nd car accident I was transported to a larger hospital, my head and face had serious trauma, I was put into ICU without and stitches being put in, I believe that is when I had a tracheotomy done to my throat, as I had a fractured jaw and I guess I was unable to breathe properly, and it was well over a week in icu prior to any surgeries or stitching being done to me.
    At 30 yrs of age I had NMS, and I was left at home dying for well over a week, during that time I had a fever of 108 degrees, I was told I was bleeding through the ears and nose, and that I was fully paralyzed waist down, and partial on the upper half of my body… of course there were many other complications, I am trying to stick to the head trauma info.

    I am just curious how much damage I may be looking at now? I am having a very hard time with short term memory, and lately I just can’t seem to connect my mouth to my brain, I think what I want to say, but when I speak all I hear is some illegible?? Also, my scalp is very sensitive, and i remember as a young girl crying to mom to stop brushing my hair as it hurt me so much!!
    Thank you,

    T. Miller

    • Dear Tamara, I also have had two major auto accidents. The last one left me with a severe head injury. Your questions and concerns are exactly as mine! I hope you will see my post and can find me on Facebook. Perhaps between the two of us some of our problems can be addressed? My sincere prayers, J. Swanson

      • Hi, I could use some insight on my on situation

      • Dear Julie have you found any good treatment? I suffered a sever TBI years ago and recently have had major seizures and a concussion with staples in my head. Do you suffer seizures? These anti seizure meds make me crazy. What can I do? My memory loss is ridiculous!! What helps

    • I read your posts on this page and i want to tell you about that i myself had a car accident when i was 12 years old. I had a hit and run car accident, i was in com for 2 days and after i did feel sometimes like loud talking at home did affect me and I dont get that affect anymore. I would say the best way I have helped myself is by changing my diet. I eat beetroot or somtimes drink it after blending it. I cut out a lot of dairy and i can even buy non-soya and non-dairy cheese such as vio life from places like holland and barrett and other dairy free foods. I am a vegetarian and mostly vegan although i may have a bit of dairy food from time to time.

      I thought i would just share my experience.

      All the best to you!

    • I read your posts on this page and i want to tell you about that i myself had a car accident when i was 12 years old. I had a hit and run car accident, i was in com for 2 days and after i did feel sometimes like loud talking at home did affect me and I dont get that affect anymore. I would say the best way I have helped myself is by changing my diet. I eat beetroot or somtimes drink it after blending it. I cut out a lot of dairy and i can even buy non-soya and non-dairy cheese such as vio life from places like holland and barrett and other dairy free foods. I am a vegetarian and mostly vegan although i may have a bit of dairy food from time to time.

      I thought i would just share my experience.

      All the best to you!!!!

    • Angela L. Lawrence April 14, 2016 at 2:24 pm · Reply

      Do not worry God has a blessing for you! When I heard your testimony I began a prayer for you. There is a purpose for us all even though we are going through our TBI, and other hardships. I pray that all will go well for you.

    • Hi, I had a car accident at 15yrs old I was thrown through windowscreen on impact a high speed from backseat, April fools day of all days ,of course my parent’s were in a cross state and thought is this a realy shitty joke some1 is playjng, but then sunk in it was real.the front of myface took some impact so bad that I couldnt have any sugery for 2wks almost, then had maxi repair and rebuild eye socket and cheekboneand jaw idont no what they did to nose area and fore head prob nothing to myfore head akthoughi do have a bone growth next to my left temple whichhas got a bit bigger latley, but I had surgery to rightside, from age 18 ive worked in a cold prep room for nhs hospital but recently been moved into main kitchen haven just been diagnosed with secondary raynauds my toes n fingers have deformed a bit, enough to make nosey friends ofmine lol ask whats wrong with them! This led tomehavin inconclusive tissue damage test result with rheumatology which im due for 2nd visit nxt monday for more bloods, I didnt tell him mynose from inside is deteriorated coz I didnt think it related and my mums dad died at42 with face cancer so yes silly me has hid it up till now and have shown my gp who has confirmed a big whole up there , I kept getting realy painful sores in my nose and constantly running just recently I new something was realy wrong my face looks differnt under eyes are going black I feel that myface is gonna cave in my teeth gaps are closing and I think I have a gap between my eyes if that makes sence, im scared coz all this has just started 6mth ago you would never of guessesd id had that kind of sugery but why now ive never touched cocain or ever intend to , so somthing eating away at me but what damage has this been causing to me unbeknown I don’t no and just got letter to say im on waiting list approx 9/12mnth for ENT ill prob wont have a face come then, sorry for going on any advice please.

      • Thank you for posting Cheryl. I hope the relief of dream and spirit hold your heart til the end of all of us!

    • Thank you for sharing your story Tamara. How did you ever manage to endure so much pain? What factors would keep you at home with a 108 fever? I’m sorry that you’ve experienced so much pain, but I am grateful that you have expressed the tip of the ice berg relating to your chronic pain. Treatment is the long haul.

      I hope you feel some relief in knowing there are other folks who are suffering from impairment due to injuries. I do. I am experiences notable neurological difficulties after a violent head injury 2 years ago. I’m distracted by the neurological. I’m flooded with memories of being hit with a brick in the head at age 5 and the cognitive difficulties I had as a child, then, 2 head injuries from car accidents in 1985 and 1989.

      Peace, Hope and Dream,

    • Hi Tamara
      I realize I am replying to your post in this random forum seven years after you wrote it, but I sincerely hope that this somehow reaches you so that you are able to provide me with an answer and maybe even keep in touch and share symptoms and support if need be! What is NMS? I am advocating for myself too and feel that after the initial incident of tbi and being discharged from the hospital, nothing else has been done for me at all except for things that I do for myself! I also have the severe scalp tenderness especially after a long day of thinking or doing more cognitive functioning I guess. Simultaneously I get severe eye pressure behind and surrounding my left eye (the side where I was hit) and that coincides with temporary horrible blurred strained vision from that eye. Also whenever it gets this prominent, I feel every single dent and bump on my scalp on the top and left side of my hide get more tender and a numbing feeling deeper down the precisely one those spots.

      It’s awful! And it scares me making me wonder if it’ll always be like this, or could it get worse? Will it get worse progressively? I am almost 8 years post tbi from a near fatal auto accident but just started noticing these left eye vision and pressure problems along with the debilitating “ stop-you-in-your-tracks gotta lay down, gotta close my left eye NOW” symptoms within the last year.

      The symptoms r scary obviously. Only thing I can do when I get like this is do as I said above: ideally find a quiet non-stimulating spot to lay down, close my eye(s), and rub my (roughly six) tender spots of head dents and bumps to try relieve my acute symptoms and stimulate blood flow to each tender spot because of the deep progressive local numbing I am feeling below the surface of each spot when this is happening.
      When this does happen, it means I “am done for the day”. It’s not by choice but I usually literally cannot think or focus properly again until the next day because aside from the physical symptoms I have described, there is also the cognitive component. And again, it’s scary to me. I hope that because of neuroplasticity, that maybe something can be done sooner rather than later, to help stop the progression of whatever is going on here with all these post tbi symptoms years down the road that our doctors don’t seem to want to acknowledge or even explore because they just know so little about!

      • I can be right in the middle of a sentence and can’t remember what I spoke up about.

  3. I had a blow to the back of my head 30 years ago. The physician said to always let future medical personnel know, I had severe headaches afterward, but no cognitive effects. For the last 6 months I have been exhausted (has improved though), problems with balance, speech problems of stuttering over my words or word finding. My neurologist did an MRI and found that I had a 2″ stroke on my cerebellum (actually where I had hit my head). She said it wasn’t a recent one, but there is no timeline to figure out if it happened last spring or ?. She is doing the heart tests to see if there is any blockage of vessels; so far all have been okay. Wondering if old head injury could be the cause or not. Thanks for any information you could give me.

    Billi K

  4. Hi, Billi. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you’re doing better following your diagnosis. Hopefully, you’re continuing to improve. I spoke with Dr. Gupta, the expert interviewed for this article, about your comments. She stressed that serious head injuries can cause contusions, bleeding in the brain or skull fractures, so it’s important that you speak with your neurologist to see if any of these were seen on your neuroimaging at the time of your head injury. She said depending on the location and size of the MRI abnormality, your neurologist may be able to determine the cause of the event. It’s important to evaluate for all causes of the MRI findings with further testing and stroke risk factor modification, if needed, she said. I hope this helps and that you’re feeling better soon!

  5. My husband had a severe head injury in 1997 which ended with him being forever on disability. He has terrible migraines and right before he gets them he does really bizarre things such as…pack all our clothes and hides all the towels in his dresser, he even removed the bathroom mirror off the wall in our apartment once. He once took everything out of the fridge and put dirty dishes in the fridge. ..I found them when I woke up next morning. Help please. ..the drs say its just a migraine but I believe its something way more…I am always worried of what he will do next.

    • Hi, Beth. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s injury and continued difficulties. I know it must be incredibly difficult watching this happen to someone you love. I spoke with Dr. Gupta, who said it’s important for your husband to be further evaluated for other possible neurological conditions. She suggested seeking evaluation by a neurologist or other physician specializing specifically in head injury. I hope that helps get you on the right track. I wish you and your husband the best of health in the new year!

  6. I am 56 years old, at the age of 7 I had a severe head trauma that fractured my skull. It was a “double” fracture. I was in a coma for a couple of days and eventually recovered. I have had health issues for years that were never really diagnosed. Most of the time I have just coped with my issues and things are just “my normal.” Some thought it was all allergy related, etc. I also have poor range of motion of my neck and shoulders. Physio has never helped. On top of all this I have had an office job, working on a computer most of my life. I have been diagnosed with an environmental illness due to a sick building a worked in for years. The doctors say my Nervous System is on “high alert.” I have received Cranial Sacral Therapy for my “head problems”, memory loss, my “mixed up” speech issues, etc. At this point in my life I am open to trying anything and have recently started acupuncture. The Therapist believes much of my issues are related to my early trauma. I am just trying to do research on line to understand what is going on with me and to find out what I should be doing different. Thanks for your article.

    • Hi, Susan. I’m so sorry to hear of your health issues. It sounds like you may be on the right track and I wish you success in finding the medical assistance you need. Thank you for sharing your story, illustrating just how these earl traumas can affect us throughout our lives. I hope you found the article helpful. Again, all the best in your continued treatment!

  7. In 1999 I was a timber cutter for a logging company in Tennessee. As dangerous as logging is my accident was “freakish” in nature. My chainsaw had ran outta gas, so I was standing by the skid raid waiting for an equipment operator to come by with a jag of gas for me. I just happened to be standing under a tree that a slight wind blew and shook a dead, seasoned limb out of and it drilled me right in the head. If I hadn’t had my hard hat on it would have definitely killed me. It crushed my skull, crushed my eye sockets (one so bad that all the doc could do was glue the bone fragments to mesh then insert them back into the socket and fasten the mesh there with screws), broke both cheek plate, but broke the left side so bad that the break continued down and broke my jaw causing 3 teeth to be knocked out, and broke my nose.

    A few months after the accident my wife told me I was not exactly the same person as I was before. I jumped at the slightest noise, I was always on edge, my personality changed, I blow up at things that normal people don’t, and lots of times it’s as if a rage is bubbling just beneath the surface. But as of late I have noticed lots of memory problems. I tell my wife what I experience, but even as good of a person she was to have around at the time to care for me of the accident she now tends to dismiss my symptoms be saying, “oh, you’re just being a hypochondriac”. Not sure if she just doesn’t want me to give in and say i just can’t cope anymore, or if she tries to deal with my deficits by not admitting that they actually exist. I think it’s the latter because how could she not see these things. At Christmas dinner at her parents house we were eating and i looked at her and said, “wait a minute…we did not say Grace”, to which she replied, “Eli (our son) said Grace less than one minute ago!” And it really affects me at work, so I’m actually contemplating trying for disability.

    • Hi, Bill. I’m so sorry to hear of your injury and subsequent health difficulties. But, for what you went through, it sounds like you’ve made an amazing recovery. I hope you get the medical attention to continue to address your health issues and wish you the best in your continued recover. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • I was touched by your email. I happen to be on here trying to see if a bad fall could be the cause of my husbands hypertension and heart issues. But I hated hearing how your wife is responding to your head injury. My husband was having issues then and 14 years later just as you describe he is still having issues. If I was her I would be jumping all over that if my husband confided in me the things you are experiencing. She needs to quit being negative the issues are real and as my doctor told me would be for life. Please do not let her discourage you from getting the help you need.

  8. 2003 fell off a ladder and came round in hospital the following weeks I noticed short term memory loss I was told it would not last 2014 went to my doctor and explained what happened he told me it is old age

    • Hi, Phil. I’m so sorry to hear of your injury. I hope you continue to seek the medical advice of a qualified neurologist and wish you the best in your continued recovery.

  9. When I was almost three years old in 1975 I ran out into
    the street and was hit by a car. I suffered severe laceration and debrident of exposed brain, small portion of right side was removed. I had coordination and language problems as a child and was a slow learner. I played football and wrestled in highschool and had several concussions not what we called them back then. I also was atracked once by a assailant and hit in the head with a crow bar. I’m sure I had a concussion from that too, I had lots of bleeding from my skull. Any how I’m 41 years of age now it’s been many years since my last concussion. I’ve been noticing an odd feeling not a headache per to say but like soft pain at the open fractured site, it doesn’t hurt to touch but curious if this should be happening so many years later. It especially bugs me at night.

    • Hi, Sean. I shared your comment with Dr. Gupta. She recommends you discuss your symptoms with your doctor as soon as you’re able. He or she will be able to complete a thorough physical exam and may order imaging tests to help determine the exact cause of your pain. We wish you the best in health and hope you’re feeling better soon.

  10. Please help! My mother is 61 years of age and in 2013 she had an accident. She fell off and hit herself on the left temple of her head. She started bleeding uncontrolably . The next day I took her to the hospital and they said it wasn’t serious. She had two black eyes from the blow. Today she she called my stepfather crying from work just an hour after she arrived. When I met up with them my mom was completely lost herself. She had no recollection of what had happened. She didn’t even know what day it was or my age. I took her to the emergency center and they did a CT scan and came back normal , no signs of trauma of hemorrage. They said it was just a TIA. can this TIA be associated with the head blow from 2013? I’m very scared for her life. Please Help!!!

    • Hi, Alex. I certainly understand your concern. This type of memory loss in a parent is what prompted me to write this article. I shared your comment with Dr. Gupta, who says it’s unlikely a prior head injury or concussion is related to a TIA separated by just a year’s time. She says it’s important that your mother visit her primary care physician or a neurologist to have a thorough exam, be evaluated for stroke risk and determine if any further testing or treatment is needed. And, from a personal perspective, I would recommend sharing all medications your mom is currently taking with the doctor, as well. For my father, it was determined that medication interactions contributed to his memory issues. I hope your mom is feeling better soon and wish you both the best in health.

  11. i was injured 1998 a part weighing about 125lbs fell from about 20 feet being lifted to be installed inside of the yacht. Chain broke part fell on top of my head knocking me to the floor. I received 13 stitches, broke my shoulder blade, crack rib. Presently i have persistent head pain everyday, neck often pops, shoulder and back sometimes are in severe pain. Shoulder pain feels like a sharp object being stuck in it. I went to the neurologist in 2005 she said i had a legion. Can’t remember exactly what she said, but i don’t have insurance, so i’m planning on having another MRI done.

  12. I was in a bad car wreck in 2011, with my friend 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter. I was told I had a minor concussion but I don’t remember the next 2 or 3 weeks or even things last year or the accident. I found out 3 weeks later I fractured my back and was told they could have done something had I come in 2 weeks prior, but I was there. My daughter was on the other side and seems fine but my son was right behind me, we hit on that side and they used the jaws of life to get us out. He was very unintelligible at the time. Meaning he couldn’t speak well. He said his first word at 26 months and still gets speech therapy. My problem is he just got diagnosed with a borderline intellectual disability. His IQ is 76. Could that be caused by the accident. As a child my IQ was 162. It is now after the accident 102. I just worry. He didn’t even start to feel any pain till around that time so he may not have realized his head hurt. Help

    • Hi Cassandra,
      The good news is that your son will continue to recover from his injury as children recover much better than adults do when it comes to brain trauma. It is important that he have a complete work-up with a neurologist as he could have undiagnosed seizure activity which can cause more damage; he should also have a base line MRI done now so that should a problem develop, they can compare changes to his brain over time. IQ tests are only useful in that they give a number that people can work with and are heavily based on vocabulary. If your son has some language issues, the IQ number will be lower, while his actual intelligence is higher. I would really push for that neurologist test for him.

    • Cassandra, Thanks for posting. It helps me to read your story, as it relates to the silent impairment I suffered as a 5 yr old child, after being attacked with a brick. Please do not let your son feel like he is alone with his diagnosis. I hope he always feels loved and supported, that the sensitivities he has learned through trauma and pain are a guide to wellness for everyone.

      If I could go back, and give my mother advice in my head trauma after the brutal attack, I would say, “Mom, it was not okay, that my head injury went unchecked by a Dr, as I was left in bed to sleep it off. I have not forgotten the bloody pain and swelling, or the rage in that boys eyes and he ran up to me and smashed my head in with a brick.” I believe that my mother could not face the severity of the sexual assault and abuse I suffered as a child, and she tried to buried my pain in collective forgetting. I was punished for my cognitive disability because of the stigma Mom could not deal with. I had trauma symptoms, difficulty learning to speak/read/write, sick with years of ear infections, nightmares, weight loss, disorganization, fearful, distrustful, “always crying” and prone to tantrums. Much of the invisible symptoms of head injury and pain turned to self loathing, as I was told that I was bad or evil or that my emotional states were my fault. It wasn’t long before I began self medicating. And yes, more head injuries followed through the decades, and I kept silent about my distress.

      So, lead your child, by being a responsive parent in healing, or at least understanding that love, compassion and hope are for everyone, and everyone has a right to self knowledge, education and wellness.

      • I too have had multiple spine and head injuries. All of which I blocked out. Burying the pain and trauma as well as abuse my entire life.
        I’m just applying for disability as I’m facing my past. Injustices stacked up upon injustices has been dealt to me. I have always struggled and self medicated as well as kept silent. I’m wanting to write a book but need financing. Plus, I’m afraid that collecting what I feel I am due through SS and disability, will cause me much stress on top of my long term chronic stress and constant spinal injuries such as twisting of the spine, reversed neck, headaches and head, neck trauma, etc.
        I’m totally exhausted from pushing myself to work that the stress and injuries now are taking their toll on my life. Affecting my cognitive and physical existence.

  13. Hello,

    I am going through a divorce and my husband is now telling me that a head injury he suffered as a child may now be killing him. He tells me he went to the doctor and they discovered a Cerebral Lesion ( he said it in Spanish so may not be the right wording) anyway he says that there is nothing to do and he will soon loose his memory, his sight and/or literally drop dead!

    I am freaking out but have asked him for documents and to accompany him to doctor which he has totally ignored. Now you may be asking why I am doubting this grave information. Well he has tried everything for me to forgive him and let him come back home, plus he’s been known to lie ALOT. I just want to know if this is possible or is he just manipulating me. I have children by this man and he has behaved some what erratically and irresponsible which I thought it was just him being a jerk, but could he have been sick all along?

    Info. he was dropped by his grandmother as an infant, he developed had some seizures but they stopped when he was around 11 yrs. old. He is now 28 and according to him he was “diagnosed” 2 weeks ago when he went to hospital complaining of bad headaches.

    Please give me your thoughts on this matter..

    thanks a mil!

  14. I was hit by a car 1972, in coma for long period, suffered massive head trauma, had to relearn everything. Didn’t have MRI back then.

    I am getting an MRI tonight. Will the Neurologist be able to see damage from the accident? I want to rule this out as a cause of difficulties I have had for over 30 years.

  15. Hi, thanks for this article. I was in a car accident over 20 years ago and was diagnosed with a “closed head injury” at the time. I don’t recall if they did MRIs or any scans. I was not able to work for over a year due to cognitive deficits. I didn’t take any meds, but I did receive cognitive retraining therapy and eventually returned to work with some minor impairments in my memory still present. As the years have passed my family has just always accepted that I am a little slower on the uptake for most things, repeat myself frequently, can’t remember if I’ve seen a movie or TV show. Things seem to be progressing though (slow and steady but noticeable) I can now rewatch the same movie 3 weeks in a row and not have any recollection of having seen it before. I can’t remember the books I’ve read and can reread them over and over. I have very little memory of my children’s childhoods. I find it harder than ever to learn new information and forget what I have learned within a few days. I have very little memory of most anything – it’s as if there is only enough space in my brain for what is going on currently and anything a year or more back gets thrown out (sometimes it’s just a week or two before it gets tossed out). My ability to concentrate is deteriorating and I find it more and more important to have complete silence and stillness around me to be able to read, write or concentrate. I hate being a spectator to my own memories and having to be told what I did, if I like a certain show or if I’ve already said that/asked that/talked about that. It’s been 20 years since my accident and I feel like I am developing and increasing a whole new set of symptoms from TBI.
    I am only 40 years old, what is happening?! anyone know of any treatments, meds or therapies out there to help with a 20 year old injury?

    • Hi MC,
      My husband had a closed head injury 30 years ago, and literally woke up one day delusional. Took him to the ER- no stroke. The third neurologist we went to said that the brain only has so much redundancy, and apparently he hit his wall? You can get tons of MRI’s, but that won’t show you what is happening on a molecular level.

      He can no longer work, and has dysexecutive syndrome, 30 years after the fact. I think the brain starts aging around 40, and if you have had a brain injury, it is just so much worse. I can’t tell you how this will progress, bc I have no idea? He needs silence too to read, and can only handle one task at a time. You are not alone!!!

  16. I was in an abusive marriage for many years and was hit in the head on a regular basis and always without medical help. Many years later, I am now suffering from burning scalp syndrome – small circles of burning pain all over my head and loss of hair within those circles. My condition is worsening and becoming unbearable to deal with. I have not found a doctor yet that can diagnose me and I have been prescribed tons of medication that does not work. Have you ever heard of BSS related to head trauma? I am very desperate for help. Thank you.

  17. I was in a serious car wreck twice involving head trauma. The second one was much worse. This has been 12 plus years. While I was unconscious both times I was never in a coma. In recent years I’ve noticed increased memory loss and recently feel like it’s difficult to find the words I’m looking for.
    Also starting recently is extreme pain that comes and goes very quickly in the exact part of my head that was injured.
    Of the symptoms listed above, I have everyone in the emotional and half in the thinking and physical.
    After reading all the above comments, I fell like I need to go see a neurologist but would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the matter.

  18. I have had 2 major concussion when I was 2 & 4 I’m now 43, 15 years ago I was diagnosed with quadriplegic migraine now I think I’m getting seasonal clusters, I’m wondering if this is all related. Any input would be helpful.

  19. A year and a half ago I took a blow to the head, pretty close to the temple and didn’t get any medical attention for it. I’ve been noticing emotional changes, lots of short term memory loss and a weird pain on the right side where I was hit. The pain isn’t really a pain it’s more of a numb tingling feeling that makes me
    concerned. (Almost like when your arm falls asleep and it kind of hurts but it’s more of an annoying feeling). I’ve also been noticing that my scar is bulging out more everyday.

  20. This seems like a good place as any to ask a lingering question. As a child of about 3-4 years, I was on a rope swing and pushed off the starting point, went down with the rope and slipped off the rope. I landed head first on a pointy rock protruding from the ground.

    As best as I can recall, despite being covered in blood and my head spinning like vertigo, i was released from the hospital that day and nothing more was ever said or done. As far as I knew I was not seriously injured, though what did I know I was to young to know details like that.

    Fast forward to recently and for the last 7 years, I have suffered from hearing loss in right ear, memory loss, neck pain, toe pain and feeling tired frequently. I have been looked at and tested in numerous ways but no doctor has been able to nail down the reason.

    Is having this kind of accident as a child that young potentially or permanently harmful?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. When I was 17 (now 14 years ago), I sustained a TBI after being hit by a car as a pedestrian. After surgeries and an induced coma, I woke up fully functioning. I sustained no cognitive impairments (my short and long term memories were intact, I had full use of language, my reading and writing were not impacted, and my personality was the same-irritable 17 year old girl). However, I have been chronically napping ever since. I can nap for hours in the afternoon/ evening, especially when I have unstructured time alone. I can also sleep for 12+ hours regularly, but don’t feel rested. I eat well and exercise regularly, am employed and typically happy- could my pension for sleep be related to the TBI? I haven’t seen a neurologist since 2002, but is it worth requesting a follow up and some imaging?

  22. When I was a few months pregnant my ex husband beat my head into the floor. I remember him switchingmy head to beat my head into the floor directly into my ear and punching my head on the other side. I woke up in bed..I think a couple of days later unable to move. I was very confused not remembering at the time he had done fact he also broke his right hand. I would fall every time I got up from bed…completely no balance and in a lot of pain but extremely confused. He said Ihad fallen down the stairs. I believed him at the time. He would bring me meals in bed and assist me to the bathroom. This went on for a couple of weeks. After I recovered enough I took him to get his hand fixed. He required plastic surgery for a “boxer’s break”they called it…telling me he had tried to cook the children btw and it had toppled and fallen on his hand but because I had fallen down the stairs I had been his first priority. I am no longer in this relationship. My question is. I have had loss of sensation on my entire left side of my body starting 5 months ago. Loss of function and strength in my arm and leg. Some hearing loss, visual loss and I’m exhausted all the time needing a lot of sleep to be productive. I slurry my speech sometimes my memory is better than other times. I have an MRI 4 months from now. Will a normalMRI be able to detect and explain/show any possble damage I sustained like a concussion or blows to my head from 3 years ago. I am now a single mother and need to rehabilitate from whatever is causing my impairments. I di not use street drugs or drink alcohol. I follow all of my doctor ‘s advice. Is there a hope for diagnosing me and treating me so I can be the mother I was a few months ago again. I am strong emotionally but like the nerve specialist said there’s something wrong with your brain. The nerves are working perfectly normal…it’s the brain that doesn’t recognize the stimuli or comply with your will. Thank you very kindly for reading this.

  23. Hello my name is Catherine, i m 30 years old,when i was 8 years old got hit by a heavy metal on the head,stayed in hospital for 3 days,@ de age of 18 I started having terrible headache only on the scar side,with changes in smell,an blurred vision + dizziness ,i had 3 episodes since this year started this time with a tight tongue out,paralysis of the left side of the body wich last for days an eventually stops,im afraid may have serious problem

  24. When my son was 13 he had a bike accident at the local skatepark. When I picked him uphe seemed fine but moments later could not put a sentence together and kept tryingto get out of the moving car. I took him to the hospital where they induced a coma and airlifted him to the Childrens Hospital. He came out of that fine. When he was 19 he was hit in the head with a pipe. He is now 23 and complains ofsevere dizziness where he feels like he is swaying 5 feet in each direction, could this be related? He is scheduled for a CT scan in the morning and is a nervous wreck!7

  25. I was assaulted 3-4 years ago, and I was hit in the head with a baseball bat (I am pretty sure). I was knocked out for however long and woke up in a pool of my own blood. I never got an MRI because I was not concussed, and went on with my life.

    about 2 years later, I randomly passed out while at a restaurant (twice in a row). I was told I hit my head on the counter, and definitely hit the floor pretty hard, and again the second time when I tried to get up.

    I never once got an MRI and have been feeling continuously slowed down, and I have this feeling like there is a lot of pressure in my right temple area(close to where i was hit with the bat).

    This article, and other research I have been doing, has really made me think again about going in for a scan. I know that it has been years but I really want to at least have the peace of mind that there is nothing wrong.

  26. RobertWilliams May 13, 2015 at 4:00 pm · Reply

    I was hit by a car in 1964 and they had to take out part of my left frontal loab when I was hit I was paralyzed on my right side I have made a tremendous recovery I was mainsyeamed untill I could not do it any more. What do I have to look forward to today?.

  27. RobertWilliams May 13, 2015 at 5:06 pm · Reply

    ,let me say this I m 56 now and I thank God every morningI am able to get up I just cant figure it out or maybe I m not sopposed to
    Thank you

  28. I was a passenger in a car accident in 1987. I wasn’t wearing a seat belt and the driver was. He hit a parked truck at 35 miles an hour which made the car stop immediately and my head went through the windshield. In my confusion and shock jumped out of the car in panic. I began throwing up I was dizzy, confused, my nose was running, headache, neck ache…etc. I clearly needed medical attention. But, I was 17 at the time and I always seen myself as tough and can handle any physical thing. This accident took place during high school lunch period. Nothing happened to the driver but he made a phone call to his father right after the accident and when he got off the phone, he convinced me to leave the scene of the accident and walk back to school which was only 1 mile away. This so called friend and his father basically left me to die so I wouldn’t sue them… they put money and fear of a lawsuit over my life. In my stupor, I walked back to school and just sat there. To be blunt, there was the BEFORE me and the AFTER me. Time moved quickly after this accident, I joined the military, basic training, went overseas to the Gulf War… meanwhile, the statute of limitations was running out. Since this event, I’ve been battling, anxiety, depression, OCD, confusion, headaches, ringing in ears, personality issues of anger, identity problems and job instability. Being in war didn’t help ….. problems either, I was more susceptible to PTSD from that experience. There should be an exception in the law with personal injury cases where fraud is involved. As I found out later, driver lied to the police at the accident scene about the passenger side windshield and said it was like that when he bought the car and shortly after the accident they destroyed the car so no evidence would remain… because of my naivete and the effects of the accident, it never occurred to me to seek damages. After all, I was tough and still alive right?

  29. Back in 2007 i was on the school bus, some kid kept making paper balls and throwing them to the back where I was. As I dodged one I hit right inbetween 2 windows and that metal is hard stuff. What felt weird is i could swear I thought I had felt my whole brain moved, as in hit the side of my skull on the inside, on my right but as I got up it was the left side of my skull that was really hurting and hardly any pain on my right side, like I said it was weird. I felt dizzy right away, I told someone to plz get the bus driver but the driver wouldn’t help. So I grabbed my back pack and slowly walked up to the front and asked to get off so I can see a nurse or she could just call for an ambulance as I knew I had hit my head really hard. But she woukdnt let me off bus and wouldn’t let me get any help. We were waiting and parked, sandwiched between other buses. I was about to use the back door to get off but didn’t want to get kicked off my bus which woukdnt leave me with no way to get home for a week. So I played down and told a kid to plz yell at driver if I should pass out and fall on floor. I was in a daze most of ride. I eventually did pass out a bit then was awaken as kid was checking on me and to tell me we were just about to my house. I told my mom what happened, she was mad driver didn’t let me get help and offered to take me to hospital but I was so tired I just said i want to take a nap. I figured what could the doctors do i cant do here, they’ll just tell me go rest anyway. Next day I realized some things, memory loss. I couldn’t remember most of my teachers names, where their rooms were, friends names, had issues walking and writing but I figured I woukdnt get better in time, which a year later I was. About a week later I realized my memory loss was much worse that I had thought. I saw pictures from a birthday party and then I saw me there, I was so shocked cuz I couldn’t remember a thing from it and it was from month before. I had lost memories from yrs ago too. I felt so sad each time I realized someone I had once known was a forgotten memory. To this day, certain smells or sounds seem to start a memory but I cant get anymore from it. Recently I heard ducks quacking from a book that has sound buttons and it jogged a memory but that sound and remembering playing with some kind of toy that I had to hit on my hand to make it play is all I can remember. This year I searched for classmates i should have known but a lot of them I cant remember at all, just ones I hanged out with at school mostly during lunch time. I feel so sad I cant remember most of my classmates even tho I wasn’t friends with most of them I still would know they were there just like I was, trying to get a good education.

  30. Forgot to mention one more thing I was gonna add in is that I had some minor stuttering issues but as I get older I can notice they are getting worse and its annoying me. My older son thinks its kinda funny how I might repeat words or combine words together and seems like I just made up a new word. One thing I thought I had lost and it was very noticeable a month after I hit my head if my sense of balance and well I used to be able to throw a basketball into the hoop just fine or throw something in trash and never miss, afterwards I was missing every time and had to be right near trash can to get something in it. I got most of it back thankfully, including balance and can write just as fine as I used to. Maybe it was good I was still young, but I was 19yrs old and finishing my senior yr in high school. I remember telling my Spanish teacher and math teacher I needed time to catch up as i woukdnt understand anything they were doing. In math I had to go back more than a chapter, that sucked but in time I finally caught up. In English, there was a test on a story we had read, yea I couldn’t remember a thing about it and had to flunk that test 🙁

  31. Hi. I’m 19 years old. I’ve had 3 or more times when I have hit my head very hard as a child. Once was when I was very little I was playing outside and fell off a step and smacked my head onto the cement. Another I fell off a swing set when I was high in the air and.landed either on my face or the side of my head. I.can’t remember. And the other I remember I was about 9 or 10 I was told to go down a very steep hill on a bike and at some point down the hill I lost control and ended up hitting my head very hard again. When I was about that age I also slipped on stairs and landed on my neck and back. I was in extreme pain for at least an hour unable to move. For about 2 years now I’ve had these things that come and go. My ears start to ring and my vision starts to go black and I get so dizzy I have to sit down. They last between 30 seconds to 5 minutes usually. Randomly one or both of my ears will start to ring even if I’m not having one of these episodes. And I think my hearing is starting to go a little. Lately I’ve been very tired and having a hard time remembering what I’m told to do. I’ll think of things I want or need to do and it’s gone sometimes before I even get the whole thought. I don’t usually get headaches except when close to my period and lately I’ve felt a very dull achy headache. I had one for maybe 3 days in a row that also felt like pressure.

  32. 26 years ago, I suffered a severe head injury due to car wreck. Was in coma for 4 weeks and in hospital for couple months. I mostly recovered but I still have a few cognitive injuries, as well as seizures. I do see a neurologist every six months but my main problem is I don’t see to be able to feel. Is this normal? I always forget to ask my Dr.. I don’t seem to be able to have feelings for other people anymore. It really bothers me because I feel so selfish and I try to but it’s phony. The damage from the head injury is in the right frontal lobe and there’s a little damage from the seizures in the left frontal lobe now. I feel like a mean person when I don’t think I used to be!

  33. Hi,im Janny.Im 31 yrs old & from NZ.When i was 6 i was in a car accident.The car rolled and ended up on its roof with me underneath.Among sum scrapes and bruises and a broken bone in my back i sustained a head injury which left me scalped.I dont know alot as my mother was the drunk driver and they wouldnt give alot of info over to her and i havent had alot of help with this..My brother also died in the accident which has left me with sum other issues..But really just want to know if head injuries can heal? Do they get better?

  34. Yes! We can heal, our heads can heal, our hearts and souls can heal.
    People can and do live with effects of injuries and they adjust. But more often we do heal, mostly and we can accept and work with the rest.
    I empathize with your situation. I am so sorry your mother hasn’t helped you through this. You deserve help. But know that you can heal. Everything we live through does become a part of who we are. Not that bad things that happen to us make us bad. But everything we live through is forever in our memory or some how in our make-up. Acceptance of what is can save us from spending hours, days, years of regret, anger and negative feelings. Acceptance isn’t always easy but it means that we separate ourself from what has happened – it is-it happened to us, but it isn’t who we are.
    If you haven’t yet, do forgive yourself for any guilt you may carry. A child is pure and does not cause our parents to do hurtful and stupid things. Too often we think somehow we were the cause.
    Good luck dear. You can still soar!!

  35. I had a head injury in 1979 to the frontal lobe of my brain.It cracked my skull from approx the middle of my skull down to frontal part of my skull.I was in serious condition for a few days.After the head injury thing just didn’t seem right.I don’t know how to explain the things that I was experiencing.I went back to Dr a couple of years later trying to explain what was going on and he did a MRI on my head and he said I had scare tissue on the frontal lobe of my brain.So I ask him if that was causing what I had going on with me.And he said you know you can cut your arm and you will have a scar there too.Just couldn’t understand how he could compare a scar on my arm to one on my brain.Might have been it was work related and he was trying to help out insurance company.But all that aside it sure seems like the older I get the worse it gets.It seems like I’m in a fog all the time and my short time memory is very bad and every little thing makes me mad.I have no energy and drive to do anything.Have a hard time concentrating.I was 27 yrs old when it happened and I am 61 now.Can that serious of head injury get worse the older you get??? Please respond if possible.

  36. I had a bad head injury back in 1979 to the frontal lobe of my brain which left some scar tissue on my brain.Now 2015 I’m have issues with short term memory and concentrating.Have no energy.I was just wondering can symptoms of a bad head injury cause these problems the older you get?

  37. At 15 had many beatings. But the one that summer think was lucky to have lived. Punched in the face, beat into another room and onto the couch. Drug by my hair to the floor and around. Punched if course more, kicked. Worse was kick to the side of my head and lower back. HE was wearing steel toed shoes at the time too. Can’t remember much till it was over and somehow I have as standing in the kitchen. Still had to do dishes and clean it up. My first memory after that beating was my mom in the kitchen telling me I deserved what I had got. Nobody helped me clean up, blood was coming out of my ear. Mt face was pretty bad and my back felt horrible. Never received medical care. No x-rays nothing. I now (50) years later am having problems. Pain for no reason on that kicked side of my face and stabs of pain inside that ear. Plus more. Really think am hurting from that beating plus many others.

    • I was a victim of abuse for many years. I’m old now (68), and still have physical and neurological issues. I was also in an auto accident in my teens, and suffered a severe concussion. Now, I’m having problems.. If you have the resources, please get to a Dr. to discuss your past. I know it’s hard to bare your soul to someone you don’t know, but the attitude on abuse has changed over the years. Tell your Dr EVERYTHING. It was NOT your fault. I wish you the very best., Dee

    • Cat Plum I am sorry those horrific things happened to you. I hope you can find a little comfort in the fact that total strangers are praying for you to heal from the abuse you received. I hope that you will search the medical world for an excelent neurologist who will provide you with the knowledge to tackle this with you so that you can move forward. Prayers for you, Jessie E.

    • Hi Cat,
      I am so sorry you suffered such horrific abuse. It is inconceivable that no one reacted with empathy and compassion. They will have to answer for that on Judgement Day. am praying for you. I hope you have love in your life and have found peace.

    • I’m so sorry you had to go through such a traumatic experience. My heart breaks for you. I hope you will find some treatment that will give you comfort, and whoever did this to you karma will pay them a visit 🙂 Best wishes to you friend:)

  38. Stephen Carter June 19, 2015 at 6:10 pm · Reply

    About 12 years ago I was loading some equipment into my car boot and someone thought I had finished and slammed the boot shut The corner of the boot door hit me on the center of my skull on the right side. Although this did puncture the skin and leave a dent in my head there was no loss of consciousnesses. I was sent to the local hospital and after tests on my eyes and ears they concluded that it was just concussion. I was concerned at the time that no x ray as taken I an 59 now and the dent is still there I do not have a problem with my memory long or short term but I am having some problems with head aches and hearing loss. As i had an appointment with my GP this week I brought up the subject and asked if this injury could be linked to the cause of my hearing loss but this idea was dismissed out of hand Although I have great faith in my GP and the health care of this country I can not shake the idea that they are missing something

  39. Ten years ago I suffered a moderate brain injury due to a cycling accident. In the early years of the TBI, I had memory (short and long term) problems, dizzyness, disinhibition, aggression, no social/connective skills or decision-making skills, difficulty understanding time clocks/calendars. Five years or so afterwards, I began to recover and many symptoms disappeared or lessened to a much more manageable degree. Now, under a bit of stress but not too bad, the symptoms are returning. Why could this be happening if my brain had rewired itself in order to recover? Thanks. I am 47.

  40. I had bike accident on Four years back that time i consumed alcohol i did not feel anything at that time, on next day i felt some closed injury in right top of my head but i did not feel any pain in that area, Now i am getting little pain outside the hitted area and pain near by right ear. I went to hospital and specialist told nothing to worry do excersise and meditations. Do i need to worry about the pain?

  41. In 2009 my violent now ex-husband severely hit me around the left side of my head with his fist not knocking me out but causing partial loss of hearing in my left ear. Since then I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. Because of this diagnosis my lack of concentration, memory and inability to correctly pronounce and verbalise words has always been attributed to the PTSD. Should I be questioning this ? Could the brain have been injured at the same time ?

  42. I had a head on car crash in 2004 I have struggled with many issues since then. Lately I feel like I did right after the accident, is this normal. I feel off

  43. Forty-four years ago I was in a serious car accident. As a result, I hit my forehead on the dash of the car causing it to be indented. A year later I had to have surgery to patch up a hole in my head that was discovered after suffering meningitis twice in a year.

    Six years ago I hit my forehead on the back lift gate on my Explorer causing the vehicle to jerk, which I had to get seven stitches for and the next day displayed symptoms of a concussion. I have been recovering ever since then.

    I was wondering could the delay in a complete recovery be taking longer due to previous the more serious head trauma.

  44. This article indicates that if symptoms persist, especially symptoms affecting cognition, attention, memory loss, etc. I should talk to my doctor.

    Ok, what can the doctor do?

    I’ve had a few concussions in my life and I feel like the lingering effects are taking a severe toll on me, cognitively (difficulty remembering info), and emotionally (I get depressed very easily).

  45. Hi.
    I’m about to be 22 years old and about 5 years ago I was working in the junkyard when I was hit on the top of my head with a K member. The flat surface hit me hard enough to almost knock me all the way out. I did fall on my butt but quickly got back up as to not look weak. When I got hit, the pressure from the flat surface put a nice split in the top back middle of my head. I finished my stuff and went home. After awhile i passed out. The next day my vision was blurred and crossed. I could not focus. My vision was out of wack. It lasted for about a week. But every so often it still crosses and I get terrible pressure in my head, though this is about 5 years later. Should I be worried????? I’ve never been checked out because I haven’t had any insurance or medical since I turned 18.

  46. I was in a coma for almost a week after a motorcycle accident in the Army in 1967. During the past few years my memory has gotten much worse. I cannot remember names of people I met the previous day and have problems with my sense of direction while driving. My anxiety is higher. A recent MRI showed old head injuries and the physician suggested I be placed on donepezil. Are my current issues a form of TBI?

  47. My friend had aneurysm rupture (left mca) causing SAH aneurysm was clipped but she had a vasospasm 4 days after which left her with aphasia and right side weakness. Now, five years later she seems to be getting weaker and thought process and co-ordination are getting worse. She had three seizures the last being three years ago. Although she will be seeing a neurologist next month I am worried about her long term prognosis. Earlier this year she seemed to be doing a lot better.

  48. In July of 2014 I was in a horseback riding accident. I was riding through a bean field when my horse was spooked and bucked me off. I flew about 5 feet and landed directly on my occipital bone. It was the first thing to hit taking all the force then my body fell lifting my head
    and dropping it back on the ground. I should mention my head it on a terrace in the field.
    I didn’t go to the doctor til the next day and had a ct scan. They said my brain was still in tact but I was suffering from post concussion symptoms. After a few weeks things got better BUT now for the last 3 weeks, I have been having severe pain in the back of my head, right where I hit, and it makes me extremely tired. The pain is now radiating to all parts of my head and my mood is getting worse by the day. Some days I’m fine but for the most part I have moody days. I’m slowly starting to realize that my spelling is slightly effected and sometimes I stumble with my words.
    Is it possible to START having symptoms of a brain injury this long after a concussion?

    Thanks in advance!!

  49. Juliet Helliwell November 16, 2015 at 4:50 pm · Reply

    In 1986 I had a car accident. I hit my head and had stitches to my face, broke my nose but with other injuries that needed quicker attention I was just put in traction and pined and planed. I spent 3 months in hospital and was discharged. With no other problems until 2 years ago. Now I am wearing a build-up with my shoes, falling backwards down stairs and have lose of walking balance and I am very forgetful. It is effecting my work. family life and I am very worried.
    Has it been too long for it to be to do with the accident? No MRI or CT Scans in 1986.

  50. When I was about 7 that’s over 50 years ago I was on a make shift rope swing. Someone pushed me too high and I came crashing backwards into a cast iron lamp post. My head wasn’t cut, and I went straight home. For the following 2 or 3 nights my nose bleed heavily with lots of clots coming down my nose and also down back of my throat choking me. I remember crying that I didn’t want to die. Mum took me to dr who said it was nothing to do with the bump and was going to pack my nose if it started again.
    I have suffered with depression, mood swings and feelings of being detached from reality. I get headaches also. Could this be as result of the injury. Could this increase my chances of taking a brain haemorrhage ?

  51. When I was 8years old I got hit on the back of my head with a brick,it split the back of my head I don’t remember a lot about it but I know I had a huge scab on the back of my head where all the dry blood was,,I was in tremendous pain and for weeks I couldn’t lay my head down I had to sleep sitting up with lots of pillows behind me.Now I’m 50 I do have the odd migraine but nothing too bad,sometimes when my head feels funny sensations it feels like trickling,My doctor said its normal to have weird sensations from such a terrible head trauma,But was wondering if it could cause any other problems for me in later life,I’ve had to wear glassess from the age of 11,cause I had a eye problem

  52. When I was ten years old, I was struck by a car and was subsequently knocked into a coma for six weeks. Now, I am trying to figure out what social things I missed out on as a result of my injury a age ten. I already know I missed out on learning social cues as well as how the male and female relationships begin to come to fruition. I need to know what other things like those that are mentioned I missed out on as a result of my injury at age ten.

  53. gurumayum gandhi November 26, 2015 at 2:40 am · Reply

    Hi doctor
    My father who is 60years old was injured in a car accident and his forehead got injured with ten stitched from just above the eyes. Its been five days but there is no complain of pain or unconscious, dizziness etc are not happening but still is there any chance it might affects later in his brain?

  54. Daniel Schoettmer November 27, 2015 at 6:14 pm · Reply

    A random but simple question–in the case of brain imaging, is it possible that radiation from a CT scan might cause memory loss?

  55. In August 2014 I was at a camp for school and was in sumo wrestler suits with my friend. Being that we were just taking pictures in the big, thick suits, we didn’t put on the helmets you wear with them. My other friend came up and jokingly chest bumped me-just a bit too hard. I fell back and hit my head on a wooden stage. Since the suits were to where you can’t move in them and were thick, my head hit the ground twice due to the amount of impact the fall had. After the second hit I blacked out and was unconscious. 10-15 mins later I woke up to all of the students and staff staring down at me while I was laying down and not knowing what was going on. I immediately felt the heaviness inside my head and started bawling cause it hurt so bad. My right ear had blood gushing out of it(now have loss of hearing in that ear) & I was throwing up like crazy. There was no reception at that camp so I took about an hour and a teacher let me talk to my mom. She was mad that they hadn’t called an ambulance yet. I was taken to a little hospital and transferred into ICU. They took 2 CT scans and I had a skull fracture on the bottom right of the back of my head and also a brain hemorrhage on the front left side of my head. After 4 days in ICU I was released. Couldn’t play sports/workout for 6 months. It took me 2 weeks to recover before going to school. I now think I have memory loss and have trouble concentrating & speaking problems. I also take longer to comprehend school work, and always get headaches. Prayers very well worked for me at that time & I’m glad I wasn’t in a coma but i am so worried for what symptoms will be like in the future for me.

  56. hi i’m 21 now and i fell from our stairs 18 yrs. ago. 3 yrs. ago I used to have headache , it is really painful . We consulted a doctor and she said I have vision problems so she let me wear glasses. I thought it’s gonna be okay but I noticed I start to lose focus, I still get headache , I can’t concentrate , I always forget things easily , low comprehension , feeling of vomiting . I feel foggy , I feel tired most of the time. It really worries me , it has been years already, I don’t know and I am not sure if all these things I am experiencing is because of the injury I got .

  57. So my friend’s dad suffered a traumatic brain injury in his early 20’s and it put him in a coma. He was never the same afterwards. Many more years later, in his elderly years, he has fallen and hit his head more than once. Only once he went to his doctor. Should he go every time he hits his head?

  58. In 2003 I was in a head-on car collision. Six months later I had a double cervical fusion& three level discectomy and another year later was diagnosed with moderate TBI. I have had two mild concussions since then. I suddenly had severe vertigo a month ago and am still having residuals from that. Could there be a connection to the cervical injury or TBI? I have an upcoming appt with a neurologist but would like to know what the probability is for the connection. I’m not having a lot of faith in my doctors at this point and in support of that statement my GP treated me for whiplash after the accident for a full 6 months until I demanded an MRI. I seem to have fallen between the cracks repeatedly in my health care. I don’t need to hear that I need to see a neurologist, I would like to know the likelihood of it being TBI or cervical. Thanks.

  59. As punishment, my mother used to beat my head into a wall. Years later, I am suffering from this abuse.

  60. 14yrs old and having these problem

  61. I suffered a serious concussion in first grade, falling off a speeding bicycle. Next door kid pulled wagon out in front, I flipped up and over. I thought I got up and walked to the house, that’s still my memory of it today. My mother told me that never happened, I was carried away, brief hospitalization then kept in dark bedroom, observed by my mother, a nurse. She said I almost perished. Some time later, about 9 or 10 years old, I suffered a milder one, by someone hitting me in the head with horse hoof trimming tool. My thought process has always been hard to jumble, thinking in layers, kind of, and recent years I’m having trouble recalling words and putting them in sentences. My vocabulary has always been fun for me, so this is upsetting. Also seems more acute than age, alone, would cause. I’ve argued with migraines for years, and my family has always considered me the whack job of the group. Am I maybe a whack job because the concussions made me truly addle-pated? My hearing also is deteriorating in a way that seems odd to me. In big leaps. It will degrade some, then stop. Then suddenly degrade significantly again, then stop. IT’s leaving me in fits and starts. I have intermittent stammering. Goes away for years, then plagues me for months, complete with facial and tongue twitches. I have sleep disturbances, including nightmares, sleep walking, talking, eating and task performance. I have been found in various rooms, just standing with my torso drooping. To the question, “What are you doing?”, I wake enough to say, “I don’t know. What kind of test should I get to see if there is any physical manifestation of my head trauma that may be contributing to my odd symptoms, and if there is any way to improve my situation, or slow down any deterioration?

  62. I suffered a head injury from hitting my head on the changing rooms floor when I went swimming with the schoolwork I was child.I blacked out and had memory loss for a few days didn’t remember what happened after I had hit my head.yrs later I have had a punch on my head and also another time I hit my head on the part of a coach where they lift up the bit where the engine is I hit my head and felt tired most of my coach journey then another time I fell down the stairs backwards about 11 stairs I blacked out and suffered a hemotoma on the outside of my skull I have headaches and bouts of bad dizziness the headaches r migraines I have been told but they r soo bad I have to push my hands on my head to try and ease some of the pain I had on and off ear pain I never had a scan only the eye check following the doctors finger and him looking in my eyes.I got told from the headache clinic that the fall has made the nerves at the back of my head that run up and on top of your head they r abit sensitive and make my headaches worst any advice?

  63. When I Was about 3 years old, a clock felt on my head and I dont know if that is why i feel my scalp sensitive all the time . Also, When I was eight years old (12 years ago) I was riding a bicycle downhill but I ended up crashing into a tree and my head was the first thing to hit it, so my head was the one to receive all the impact and I remember that I felt like an earthquake inside my head for like five seconds. And I coughed blood and I felt sleepy. When I read this I felt a little scared because I have all the symptoms. Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy because of my sadness, but it goes away for a couple of days and then it comes back. I don’t want it to come back. Sometimes I feel the need to hit my head with something, but I don’t know if I should take all of this serious.

  64. Most brain injury info has to do with athletes. My dad used to pin my shoulders down with his knees and beat my head back and forth striking my forehead. I would lose consciousness many times during a beating and usually not remember the rest of the night. When I think of all the beatings I can not imagine how many concussions I must have had. I am 55 and have a lot of confusion, anger, blurred vision, headaches, tinnitus, depression and recently low blood oxygen with no cause that tests can reveal. Just wondering if abuse like that could lead to problems like this.

    • Gavin,
      Child Abuse is the cause. WOW, that is so sad. I am so sorry that happened to you. Do you have any witnesses that saw the bruises or what happened; siblings, friends, family members? If you have doctors statements and the medical conditions keep you from working, you can apply for SSDI & disability retirement from your employer. I hope things get better for you.

  65. Hi,
    In 1975 I banged the back of my head on a wall mounted steel radiator above my bed, I was unconscious for 3 days. Never thought anything of it. for the past year I have been getting sudden headaches and a burning sensation where my head was indented. I’ve also been having dizzy spells. I work a normal work week 9-5, 5 days. I have other conditions not related to my head. Should I have my PCP look at this old injury?

  66. Thank you for this article! I don’t feel so alone.
    I had a severe concussion about 10 years ago when I fell out of my truck and hit my head. I blacked out for a few seconds and was temporarily paralyzed and could not move. I lost my short-term memory and had to learn how to comprehend cursive writing all over again. I lost my job, because my boss could not understand my condition.

    I recovered, but recently I had a bad infection and was hospitalized. Since then, all I want to do is sleep. I cannot remember simple things and simple conversations. The good thing is that I now work online as a teacher and my boss is very understanding. My husband is also understanding and helpful. I have to write everything down and post it up on my board. Depression has been bad and I don’t like to answer the phone anymore.

    Anyway… thank you for this post. I feel a little more normal now!


  67. I had a severe concussion when I was 17 and I’m 33 now. I was running across a field for a pop fly and ran into an elbow of a very large man who was planted and ready to catch the ball. His elbow hit me in my brow right above my eye and on my check bone. I blacked out, woke up for a few seconds to hear my friend tell me I’m going to need stitches and then blacked out again waking up in the principals office.

    This was 1998, and I’m not sure if it was just something that wasn’t done back then or if it was just opted out, but no MRI or other test were done. They sowed up my eye and told my stepdad I had a severe concussion and to not let me fall asleep that night.

    After just a short while I began to have trouble with remembering things, confusion, concentrating, having uncontrollable thoughts, mood swings, anxiety and a lot more symptoms. The thing is I never got it checked out. At that time I figured it was just something wrong with me that would eventually go away. I remember waking up one day and it was like my brain was red lined and it never shut down.

    I spent 16 years assuming that it was something I could fix by eating this or doing that, talking my thoughts out loud to organize them, little twitches turned into me yelling out loud which then lead to me losing jobs and friends. It’s like I spent 16 years of my life trying to put out a fire with gas hoping that something I’d do or say would stop it, but morning til night, It didn’t matter what what was going on in my life. Nothing ever changed.

    Then I read up on how it can only take one severe concussion to change the way the brain works. After reading that article, I just started to cry. They did an MRI on me and found two spots damaged from severe trauma and now here I am…. The doctors say this is what would have caused it. Good to know, 16 years later. But here I am now, angry because I’ve spent so much of my life trying to think I could handle it on my own. Angry because I couldn’t focus or keep a job long enough to even have a job that would offer insurance to get an MRI done. I’ve never been able to stay at a place longer than a year because my brain gets in the way. Frozen in my footsteps because of the anxiety, fighting my brain every day.

    I’m sad, angry, and depressed. And have no idea what to do now.

    • I posted yesterday a comment telling a story similar of yours. Had an accident in august 2000 (16 year’s ago) when I was 14 year’s old where a car hit me on my bike (didn’t wore an helmet). A few years later I realized that things started to get “weird”; my emotions, depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, feeling my head’s compressed, insomnia, etc…

      I tried for so long to see a doctor that would take a look on me, but they never believed me, said that my problems where psychological. So, I went up living with all of this for more than a decade thinking too that with a good regime and exercices it would gradually go away. It did not. never did.

      Never really was able to keep a job very long (max I ever did was for one year), and just ended up with a “breakdown” earlier this year where my problem got to the worse I ever lived, so much that I had to quit that job and more or less had similar attitude from my co-workers that I just needed to rest a little. 6 months later, except for the ringing in my left ear that is a little less, things are still difficult, but now I’m finally, after a decade and a half of suffering, seeing a psychiatrist, waiting for x-rays and MRI scans results.

      You are not alone living through this my friend.

  68. I got a concussion 8 years ago and although most of the swelling is gone the bump isn’t completely gone. Should I be worried?

  69. HI there,
    I was in an auto accident in 1975 where I fractured the rightside of my skull and suffered major brain damage. I was in a coma for a month and when i woke up i had to learn how to talk, walk, and write again.I lived for a year without any skull on the right side of my head. They wanted to wait until I was 9 to put the plate in. I have no memory of that summer and when I look at photo’s I can see me. But I have no memory so it’s weird. I have lived my life with headaches ever since i was 8. I have petimolls, and hydrocephalus. I also can’t feel on the entire left side of my body. I’ve strived to be looked at as normal and not “the weird girl.” but as I get older I am wondering if there are any risks like aneurisms or blood clots in the brain? And Alzheimers stuff like that.

  70. Alexandra Matthews January 29, 2016 at 7:38 pm · Reply

    As a child from age 5 to about 11 I was physically abused. My two abuser really enjoyed hitting me and my sister in the back of the head with hair brushes and other hard things.

    I am 48 now and I am falling apart. The thing that is the worst is the undiagnosed jerking I am having all over my body. It has been going on for about 5 years now and gets worse every year. I feel this electricity run all over my body and then it happens, my arms, legs, neck and back start jerking. It looks like a seizure, but I am fully aware of everything going on. The jerking is like being in labor with a baby. It will start build it self up to a very uncomfortable and intolerable (1-10 pain level is about a 20) level of pain. Then is comes down for a minute or two and then right back up. After doing this all night my joints hurt so bad and it takes days to get the pain back to bearable. Also I have very bad memory problems, cant recall what things are called, extreme exhaustion and insomnia, depression (even tho I have been getting therapy for 15 years now. They were not the only ones to abuse me in all I was mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually abused)

    I am taking Tegretol, Reqip and Xanax for it, but it does not always work. HELP can anyone give me any more ideas?? I am beginning to think it is from the abuse growing up. If so what do I need to tell the doctor to get on a treatment that will help. I do suffer PTSD and doctors are always trying to pin all of this on the PTSD.

    Any advice would be awesome.


  71. CHARLES W. BRANLY February 1, 2016 at 11:40 am · Reply

    don’t understand how this could happen after he was doing so well. What triggers these seizures? He is going down quick because I can see all the tell tell signs. Is there anything more that I can do?? Worried father!!!!

  72. Claudine Hayes April 2, 2016 at 11:59 pm · Reply

    My son was in a motorcycle accident when he was 17. When we got to the hospital the doctor told us that each time his head hit the ground it pushed his brain to the other side of his head and It made the brain swell. He was in a semi-coma and the doctor said that if his brain started bleeding and they had to perform surgery, that he more than likely wouldn’t survive. We were only allowed to see him for five minutes every half hour but was told not to say anything to him because they wanted his brain to rest and start to heal. We were told it takes a very long time for the brain to heal sometimes years. He did finally pull through months after he came out of the coma. When he came out of the coma he had Amnesia and didn’t know anyone. He finally came out of the Amnesia after a few weeks. He lost his short term memory but we are lucky because that seemed to be the only disability he has. He’s now 45 years old, married and has a son. He never has had any seizures or bad headaches. Recently I have noticed that it takes him longer to tell someone something and his personality seems to have changed some as well. He also at times will say something that just isn’t him and something he would have never said before his accident. Should we be worried that he may have more serious symptoms in the future?


  73. Hi I was in my early twenties now in my late twenties I got attacked by group of people. I got punched to the back of the head, hand jumped on , vision went blurry and woke up on the ground. I also got kicked to the body and punched in face. I had concussion, forgot peoples names and had bad migraines, dizziness, tingling in fingers. Was very tired. Emotionally all over the show, moods up and down. I got assessed at head clinic did tests on memory and got upset and tired during the test as what I saw on paper or heard I remembered it wrong. A deer in the headlights. I have had people tell me I am slower since then, my short term memory isn’t good, I find I write notes. I get tired easily, get frustrated, anxious, and my emotions are all over the show. At times my head feels so heavy. Lights at times still irritate me also. I feel this stems from being hit to the head. People that have been hit to the head could they be more prone to getting dementia? I never had a head scan. Only x rays on hand, and my back as I have rods from scoliosis surgery. Is it likely these symptoms are from being hit to the head?
    Thanks. Nice to find a place with people that have similar issues.

  74. Many years ago I was hit by a car and hit my head on the curb.

    I was unconscious/ semi-conscious for about a week and it took me a month or so to be what was considered to be back to normal. At the time I had a brain scan and was told everything was ok.

    Recently I think I have been suffering from mild memory loss and am acting out of character. I am basing this on how others are reacting to me.

    Also I am feeling anxious. worried and can’t seem to face everyday problems.

    I don’t know if this is related to each other or my imagination.

  75. I am 66 years old. When I was a child I was putting a broom in a broom closet. The broom tipped over a shelf and a heavy iron (solid in those days) fell on my head. We never even went to the doctors. I feel that I have always had problems with my short term memory and emotional problems. Could this be due to TBI and if so, would there be anything that could be done at this very late date? Thank you.

  76. In Oct. I was the victim of an assault and robbery. I was beaten about the head and face and was unconscious for about four days. I have no real memory of the time, especially the first three days although I am told I could talk. Since then and about three weeks in hospital and after an OK scan I was at home. Back. At work I have some short term memory confusion and some balance problems. My employer thinks I am faking because my speech seems normal, but I am confused by things like pin codes or computer commands or remembering details. And I am always fatigued. I sleep 12 hours minimum each night. I am past retirement age, must work five more years, and was until this happened was active and quick. Now I’m unsure what to do. Your advice

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  78. Justin Osborne May 24, 2016 at 9:11 pm · Reply

    Around 20 year ago I was in a traffic accident. I suffered a very nasty head trauma on the side of my skull about four inches from the top of my ear. I was a passenger and I’m told that we slid sideways into oncoming traffic and the small truck I was riding in was struck directly in my door. I do not recall but the best guess was either my half rolled down window that my head definetly went through or the side view mirror gashed open my head leaving a large C shaped gash. I had my head stapled and sewn back together and I can’t remember how much time I spent in the actual hosptal. I still have a great deal of sensitivity on the scar area and around it. I know I have some memory loss mostly from before the crash. Also a slew of other concerns but I do not like to complain. Ha seriously I don’t but I am starting to realize things have changed and are continuing to change for me. I worry about my future and what other issues I may incure over time. I do know one thing it is real and it is affecting me. These articles are real eye openers for someone who’s mother said the doc says you’ll be fine and father insisted there will be issues down the line. The older I get the more I pay attention naturally also the more I see the ole man was right. I’ve never spoken to any physician of these issues and I am starting to understand how serious these things can be. Stay strong

  79. nikolao faasala June 20, 2016 at 11:00 pm · Reply

    I was involved in a grenade explosion while serving in the military sometimes in late 1990 or early part of 1991. I never notice any symptoms until 2010 when a Psychiatrist noticed during our V/Telecom, that I was having trouble looking for words. Ever since then, I still have not been treated for TBI injury that I sustained while in service. What can I do?

  80. 10 years ago my fiance worked as a tree surgeon, while attempting to take down a tree he and his coworkers used a throw ball ( a 20 lb. concrete sphere) to help with snagging a heavy limb, it was thrown into the air and flew in his face. This happened early in the morning around 8. He was alert and coherent so he was put into the company truck to sit with his face openly bleeding with a broken lower jaw until his supervisor could take him for help while his coworkers continued to work. Finally lunchtime arrives and they head for help. Over an hour later they pull into a hospital , having passed two already, where he is drug tested before being sent home with a gauze and ace bandage wrapped, it is the only thing holding his jawbone together until the following Tuesday. He has surgery, had to get 4 screws to hold the metal plates in place to support his jaw. Months later he lost his job because he was too weak to get back to work after being on a mostly soft/liquid diet. He was a 6ft. 3 in. 220 lbs. and within one month was under 180 lbs. Fast forward to now when he cannot remember dates, names and faces, and has a metallic odor to his breath since the surgery. He slurs words, his face is slightly drooping on one side, he has migraines and jaw pain regularly. He has become more and more verbally abusive and drinks daily. Could this be TBI or is it alcoholism resulting from his injury, recovery or feelings of being screwed???

  81. On February 11, 2016, while on a Dial A Ride bus for disabled people, a girl attacked me unprovoked smacking me in the head right side just about ear with a metal and plastic object. I was dazed, my balance was off, immediate headache and nausea. DX with severe concussion and contusion, Extremely photosenstivity and severe headaches everyday for 4 months. I lived in darkness, no TV, ;no Computer no Reading. It was horrible. I worn double sunglasses and a visor. I fought the Company and have won and now I am awaiting a settlement. My question is now I am unsure of what to ask for regarding my pain and suffering as I want to include enough should something happen 20+ years down the road and this be the cause. I do not have an attorney I am dealing directly with the insurance company I would appreciate any advice. Thank you and God Bless

  82. I slipped thru a wet bathroom floor full of soap back of the head hit the floor badly that I can see stars. İt was 10 years ago and I usually have headaches now. Does my accident 10 yrs ago has something to do with my headache?

  83. Please rsvp asap

  84. Hello, I am 33 yrs old, when I was I’m second grade I fell off my bunk bed onto the tile floor. After my aunt (legal guardian) couldn’t get my nose to stop bleeding she finally took me to the er. I remember the X-ray showing the front of my scull being cracked and my nose having a lump. After not having much treatment I went home. We were very poor so she couldn’t take time from work or afford a sitter. I had to maintain our regular daily schedule the very next day. Early wake up, feed horses and steer at the sheriffs poses and go to school. For a few months I would get sever nose bleeds and sometimes be found passed out when walking home form
    school by my older siblings. Still no further medical attention or care. My grades went down and my focus began to dwindle. In high school I started having sever head aches and pass out at times. The school told my aunt she had to take me to see a dr. They performed 1 ct scan or MRI and said they couldn’t see anything abnormal but they wanted to do more testing which she turned down to no insurance and lack of funds. She too me to see a counselor 1 time who said it was just repressed memories.
    Now as an adult I find everyday to be very difficult in daily tasks. I have trouble walking from one room to another and remembering what I’m doing, even if an object I was going to put away is in my hand. As a single mom my whole life seems off track. I have a hard time maintaining a job, I am praised as an amazing employee, but because I am always running late (as my home life is a mess no matter how hard I try) I get lost doing the same tasks I do every day, and trouble putting together sentences sometimes. I try to make dr apt and forget and then just give up. I feel like I’m drowning in my abilities to function. I have trouble in relationships with friends and partners. I am told by many I have no excuses or real reason for my head issues. I am told because I grew up in a difficult home that I am just using self pity as am excuse not to try, yet the same people witness me not even sitting down because I’m constantly cleaning and getting no where. I just don’t know what to think or do anymore.

  85. I fell backwards off a bicycle when I was 10.
    I hit the back of my head on the road. A neighbor carried me home, vomiting and unconscious, it turns out, for 5 hours.
    My mother who never wanted me anyway, and who was an RN, put me on the coach and resumed cooking dinner. She never took me to any doctor.
    She told me all of this later on in life as I do not remember it happening.
    I am now 55 and I am forgetful, and I get these weird feelings, sometimes headaches in the back of my head and neck.
    I had an MRI of my spine and was asked, :what happened to you when you were little?”
    It seems like there would be nothing anyone could do anyway, but wondered about being knocked out that long, while puking?
    Is the length of time one is knocked out, anything to worry about later on?

  86. Hey, am 32. Two and half years back while I was running for exercise I was hit by a truck coming from
    my back side which left fracture on my three upper left side ribs and linear (ear to ear side) fracture on the middle back side of my skull and big concussion, no internal bleeding.
    I Was taken to a hospital right after the accident which I were treated for two weeks .
    I were in a consious and unconscious states. I don’t remember yet any thing about the accident or any of the things 3min before the accident and two three days after the accident. On the first 2 weeks of the accident, I used to be annoyed by noises even sound of small drop of water, smells and light.
    I was recovered within three month with minor headache on the times that I was not sleeping well.

    But now after 2 years I feel like am stupid and lazy unlike the previous me. Am cold and not excited in anything which most people do, I forget things shortly, I don’t have a clear memory of the past history, specially I don’t have a clear memory of the ways to drive from work back to home or vise versa. And even I don’t adapt and picture new places in my mind easily. This was not me. It’s just a new me. I don’t exactly know weather it’s related to my accident or not. I don’t know what I have to do.

  87. I have had 3 severe concussions while growing up. The first happened in 1974 bicycle helmets were not worn back then. The first one happened when I was 10. My Dad and I had been swimming all day so after dinner I went out bike riding. Somehow I flipped over the handle bars of my bicycle this was 2 hours after dinner I walk into the house all bloodied up and ask when is dinner? I stayed in the hospital overnight.

    This one happened in 1982 it wasnk’t mandatory to wear seat belts. The next happened when I was 18. I was on a date with this guy when we got to the 3.2 bar we separated he partied heavily with his friends and I was with my friends. I may have had 3 glasses of beer the whole night. I should have told him that I would drive home because he was extremely drunk. Well I was tired and closed my eyes for a bit. Next thing I know I woke up when the car hit the back end of another car. He passed out at the steering wheel and I ended up going from the passenger seat to the drivers side and put my head through the windshield. Four stitches later and I went home. Now I have problems with my back that start from my neck to my tail bone, because of this I know longer can work.

    The last one happened in 1994. It was the first house my ex husband and I bought. There was a 4″ round metal support beam in our basement. The love seat was not suppose to be even with the pole. So I went to turn the corner and ran right smack into the beam. I ended up going backwards and landed on the floor. I couldn’t move my oldest son was there with me he was 8 at the time so he called my Father first then the ambulance. My ex husband wasn’t home at the time, but when I got to the ER I got an ear full for wasting money on an ambulance. Needless to say I ended up missing work for a week with pay while my ex accused me of being a hypochondriac.

    Now I have had Migraines off and on for over 16 years. The Migraine I have now has been going on for over a week. Now I have seen my PCP and I’m finally going to a Nuerologist and my PCP wants me to be checked out for Post Concussive Symdrome.
    My symptoms are:
    Loss of concentration
    Having to stop to think about what I need to say
    Lack of coordination
    Troubles falling asleep at night
    Wanting to sleep all day.

  88. I was in a auto accident years ago close to 25 yrs, I am having trouble with severe migraines increasing to almost daily even with botox. I

  89. I had a severe injury to the brain almost 25 yrs ago, I am now having migraines even with Botox I still have migraines increasing daily. I am starting to have memory loss. Everything is starting to just run together. At first I wasn’t so concerned but it has been increasing & more so at bedtime I will find myself not being able to tell if I am dreaming or if it is real. For example I was dreaming I was talking to my husband, and it seemed real I told my daughter that when I woke up that I had been talking to her Dad but she said Mom Dad has been in bed for hours. I was confused and it is almost like I was in a paralyzed state. I have this paralyzation come over me and I lie there and can hear what’s going on around me but everything is foggy, like the oxygen to my brain is being cut off or something. I have never had anything concern me as much as this is beginning to concern me. I just need to know does anyone else have symptoms like this, & what is the symptoms of post traumatic brain injury? Can it show up this many yrs later? I have nausea, depression, anxiety, & so many other things happening along with this. I have been out of character, & cry a lot. Is dementia something that could come out of such a serious brain injury? I never had any imaging done for the brain, but feel like it would be beneficial.

  90. Hello, I am now starting to think that since my concussion 5 years ago, I have changed in many ways.
    Prior to, I have ADHD, OCD, and depression. All of which were managed pretty well with meds. It took me 9 months to be able to go back to my faced paced job. However, as time goes bye, the HDHD, OCD, clear thinking and decision making is getting worse. The meds are not as effective and lessen effectiveness as time passes.
    I am a 50 yr old female. My question is, can this be the result of the injury even after 5 years? I fear being able to keep a job, manage my finances, ect will only get more challenging.

  91. I was in an auto accident 16 years ago when I was sitting on the trunk of a friends car and he pulled off as a joke and hence I suffered a severe TBI and was in a coma for over a month and had to learn to walk and talk again…now 16 years later I feel my memory is horrific and things are getting worse. I can’t concentrate either. What do I do? I have no one to help me

  92. We really should need more sensibilisation about TBI and concussion. I had an accident in the year 2000 at 14 year’s old where a car hit me, I didn’t had an helmet. I was unconscious for around 4-5 hours. 16 year’s later, now 30 year’s old, things started to become worse since maybe around two year’s ago. I had to stop working after a “breakdown” I suffered earlier this year. Since then I’m having problem with insomnia, concentration, cranial pressure feelings,etc…. I really don’t know what to do anymore.

  93. my husband had an old head injury back when he was 16. He is now 53 and have a lot of these symptoms. He was told alcohol will intensify his condition. He does not believe me that is what his Neurology said. Can someone Please tell me if this is true. I don’t want him to drink cause in the pass he gets out of control drinking. Need answer ASAP

  94. I had a bad fall about 10 years and smashed the whole left side of my face, Today I suffer from horrible anxiety my face gets numb a lot I had to have surgery to replace the whole cheek bone what cognitive problems can this cause?

  95. I had tinnitus in both ears for six years with a high pitched two tone sound, the noises are constant and have learned to ignore the ringing. Later, another sound was added, a deep tone that has a sporadic rhythm, that mimics human speech. It varies from soft and muted, to painfully clear, and loud. Have try sound machines, ear plugs, my hearing aid, and medication all to no avail rather I have a difficult time sleeping. Lately I was directed to a Doctor called WEIL on internet who provided solution to the problem. Do not be discourage, there is hope for you, it is a permanent cure to Tinnitus. Contact him with this email

  96. In 1969 at the age of 15 I got into a fight. As a result I had a brain injury which I spent six weeks in he hospital I died three times, having seizures the last one when I woke up I didn’t know any one or anything . I couldn’t walk, talk, feed myself, I was like a new born baby. The doctor told my mother he didn’t know what she was going to do with me. He said I’d never finish school, never hold a job, never get a drivers license, never get in the military, in other words I’d never take care of myself. After release from the hospital I was put in the 10th grade in high school, which is where I would have been without the injury I didn’t know any of the kids I’d went to school with before, I didn’t know how to read or write, didn’t know any math, I could barely sign my name. They didn’t have remedial training those days. The teacher’s didn’t know what to do with me so they passed me from class to class. I graduated last in my class with a D-. My father was able to get me in the Navy. About a year after joining it was like my brain turned back on. Suddenly I could remember everything I saw or read. Four years later I mustered out as an E5. Since then I’ve married raised two daughters, hold a good job and am with the same lady I married 43 years ago. But I do have memory problems which I’ve learned to overcome. I write myself notes, if it’s a person’s name my wife wispers in my ear. I’ve noticed as I get older the memory problems are long and short term.. I’ve began to get a pain behind my eye where the first injury was. I’ve spoken to a few doctors but they don’t seem to concerned. I guess I’ll just wait and see.

  97. I am having issues with bladder and bowel control I’ve been having them since I was hit by a car at 16 years of age and I was in a coma for 6 days but here lately it seems as though I am losing complete control of this issue I did have a very traumatic brain injury with 90% of brain being bruised and swelled could just be contributing to my problems today I was hit at 16 years old I’m Now 49

  98. I suffered a major concussion in 2014 I was work and I feel a my hard hat came off my head an I hit my head on a piece of heavy equipment on front of my head right side had to have 12 staples put in my head I had slot of headaches after an I have forgot pretty much half of the year after I seem to have no memory of that year an sometimes I get the shakes really bad an people tell me I slurr my voice alot could this be to blame for my problems should I get my doctor to send me somewhere to see what could be wrong

  99. I had an head fracture of half of my head . I was told I couldn’t walk or talk and be blind I surpassed all of this . My biggest thing is now I’ve got intention tremors and my tongue now vibrate I have a harder time to form words and swallowing food . These have come on several years after my head injury . But I’ve notice these issues .

  100. I suffered an mTBI (closed head injury) with an LOC of 5min and a dx of PCS, in Sept. of 2010. I went through rehab with OT, PT, etc… Somehow managed to get released for duty, even though I knew I didn’t feel like myself. ?? Then I began suffering the onset of LITERALLY debilitating migraines assoc w/projectile emesis and lasting 3 to 7 days, dehydration…. absolute inability to function. This occurred approx. 3 to 18 days a month. I then suffered a 2nd mTBI in Dec. of 2014. This head injury was open with a small laceration to the occipital lobe. I was treated at a bottom of the barrel facitliy with this injury ( unlike the first ) was sent to my company dr that gave me the staple removal kit , took me off duty for two weeks and released me. Only my migraines became excedingly worse, botox was approved only to find nerve damage. It has been a battle. It’s hard to want to continue to remain in combat, many days. I have suffered PCS for 6 years now!!!!! I will never be the same and have witnesses that would concur. Please send me any info on research? Thank you and Bless you all.

  101. I am worried for myself, i keep beating my head everytime i am in a situation that i cannot control my emotions/feelings. Instead of hurting other people I am always beating my head so hard. I want to know what would be the consequences I would suffer in the future. Is there a chance I would suffer memory loss? Please help me. Thank you very much.

  102. I am 67 years old and suffer from many things that have been discussed such as short term memory, dizziness, mood swings and a few more. When I drive I have to use my GPS always. 1n 1968 while in Vietnam I was wounded by a Souh Vietnamese mortar explosion while in combat at Khesanh, Vietnam. I was unconscious for about an hour when hit in the head. I was sent to the combat hospital in Danang for abour a week. I still have a small piece of the shrapnel in my head. I seemed to be OK and was kept in Vietnam . After 49 years and e marriages I still ind myself forgetting and dealing with mood swings not to mention my walking is all over the place. And memory…whag memory. I am lucky to have an understanding wife. Is there anything I can do to make things better. Yes the VA knows this and I am 100% disabled. I am not what I used to be..

  103. When I was born,I was born with two black eyes and a broken nose and I don’t know if there was anything else wrong with me, my mother was 17 teen when she had me , they tried to find the doctor be he ran off.Well I am 46 years old and I have always had migraine headaches really bad ones but my parent’s never took us to the doctor’s so I lived with it and I have a lot of health problems I have had 36 surgeries on my stomach and still have to have more but back to my brain about 2-3 years ago I made appointment with a Neurologist and did a bunch of test and they said I have had it since I was a baby and not to worry we’ll last year around this time I fell down 15 stairways it my head and ended up having a seizure and it only lasted a few minutes I thought I was OK but I was worse the next day so I went to the ER and they did a lot of tests and handed me a bunch of papers and see my family doctor right away so I did he said I have to go back to my Neurologist soon so I did and they wanted me to go to the surgery team and I ask if I could let someone else to look at me and I did but still didn’t listen I didn’t want to hear any of it but now I have 2 masses and another thing if I wash my hair or get it wet on top of my head it starts to peal and itch and bleed I have a hole now and my headaches are really bad I am scared and they said the mass is growing so I am scared I will die ai have 2 sons and I had 12 surgeries to have them my first son has moved out and has his own place now but I still have a 15 teen year old I have to raise and he has ADHD,odd,learning disability,intrapment,depresstion,and panic attack and social problems I am the only one he has and I don’t want no one else to raise him I want to sorry I don’t know what to do I need help

  104. About 30 years ago I got thron from a horse and kicked in the head by the horse. I don’t remember all the details of the accident, but I do remember I was unconscious and when I woke up I was stumbling and couldn’t see clearly. I finally found my dad and he carried me to the house where he sat me down and looked at my head and then I was taken to the emergency room. Once there my dad was afraid of what my grandma would say to him about me riding a horse so he told the doctor that I tripped and hit my head on a sprinkler. I received more than 15 stitches in my head. I have had migraines my whole life. Lately the migraines have been more frequent and I have no energy or motivatjon to do anything. I cry over anything and I have been having a hard time concentrating Ian’s remembering things. My vision has become very blurry and this morning I have pain on my left side in my upper arm and I can’t make a fist. I feel very weak and I almost fainted . I’m 46 years old and I’m scared to death of the doctor. What do you think is wrong with me?

  105. I suffered brain damage 38 years ago. I have no desire of life left,

  106. I’ve always wondered if I had TBI. In 2000 I was in a severe motorcycle accident that resulted in me losing my leg. We were not wearing helmets. I used to be a writer, creative, and that completely went away. I used to be higher functioning, could handle stress, and none of that is true now. I get overwhelmed so easily. I am on disability because of depression and anxiety as well. But I’ve always thought I had undiagnosed brain injury. It has made me feel like a shadow, a hole inside me because I can no longer write. I’m just not who I used to be.

  107. I’ve had several concussions as a teen but I’m now 44 and still get headaches, dizziness and nausea when i try and concentrate on something for too long. Reading makes me feel sick, even concentrating on doing my hair makes me sick if it takes too long. I can’t even flip through a magazine. My memory is shot. Both long term and short. I’m too young to keep feeling like this.

  108. I did type my comment.

  109. When I was a child maybe 7 or 8 years of age, I experienced a bad fall on a bicycle. I was thrown over my handle bars and rolled down a steep hill where I landed a head on a rock. I was wearing a helmet at the time “which was cracked” from the impact. I was told by doctors that I had a serious concussion from the injury but should recover just fine. I am now 32 years old, have been diagnosed with everything from OCD, ADD to Bipolar type 1 and most recently GAD “generalized anxiety disorder.” I have been on a large list of medications “non of which have ever worked like I was told.” Recently I have been reading on concussions and the life long effects it can have. I really am wondering if my issues as an adult could be caused by that blow to the head? Just interesting that the effects of long term effects on the brain after a bad concussion can cause a lot of the things I was diagnosed with? Is there anyone else out there that has similar experiences?

  110. My wife was in a terrible car accident last year. She had died on site, thankfully they brought her back to life. She had hit her head to where there is still an indentation in the middle of her forehead. Among short-term memory loss, can’t sleep, etc. She hears me talking on the phone about her. Those times she “hears me talking” , I’m either asleep or talking to noone. Can someone please give me any kind of feedback?

  111. I had a major brain injury from a motor cycle accident at 18 I had multiple brain injuries from domestic violence I find it hard to type this now at 38 I use to treat cancer now I can’t leave my house house please help all people with brain injuries

  112. I was in a coma as a child. How long, I have no idea. I was told by a person, that i was playing a game called kick the can. As I was running to kick the can, a so call friend stuck out his foot, I tripped and hit my head against the curb. How long I was out how long I was in the hospital I have no idea. I do remember when I came home, my mother had to teach me how to walk again. I guess when I was in the hospital I never walked, but I do remember using a wheelchair. This happened in Brooklyn NY

  113. When I was very little I fell out of a shopping cart and sustained a head injury. I believe a skull fracture. Then when I was about 12 I fell off my bike and landed right between a boulder and a post. So that was a close call. At age 19 just days after my birthday I was in a small town laundromat pulling my sweatshirt out of the dryer when a strange man came in. I believe his intent was to rape me but when I jabbed him with my elbow he knocked my head into the hard cement floor and punched the right side of my face with his fist. I got two plates put in my right cheek and brow bones. I’ve seen doctors and gotten tests. Along with my ADD that I’ve suffered with my whole life. I seriously wonder if I could end up sufrering terrible memory loss. I’m currently 34.

  114. Christian Morgan April 17, 2017 at 2:52 pm · Reply

    I have just begun to learn again after having been hit on the back of the head fourteen years ago in work, National Car Parks Ltd is at fault and still has not paid up. It was the result of an Armed Robery on the 4th April 2003. I had to start from scratch, again. For four years the heart very often had no drive from the CNS to it for long periods of time, perhaps ten minutes, I just waited stretched out on the bedroom floor, very quietly, until it started again. No help from anyone, nothing worked very well, intellectual abilities close to zero, in fact very close to my death for the first four years, no-one cared, still don’t, later a few of the local doctors told me that they were under strict orders to let me die, not very nice but there we go. However I am very pleased to say that I am very much alive and am now studying modern languages with the OU; shall we say getting back to my old self , taught myself to play the piano as well, as they say, God helps them who help themselves, what’s the alternative? All the Best.

  115. Hello Everyone,
    I just found this article and I wanted to share two things.
    1. I’ve had many head injuries, mostly self-inflicted since I was a child. I know that seems horrible, and I can’t explain the reasons it will take forever… but the last 2 head injuries I had one self-inflicted because I was angry was me hitting my forehead on the wall at least twice. The 2nd head injury was when my Ex- Husband threw me down on the ground and the back of my head hit the floor.
    2. I have never been a studious person, reading a lot, basically, exercising my brain.
    Conclusion, I feel both of those thigs have advanced my memory loss and my inability to learn, retain & recall new information.
    To everyone, please exercise your brain. If you’ve had an injury especially. Start now. Read newspapers, bibles, do mind games, learn excel, and other complex computer programs… heed my advice: Exercise your brain, and despite the injury or the normal progression of age, your memory function will not deteriorate as badly.
    TamaraM. I hope you are doing well, I can imagine what you went through.
    God Bless you all. <3

  116. On July 20th, 2007, I had an accident. I was on my way back home from summer classes. It happened a block away from my house, where the school bus usually stopped for me to get down. I was about to get off the bus, when I stumbled and hit my head by the door of the bus when the bus was still in motion(about to stop). I believe the last brakes made by the bus caused me to stumble. From then on, I don’t know what else happened. My friends say that when I hitted my lwft side of the head, I fell off the bus laying unconscious. That happened around 12 mid day and I was unconscious like for 8-9 hours. Up to today’s date, I don’t remember what exactly happened. Just remember making my way down the first 2 steps and that’s it. When I woke up I was at the hospital with drips ready to undergo CT Scan and I don’t know what else. However, I get a lot of headaches and very vulnerable to light during night time. It’s been 7 years I haven’t checked with my neurosurgeon. I’m afraid something might be wrong.

  117. When I was one my father hit me with something or maybe just his fist. I lost consciousness, vomited and later had seizures, meningitis, pneumonia, I’ve also had a Cerebrospinal Fluid leak from my ear since. Every three to seven months the fluid from my head will pool behind my eardrum and is excruciatingly painful as the fluid builds and eventually busts my eardrum and clear thin, salty fluid pours out my ear for a week or so until the cycle starts again, this has been going on for thirty seven years.

    My mom, who was present during the assault, gets extremely agitated when any signs or symptoms associated with the TBI appear.

    Ten years ago the lack of balance caused me to fall and break my ankle, within an hour I was in Truman Medical Center’s ER but they wouldn’t xray it. I’m now on Disability for a broken ankle, hydrocephalus, and Eczema due to lack of circulation from the fracture. I would really like to see a Neurologist and KUmed here in Kansas City has a wonderful unit where I’m positive I could the best treatment or at least no longer suffer from this screaming tinnitus that I’ve never been without since I can remember. But I’m concerned about how my mother will respond, last time I even went to the doctor for an MRI to treat the CSF leak, my mother

  118. partial comlex seizure.. i had a part of brian cut out @ tampa general.. the father of my child hit me in my head.. i’m so depessed… i only have daughter.. she is only 19 and has been on her way for quite sometime and cannot deal w/ this thank goodness. i have one brother who will not ever talk to me… and no other family.. was adopted.and not too many friends at this point used to do very well yrs ago and . i’m not doing well.. i’m on disability. not enough $$$ obviosly.. no car.. no help.. stuck in the rented house which i’m about to loose thinking very BAD THOUGHTS.. i am a christian BUT.. something has to give pls say prays for me.. of type to me.. thank you.. AMEN…O:-)..

  119. Me too, I was thrown head first onto the hardwood floor by my mothers boyfriend at the time. My mom didnt take me to the doctors because she says I was fine and didn’t even cry. She says she kicked her boyfriend George out immediately and when she picked me up she said I was ok and went right to sleep. Now at age 42 I have major mental episodes wuth panic attacks and depression. Also problems with memory loss and forgetfullness and concentration and problems with major sex addictions. Now says she regrets never taking me to the doctor.

  120. Hello everyone,
    My name is Travis and I wanted to share my story and problems I’m having. When I was younger I sustained over 30 blows to my head playing sports including 11 diagnosed concussions. About 2 years ago, I started noticing subtle changes and fast forward to now and I’ve turned into someone I barely recognize. My short term memory is shot, I get confused, I have to stick to a routine. I get agitated and angry very easily, and really has played a huge role in everyday life. Doctors I’ve visited have never seen anyone like me with so much head trauma. I wanted to share as I’m living proof of what can happen when someone has repeated concussions and blows to the head. Thank you very much!

  121. When i was younger i did BMX. Id say i was 14 or 15 but i rolled my bike flipping with it landing my face on the concrete six times till i stopped. I am now 21. I did try to seek medical help because i broke my nose bled from it and my head hurt so bad after that crash. Waited in the ER for 7 hours bleeding on the floor still waiting to be seen. My head ache was so horrible i could not stand it anymore so i told my family im not waiting anymore. So i went home woke up nose broke couldnt move head hurt. Black eyes. It was horrible. But i got over it with just advil. Now i do fear since i never got properly looked at. Could be something wrong with me. Balance hasnt been the same. I get dizzy alot standing up now as well. Memory loss. Sometimes i cant remember what ive said 2 seconds ago. But that doesnt happen very often. More times its like. I cant remember what happened a week or two ago. Like not big things but important things.

  122. I was abused by a boyfriend 40 yrs ago and punched in the face many times resulting in black eyes . My memory is terrible. I was also thrown off a second floor balcony. I had been drunk every time this happened. I never went to a dr. and I’m wondering if this could be the reason for my memory issues. What can a dr do for me now though all these years later?

  123. I had a hairline fracture and a concussion at thirteen months of age (November 1974). I have balance issues still, short term memory failure, concentration issues, and not only trouble falling asleep (meditations don’t work), but 5-6 hours of sleep is normal.

  124. A few years ago I was out with some friends. And I had slipped on some rocks at a resort and ended up spraining my ankle which led me to fall and hit the back of my head, when I sat up from that I ended up falling back and hitting it rather hard a second time. After some time while we were leaving on a boat I noticed blood when I was resting my head. Anyways so that was the incident, so now it’s been 4 years or so and I’m dealing with memory loss, ” massive brain fog” like sometimes forgetting words or names when talking. I have a terrible time concentrating and retaining training instructions at work. occasional headaches, constantly tired. And certain noises bother me almost to the point of completely agitating me. Car mufflers and motorcycles reving their engine I can’t stand it. I do sometimes see stars. Could these symptoms be from hitting my head? I never went to get checked for hitting my head since I was dealing with my ankle. my symptoms seem to be getting worse as time goes on, I’m 32

  125. Hi, I’m Anthony 24. I’m a police officer. I had a serious car wreck 2 years ago and suffered a TBI and still have trouble with my memory and thinking. I took a lick to the head at 40 mph on the steering wheel. I was in hospital 4 days and they didn’t send me to therapy. Is there any way I can get help. I’ve done been back to a specialist and they say my brain appears normal but I’m still having lots of trouble?

  126. My name is Amy about 12 years ago I was in a very abusive relationship. My ex smashed my head against the basement floor which is obviously concrete probably at total of 30 times. I want to say I was unconscious for five minutes, when I regained consciousness, I couldn’t stand up, the room was spinning, I had several huge welts on my entire head. I experienced the severe spinning for several weeks after that. He wouldn’t let me leave for medical attention when it happened and by the time I left alone I felt that nobody would believe me. I’ve experienced so many issues ever since that happened. I get reoccurring vertigo several times a year, headaches, insomnia, memory issues, major depression, anxiety, I have an endocrine disorder, I have floaters in my eyes (not sure if that is related), irritability, I feel pressure in my head, brain fog, concentration problems. I mean they used to be a lot worse than they are now but they still give me problems that affect my life. I really hate going to the doctor anymore because if I say I have something wrong they always just look at my chart and see I have anxiety and then tell me that’s what causing the problems. I give up trying to get help, sometimes I wish my ex would suffer for what he did but it’s too late for that now. I’d give anything for all that crap to go away. I hate when I have awful headaches, mood problems etc for this shit. I feel like nobody understands at all. They just think I’m crazy 🙁

  127. Nerve damage, fascia, peripheral nerve. An imprint of trauma is left in the body, including surgeries, dental work, etc. My trauma was prebirth to a cervical vertebrae, causing a stork bite, torticollis, and scoliosis, due to adhesions that formed on my scalp. Then childhood abuse at home and at school, then a ski accident head-clonk collision, then, worst of all, a head-on Montana highway collision as passenger, lap restraint but no shoulder strap, metal dashboard. In and out of comsciousness for hours, closed head injury. My ex was at fault, careless driving (following too close on a wet highway) and thereafter abused me, blaming my symptoms on character issues and mental health disorders, blocking me from seeking care so as to protect his security clearance, e.g., he let a neurologist bill go to collections because he didn’t want to complete the third-party liability form without lying on it. I had 23 stitches vertically through my eyebrow. At least two major cranial nerves were severed. Severed nerves do not heal well. The dead nerves caused more adhesions to form on my scalp.

    This all left so much trauma damage that after years of problems like reynaud’s, and numbness, and facial paralysis, and cramps and spasms, and lots more, my entire nerve layer regenerated, and the old layer self-destructed. The old layer has been very painfully shedding for several years now. I lost all my hair, all over my body, I’ve got new nerves. Still pretty bald. Lot of facial disfigurement for a while, because it seems I had hair invading the nerve channels through the forehead damage, invading my whole body.

    I feel very bad for all of you, so many tragic stories here. Makes me feel like crying, for the loss and pain you’ve suffered. I have too, being pretty much abandoned and struggling to heal and take care of myself, living in poverty. Thankfully I have a loving friend and my children generally support me though they livw with their prospering father who robbed me of so much by driving with anger issues.

  128. Jordan..
    Please tell me that can every head injury cause atrophy and also tell me that can every coma cause brain atrophy ???

  129. I have no short term really at all. I also was a sexually, and physically abused child from 6 to 15. I was hit in the head alot with a hard open palmed adult male hand. Several times a week. Im sure that is how i got tmj. Curious if the hits coulda caused my short term memory to malfunction. Thanks

  130. I suffered a head trauma when I was 4 years old. I was beaten really bad by one of my mother’s boyfriends and left unconsciousness. I was eventually removed from my mother’s care permanently by the age of 5. I remained in state custody until I was 18. I didn’t learn to read until the 4th grade and had to take special education classes, but, by the time I was in junior high I was doing good. It took me longer to learn things, but, I studied hard and graduated high school in 1978. I got married. I had three kids and ended up divorced and a single mom. My son got diagnosed with ADHD when I was 32 and at that time I had been experiencing some difficulties working, like counting and pulling from a conveyor belt and some difficulties with social interactions, so, I made an appointment with a psychologist for testing thinking I may have ADHD, this was in 1992. He diagnosed me with a brain injury that he said effected the left part of my brain just above the ear and toward the front. I was not happy to hear this and I suppressed the abuse in my childhood, so, didn’t remember that I was severely beaten. I tore up the test results and went on with my life. With a lot of work I was even able to get a college degree and have a career. Then fast forward to now. I am 57 years old. I started having major issues with memory, speech, and emotions about 4 years ago. I thought I was starting to have Alzheimer. I would have severe migraines that would last for days. I had suffered severe depression most of my adult life and was taking medication for that. When I talked to my doctor about what was going on she kept telling me that I needed to see a psychiatrist and that I was having severe mental illness. I knew this was not the case because the headaches were in the exact place where I was diagnosed with the injury. After fighting with this doctor for three years over this (I was locked into the clinic I was going to because of the insurance I had, so, going to another doctor or clinic wasn’t an option) I finally demanded for her to send me to a neurologist. She had already diagnosed me with rebound migraines from ibuprofen, which didn’t fit because I would get the migraines when taking the ibuprofen, not when coming off of it which is what rebound migraines are) With my demands and persistence from my son, she finally gave the referral to see a neurologist. He did an EEG and sure enough I was having partial seizures. I was having seizures the whole time I was on the table being tested, that was 45 minutes. The seizures were only on the left side of my brain. By this time I had seen a therapist and remembered the abuse and had worked on those issues, so, I was aware that I had a head trauma. My doctor was so shocked that I was diagnosed with seizures that she sent me a letter telling me I couldn’t return to the clinic. I think she was afraid of being sued because she had let this go on for 3 years. Anyway, I ended up getting a different insurance and found a better doctor, which I am still seeing today. I did a lot of studying about the antidepressant I was taking at the time and one of the “rare” side effects was listed as seizures. So, I stopped taking it. The seizures lessened for a while, but, then started back up again. I still suffer from depression, but, I can no longer take the medication to help it be under control. I have fibromyalgia, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Osteoarthritis. so, I have chronic pain. I cannot take ibuprofen or any other pain medications. The medications give me partial seizures. I have had to stop working. I am now on ssdi. I had two suicide attempts last year because I just couldn’t handle what I was going through. I lost my home when I could no longer work and was living in a tent, but, I finally got my ssdi and bought a mobile home and am more stable. But, my doctor said that stress also causes the seizures. I’ve tried so many medications that I am just tired of trying them, even the anti-seizure medications don’t help. It is so hard to believe that an injury that happened to me 50 years ago can interfere so greatly with my life. My doctor is wonderful and she tries, but, I think she is just as lost as I am on how to treat these seizures. She is patient and kind to me. I’ve lost most of my friends and I have one son who refuses to talk to me because I worked all his life and now I can’t and he thinks this is something I can control. I feel like I’m just waiting to die because I can not function enough to have friends or to go places and do things. I can’t drive anymore. I have panic attacks, I get lost and confused when driving and finally decided it wasn’t worth the risk. I wish I had answers on how to deal with this because it is really destroying my life.

  131. Matthew R Derengowski September 13, 2017 at 7:19 pm · Reply

    I’ve had 3 concussions 2 of them minor but my first was when I was 8 I was hit in the head with a good club. It shattered my skull and they had to put a plate in. I’ve always had problems with memory loss and headaches since then but never knew the cause. My memory loss is worse now 20 years later, I stutter time to time, have trouble concentrating and get very irritable. I hate it. These are all things out of my control no matter how hard I try and the more I think about it the frustrated and depressed I get. I hate trying to explain this to people too be side I feel like I’m making an excuse. But with no treatment I guess it is what it is.

  132. Hi there so 2 years ago someone I know got hit in the head from her ex boyfriend witch is a boxer she got knocked out 3-4 times and now she’s been having these weird symptoms like her right side of her brain (where she got hit the most) starts hurting like she’s getting stabbed and then smacked everytime she bends down or gets up she’s tried panadol but it doesn’t work she also said her eye hurts as well like she’s getting a black eye anyone know what this could be

  133. In the spring of 1996 I was thrown from a horse at full gallop and landed on the top of my head. I was unconscious for at least a few minutes (I’m not certain the exact length of time). Upon regaining consciousness I was told (I have no memory of anything for the next 3 or 4 days) that I seemed very confused, somewhat lethargic, and appeared to be having trouble thinking clearly. I requested no medical treatment (the reasoning is a long story) and apparently no one I was with saw issue with allowing me to get in my truck and drive 25+ miles home. My aunt, who was an RN, said I likely had a severe concussion at least. I walked around in a daze for several days then started “getting better”. Fast forward 20+ years and I now have severe chronic migraines that have progressively gotten worse over the years, trouble with short term memory, trouble finding words, trouble concentrating, severe mood swings, balance issues, among other things. I also have what feels similar to a baby’s “soft spot” on top my head. I see a neurologist regularly for the migraines and other issues but I feel as if she thinks I’m “faking” or exaggerating. I did have surgery on my neck a couple years ago to repair some damage that likely started from that injury. I’m morbidly obese so most doctors view any complaint I have as nothing more than me looking for an excuse to be lazy even though I try my best to remain active and desperately want to be able to do more again. Are there doctors that will look past weight and give an honest, accurate diagnosis?

  134. I cannot believe that for the years that have passed since the original article was published here, people are still posting unanswered health questions and concerns that may very well be related to years old brain injuries. Why bother to continue pouring your hearts online – and in this forum, when all common sense should tell you that it’s a doctor and/or neurologist you should have consulted? I do understand that the telling of personal tragedies and stories can be cathartic; but wouldn’t you rather use your time in getting answers from a medical professional directly? Time is especially critical when it comes to treating head injuries – new or old, diagnosed or undiagnosed. I’ve had a TBI myself, and sympathize with all of you or your loved ones.

    If no one has replied to you here online from the medical profession, preferably a neurologist, since 2015 – shouldn’t common sense tell you it’s pointless to continue asking what are some very serious questions related to brain health issues? It should be apparent by now (Nov. 2017) that you haven’t – and won’t – get the answers you seek on this page.

    To all of you asked – YES, you should see a doctor or specialist ASAP and insist on examination, diagnosis, and treatment of your health issues. With that said, we all could use a huge dose of assertiveness when it comes to dealing with the medical profession. As my mother always said, “Remember, there’s a reason why it’s called the ‘practice’ of medicine”. Doctors can too often be dismissive of concerns and symptoms and, unfortunately, sometimes with tragic results. You would think that the threat of malpractice lawsuits would be enough incentive for them to be a bit more responsive to our questions and concerns.

    If your current doctor is dismissive to you or your loved ones’ health issues, change doctors! Your good health, physical and mental, is much too important to ignore, or hope that by some miracle, a neurologist reads your specific post here and provides you with the answers you seek.

    For myself, I wouldn’t trust any treatment suggestions, especially regarding treatment of TBI’s, from average joes like ourselves. We all can sympathize, but please, don’t take any medical advice from a non-professional that could potentially have tragic consequences.

  135. I have a depressed skull fracture from 8 yrs old and it was undiagnosed…n my 40s I met a cranio sacral therapist that finally diagnosed me…all doctors refused to say I had anything wrong…I’ve been sick from that time period on and now I can’t enjoy anything…I’m so miserable…I get sick if I do pretty much anything now but sit…head pressure is terrible and cannot do groups of ppl…even one on one can b too much…my cranio therapist helped me a lot but I can afford her anymore…I’m 60 now and have been widowed for almost 22 yrs…live on a small death benefit check…just wondered if any out there are like me…this injury has ruined my life…all of my life I’ve been tired and depressed now have fibromyalgia too and growing up I thought I was lazy because I couldn’t keep up with my friends…it’s been very difficult and is worse now with age…I need surgery but can’t afford it and my therapist advised against it and I agreed because I don’t want to end up worse…

  136. Hi I was hit by a car back in 1990. I’m 37 and I have been suffering from a lot of problems mental I was 10 years old when it happen it head hard blacked out for a while had suffer from my moods not learning good. should I look into this

  137. I was struck by a car and woke up 30 days later in a hospital, my left side brain skull crack and left ear drum exploded, right foot shattered and leg pined together with a 30 inch tear in back of left leg. I was like a child again learning to tie my shoes and thinking process..The ER Doctor years later told me when i arrived both eyes where point oppisite of each other and fixed and dialated..Loss of my left ear makes very hard when in groups or work because very difficult to hear who is talking to me i find during any disscussion if i look at the person mouth it helps understand there words better..My spine commpressed so hard bones chipped very painful very much with low pressure weather thunderstorms…thats my story i finding the older i get the much slower i can process information and taking shorts brakes helps with concentration..I find myself knowing i am not normal and sometimes feel sorry for myself and feeling very alone kind of like quick emotional expression even so much feeling sad for the person that run over me ..i have dreams most nights of the event waking up and all alone i just overwhelmed right now thinking about it but very thankful for being alive to think about it..the pain is always there and accepet it i will walk humbley and thankful for all the blessings and hope anyone that goes through this finds the love the support ..keep busy dont think about it take your pain meds and enjoy each day always….i felt sorry for myself because i had no shoes until i saw the man that had no feet to put shoes on…that being said stay well and thankful…

  138. Hi Pete,

    My daughter suffered a skull fracture during the first month of her life. She was dropped. She is now 2 but everything seems normal. Should I be concerned? I am always thinking the worse and now I am a little scared she will be suffering later on. 🙁

  139. And i have had MRI, X-rays, PT, Do NOTt take pain medication, and cannot take NSAIDS

  140. I have severe Epilepsy. I guess it seems like I am a freak, God knows I feel like one.
    Since I hit my head I can not type. My x epileptologist drugged me up so bad it made me fall on the cement. I got a new Doc at UW. My memory now is so bad I forget to eat. I have had brain surgery, A brain infection ,I was told I was going to die. This weirdo is still here to make fun of. They did every x-ray and I can’t have an MRI because I have an implant for my chest. I could have a bleed in my brain. With x-rays they don’t find things so fast.Teresa

    • Dawn L Coffinberry January 23, 2018 at 4:55 pm · Reply

      Teresa Daniel I read your post and I just want to let you know that there are ways that you can type. I use the Dragon Naturally Speaking to dictate sometimes and if you need assistance and getting that technology you can actually go to the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and they will assist you.

  141. Dawn L Coffinberry January 23, 2018 at 4:53 pm · Reply

    I just found your article. Today I started thinking about what happened to me and I wanted to know how it still affects me today. When I was 18 months of age my older brother by 2 years threw me down a flight of stairs. I was in a coma for 2 weeks. The head injury was so massive that it induce the stroke leaving me paralyzed. Later it just affected my left side. I have to tell you that when I was only 7 months of age I was walking and talking. At a year I was potty trained. When I had that stroke and head injury I lost everything no longer able to do anything that I could do before they had occurred. The doctors I went to go see just assumed that I was just a little toddler and hadn’t learned to do any of that yet and sent me home with my two young parents in their early twenties. They didn’t know how to do anything and ultimately they divorced because of the misuse of alcohol and the disagreements that they had concerning me. I have been segregated and treated horrible by Society. But I’m a fighter and I got off Social Security got my degree in office administration with three added certificates and worked for the state of Washington for over 15 years. I would still be working for the state if they had it continually tried to medically separate me. Needless to say I have issues like excessive fatigue and short-term memory…. I also have mood swings and battle with depression as well as not being able to get to sleep when I want to go to sleep…. Anyway I would just like to know what my head injury could be responsible for that I’m dealing with today. If you could send me a personal email ( or even contact me on Facebook ( and let me know that would be great. Now that I’m back on Social Security what I’d really like to do is travel around the world and educate people on disability awareness and training. There is a lot of technology that the disabled Community could use to get back into the workforce or even get into the workforce for the first time… There is no reason for society seeing a disability as a negative and I’d like to change that.., thank you for your time.

  142. I was a great student up until the summer between my 6th and 7th grade, when I was at a friends house, her brother came up behind me and pulled the rug from under me.
    Even as a child, I knew something was wrong with my memory. My grades were not what they use to be and also from that time on, through high school and adult hood, I could never remember dates, homework assignments unless it was something done in repetition.
    Never could learn to play card games, read music, dance moves or speeches (I was a Communications major,) I barely made it out of high school or college with a low c.
    As an adult, I fell and hit my head again. Don’t remember much, bit, no one took me to the doctor/hospital.
    In the past 10 years, I’ve had 3 episodes of memory loss. I went to hospital and they did all kinds of tests. Nothing showed dementia or early Alzheimer’s. I was told it was mainly stress, dehydration and temporary amnesia. I’ve been to a neurologist as well.
    But, it still scares me. I won’t drive a long way from home anymore. I don’t want to be that person we read about, that is found wandering around and not knowing where i am or where I’m going.
    And too, my concentration is terrible. I have to make lists and take notes to remember EVERYTHING. I’m almost 70 now I’m glad to find that I’m not alone. Thank you. (For security purposes..I hope I can solve the equation that comes up to send this.)

  143. i came across this almost by accident my son fractured his skull at 3, hes 11 now and i am concerned about his memory etc but when asking his doctor they are not concerned what do i do next

  144. Me too.
    I was at age 5 that i fallen from the upper roof, my mother told that most of your teethes fallen down from your mouth because of the incident. Now i am 30 and have these problems Difficulty remembering new information Feeling tired, having no energy Nervousness or anxiety.

    I can’t carry long discussions because feeling tiredness and also because of less information that i try to recall from my memory means the brain doesn’t give me information to continue my talk. I am bored and can’t focus on studies just repeating several times in order to memories some information or data to be ready for my exam.

    Muhammad omer

  145. I just wanted to know my husband was in a accident 2 months ago and had blood on the brein, CT scans confirmed that the blood was not spreading and that it will heal it self, my husband could not see in his right eye and went to the eye specialist he did tests and said it is of the swelling of the brain that he can not see, gave him eye drops but still after 2 months he can still not see in his right eye? And I don’t know what more we can do to help him as I can see how frustrated he is with not seeing in the one eye.

  146. I was 15 1/2 and I was in a school bus that hit a electric pole during winter time my body slided off my seat and hit my head on my seat my legs did a split and I didn’t get any medical treatment. I’m experiencing insomnia and nightmares. I have also banged my head alot when I was 5 and stop then again form 9-12 then stop then 17 and never again only why I believe I did that cause I was with people that where always yelling at me.

  147. i have been having blackouts for the last 20yrs. and every doctor keeps saying theres nothing wrong. when i fall i seriously hurt myself. so becoming annoyed with doctors i did some research and found out i been having tia mini strokes. and still no doctor will look at me. i am ready to take my matter to the news media. i havee to walk with walker or scooter in fear that i will fall. my own hospital says im joking. i live in toronto and could really use anyones help for advice here. i have a family doctor but in 5yrs all he has did was check my heart. so i havent been back to him… plz help

  148. Kat pennington May 8, 2018 at 12:18 pm · Reply

    I fell swinging from a rope ,with my sister and some friends at a little creek. We always swung from the rope to go across. The rope broke on me. I was maybe 11 at the time. All i can remember is my sister helping me to my cousins where we were staying, and i woke up 3 days later. With a big headache. I never really thought alot bout it. As a kid, i got hurt alot. But i could never remember 3 or 5 grade as an adult. And i always had running ears and nose. Hard time sleeping, anxiety, depression, balance problem, vertigo, ringing in my ears, disoriented, confused at times for no reason. Memory loss. And now im older its worse.. I just wonder if i have tbi? This happened in 1960s.. I figured my head injury healed while i was sleeping.. Kids dont know.. My sister just laid me down, after she help me back. She was kid too. No blood, just scratchs, i must been ok.. I dont believe i was.

  149. Penelope Allingham May 11, 2018 at 7:40 am · Reply

    Twice as a young teenager I had head injuries / concussions that caused a total lack of consciousness. I was sent home from boarding school and spent about three weeks in bed on both occasions.
    I am now 71 and for the last ten years have occasionally been blacking out for five or ten minutes, either completely or once just losing all motor ability but still being partially conscious for over an hour.
    Every time is slightly different, sometimes I feel dizzy before passing out completely, sometimes there is no warning at all. Sometimes I vomit sometimes not. I have been diagnosed with Syncope but am always sitting down, watching a lecture or movie, having dinner with friends or just sitting on the sofa reading. Once apparently, I stopped breathing. No usual triggers. I have had been admitted to the hospital three times and had every test under the sun but nothing is ever found.
    Yesterday I had the tilt table test which I failed only after Nitroglycerine had been administered. My bp dropped but my heart rate did not increase. My MRI shows white lesions. My short term memory is terrible.
    Is it possible that there is a connection between the concussions and my current black outs?
    I am really concerned and would love some answers / suggestions. Obviously, I no longer drive, which is really inconvenient.
    Thank you.

  150. I suffered a concussion when I was ten, was playing by the pool slipped fell face down and went unconscious, only remember being in the car and asking where my dad was over and over again even though he was right in front of me in the passenger seat, mum said I’m fine since I threw up after the injury and some shit about if you throw up afterwards you’re fine, but I’ve forgotten everything before the age of ten, barely remember anything from primary school or high school, I forgot names of friends I was close with, sometimes I forget what I had for dinner the other night, I had to ask my mum to remember, I figured I was just slow when it came down to learning because I learnt it and then forgot pretty easily. But I think my concussion gave me long term affects, depression, anxiety, mild agaraphobia. I mean I was okay afterwards apparently. During primary school I wasn’t depressed I was extroverted but when I hit high school those changed drastically, I can’t even look people in the eyes AND I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY it’s just something I can’t do, I also have a huge discomfort of being touched. Idk I’m just curious, my friend thinks I’m on the autism spectrum so does my psychologist, but does autism affect memory?

  151. Stormy Belter May 22, 2018 at 1:59 am · Reply

    I can’t believe how great this site is. You keep up the good work. That’s my advice pal.

  152. Hello, December 2017 I was hit by a semi while stopped at an intersection. I do not recall getting hit, just being in the middle of the intersection a few moments later. Hospital X-rayed only soft tissue, no MRI or CAT scan. Six months later after PT, Chiropractor, still have some head pain, neck and back stiffness,moments of brain fog and some loss of words(often recalled after several minutes etc.) My PCP will be referring me to a neurologist after 6 months from accident. Any input or advice welcome, thank you.

  153. I was hit by a car right out of high school went through the windshield and flew off 100 feet landing on my back…all this is what I was told and had to write it all down. I was in a coma and in intensive care for 3 weeks, after that I had to do therapy to learn how to walk and talk again. That took about 2 years. That was many years ago, my long term memory is gone and my short term is very bad! I figured I would get memories back but no and it really is so hard to explain and no one really can relate unless it’s hapoened to them!! I cry a lot and am depressed, I have chronic back pain too! I wish I could remember everything about my past and start to remember things in the present! ?????

  154. I fell off a ladder when it fell out from under me in 2001. I hit my head on a stepping stone and fractured my temple. I woke up two days later in the hospital. This year in the past two or three months I have had black out spells along with short term memory loss. I also have daily headaches. But also it turns out I have low blood pressure. The blackouts went away for two months when I was put on medication. But they have come back even on medication. Could that fracture be part of my blackouts?

  155. My friend had a head injury 3 years ago, and is forgetting more and more and has trouble processing information. He sometimes can’t read, and forgets what you tell him 30 seconds ago. His parents and psychologist think that he’s picking and choosing when to forget stuff.

  156. I was unconscious for 24 plus hours i just resently had mri done. I have a lesion from anoxia injury moderate atrophy. Was told to call him if things get worse. But i told him I’m having memory and he isnt investigating is this normal.

  157. I was found unconscious in my home. I had moved a coworker in from work that night he had a lock on his door. We had drinks that night that he made even had straws. I wake up in hosptial in a panic thought i had been in a car attadent know one would talk to me or listen to me when i told them my arm hurt. It wasn’t till I said i couldnt move my arm and that i could breath that they did something. I then was told they had to put three small holes in my arm. Then i wake up to half my arm cut off. Was told compartment sydrome from laying on side and that i had heart attack and had stopped blood flow. Made sense to me. I was never told about the coma i had just been in. Or did i have the right sense to ask questions. You see they found me level three state of conscious been that way all night and all next day . And thry say level 51 oxgyen level. Ya crazy they never told me about serious brain injury i had just suffered because thry were the cause of it. The blood clots they gave me in my arm. I have nine pics of a unoperated arm. And blood posioning. That they missed. And they never told me about date rape drugs found in system. Told me back then it was acetaminophen. But it was my boy friend who noticed brain issues in me. And said stuff didnt add up. So I got records and see they were gaving me acetaminophen. And these date rape drugs are found in system. I will have everyone know i was so showing signs of a brain injury and they were completely ignored. I woke up and couldnt do simply things for my self like shave my legs. And now i look back and wronder what the heck. I was peeing self and crapping self while in hosptial. Just told stress not to worry. Pins and needles and numbness all down one side of my body. Told doctor this he was one of the doctors who treated me. He brushed it off said nothing they can do for me. Now i just had a mri done and i have a lesion from lack of oxgyen and my brain is shrinking medrate atrophy. Went to speicalist tell him I’m forgetting stuff. I cant speak to people I get tounge tied. And he said ya you have a anoxia injury. And that it would likely be from this time. And if i have any problems to call him. And the kicker to the whole story is only reason anyone came looking for me is because this creep came into work and said i think shannon offed herself. She was scared for my life. He was questioned by police. Not my self or the girl who was scared got questioned. And its so dasirbling the stuff about my body.

  158. Last year, May 21st of 2017…I sustained a depressed skull fracture with bone fragments Still between my skull and brain (these doctor’s took away my chance at healing by not soing the proper thing, I did not sue…I believe in God). I also had a traumatic brain injury with that. I was walking away from a conflict when I had a hammer THROWN very hard at the back of my head…a year later, severe pain when I think too much, walk to far, walk up a lot of stairs, memory loss, lathargic fatigue, depression and a lot of other things thay these doctors said would go away and it has not yet…I still even get seizures from time to time. One day I want to help millions or thousands of people who are hurt, that is my dream…but for now I am still suffering and the doctor’s never do any teats or treatments when I go and my insurance covers everything! It is insane..made me not like hospitals…God be with all people who have been hurt and recieve no help.

  159. When i was 18 months old i crawled behind an electric stove. The wire hit my chin and came out my skull. Quite a bit of brain damage and many surgeries. Ive always had issues socially and emotionally. Never been able to handle stress, flood with adrenaline when stressed and start convulsing. The accident happened 39 years ago, My memory is getting horrible. i cant stand to be around people. find it hard to get up and do dishes or even feed my cats. This has been getting worse for years but it has been a major decline in past year. I havent been to a neurologist in over a decade but feel weird asking my doctor to refer me since she probably would have if she thought necessary. She knows my full history (and pretty obvious from the deformities to my face). What should i do? Ive lived with non stop pain, depression, and many other issues but now that the years are passing should i be concerned about the speed up in what i call “expected decline range”? Should i even need to see a neurologist anymore? Since its not a very common type of injury what should i expect not just now but also in the decades to come (hopefully)?

  160. Rosanna Wickstrom September 4, 2018 at 1:16 am · Reply

    Hi when l was little my parents beat me up and my head was their punching bag. I would get very dizzy and black our a lot after. I am now married and have bumped my head a lot. I get headaches, dizzineas, and floaters really bad in my vision. Should l see a neurologist?

  161. Been wondering (a lot) lately about accidents and falls from high places (and landing “perfectly” on my head) … thanks for the info. Will have to pursue this with a medical person!!!

  162. I have noticed major differences in what’s going on in my brain lately. I suffered from 9 falls growing up (all from high places and all landing on my head!) Guess this is late life “payback” for being a rather clumsy footed kid!?!


  163. I fell off a large horse at age 18 and wasn’t wearing a helmet. I suffered multiple skull fractures, neck fracture and to this day don’t remember falling. Was unconscious over 1 hour. I had reconstructive surgery to right zygomatic, around right eye, and jaw both sides by ears and chin. Post injury, after feeling functional to go to the gym, I gave myself another concussion and I ended up in emerg. Previous to this fall I’ve had 3 or more concussions as a kid from horses. It has been 13 years since this accident and I experience confusion, brain fog, headaches, permanently lost 40% ish hearing in left ear, vertigo, struggle with major depression disorder, anxiety and odd panic attack. I find organizing tasks challenging and if I don’t write everything down as I think of it it’s all gone. I call my brain a scrambled ball of yarn unable to untangle and organize thoughts and tasks. The most frustrating thing has been chronic depression and lack of energy daily. It’s really effected my quality of life. I’ve read about neuroplasticity and how training your brain new thought processes and habits can build new neuro connections.

    Is it possible these symptoms are still related to a tbi 13 years ago? Id like to know anything that could help me get off the cycle I’ve been on to increase quality of life and develop better coping skills. I get overwhelmed my the smallest of tasks it seems. It’s been a struggle and frustrating. Also I worry about the confusion/ brain fog/ blank brain as I’ve noticed it much more these days. Ah I hope this makes some sense in a couple paragraphs.

  164. hey Andrea, Im 16 and I suffered from nearly the same exact injury and accident as you about 3 years ago, i made a full recovery and im back in sprots and thriving in school, however i started suffering from the same symptoms as you a couple weeks ago. Mine are very sever so i went to my doctor and the bloodwork and mri came back clear so i am supposed to rest a couple days and reevaluate, but im getting worse. In one of my classes there was a God moment. a ted talk was played that was covering our issue. i am currently in contact with the company and it seems to be our answe… i saw your comment yesterday and how recent it was, i figured i would let you know. the ted talk is “The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen” please watchit and reach out i feel like this is the angel weve waited for! just hoping to help both of us out a little!

  165. my nephew got hit by a car fews years back hes been having headaches and pain in his eye socket and that side of his head. he went to the hospital and they told him his brain was shrinking to call a nerosurgeon. was just wondering if anybody knows what that means his brain is shrinking.

  166. I had my first concussion in a football game when I was 15.. I hit a guy that went on and played in the he pros. I had another one from a car accident when I was 20. We flipped down an embankment. I have had a total of 5. I am getting headaches and also my vision is blurry sometimes but not sure if that is from diabetes. I am 48 now. I have very poor memory people ask me u remember this or that and I say no. I’m not sure what to do.

  167. I fell down concrete steps when I was 2 years old (something my mother just recently told within the past couple years). I was hit in the back of the head with a large rock by my sister between the ages of 9-12. I was in three car accidents, one between 4-5, one between 12-14 and one at age 18. I had a possible concussion flipping over a swing and hitting my head on the ground about age 11-16. I had a definite concussion at age 14 after falling over a soccer ball and hitting my head on the ground. I threw up six times within three hours. My last concussion was at age 20 at the start of my junior year in college. I lost consciousness for 10-30 sec, chipped a tooth (had to have a root canal), bruises on face and chin. I threw up at least once and stayed over night in the hospital. I had problems with my memory for a while after that…also when I was younger and my sister and I would be fighting, my mom would knock our heads together to make us stop. I would see stars. It’s no wonder that I don’t have good sleep quality and I have horrible short term memory (like 5 seconds).

  168. So, I had a motorcycle accident about three or so years ago (Currently 22), where I impacted my head to the pavement around 35 – 40 MPH, as I understand it I should be dead, and had minor bleeding on the brain. And it has been noted by my friends for a long time I have a hard time controlling outburst of anger, at times my speech can get slurred when I try to speak, though this is pretty rare. As well as forgetfulness and sleeplessness, if anyone can direct me the proper kind of physician to go see about something like this, so many years after please do. Ill be watching this comment for a while too come.

  169. Hi,
    I had a fall at age 11. I was told later that it resulted in a hairline fracture. I remember the day well because the President of my country died that same day. Now, 32 years later, I am worried. You see, I have done a few courses, and each time, when it was time to write an exam, I would always get anxious, to the point of not being able to pass, or barely being able to pass. It has resulted in me dropping out of school before completing the course, and of course, having to repay money for courses I never benefited from.
    Today, I am considering signing up to become a teacher, a 16-year-long desire I am hoping to bring to fruition. But, I am scared, that although it is something I have dreamt of doing for all these years, that my inability to retain information will not allow me to achieve my goal.
    My plan is to make an appointment with a neurologist and once and for all, to see whether this childhood injury has crept along life’s roadways with me into adulthood.

  170. About 8 years ago I fell face first on hard old school tile at my church and had 18 fractures in my left eye orbit and a brain bleed, sadly they could not reach and fix all of the fractures, so I have limited range of motion in my left eye. The incident was accompanied by daily headaches and light sensitivity. After reading all of your informative posts, I am seeing a lot of the things you all are experiencing in myself, quick to anger, headaches, difficulty remembering certain things, random vertigo, random nausea(usually when I first wake up or when I can’t get to sleep), speech issues, my emotions can be a bit out of whack, I have some speech issues every now and then, like I try to say a sentence and it takes me a couple tries to get the words right. I never really thought about most of these and now I am starting to worry a bit.

  171. I’ve always suspected my severe TBI from age 14 changed me. It was 1987, so there was not much knowledge about long term effects. I had other concussions and have ended up with self-awareness difficulties but have over compensated for most of my deficits except for my social skills and work relationships. This pattern has led me to advocate loudly for myself because I’m so determined to be a good employee and to be involved in my community, but my difficulties keep pushing me back. Recently lost another job because I was too detail oriented as I sought to be sure to understand things well. It caused animosity. I finally spoke with a physiatrist TBI specialist who told me to get my records. I was also sent for neuropsychology testing but the psychologist ended up dismissing my PMH of severe TBI in his report. He specialized in criminal psychology, so it upset me that he seemed to think I was fabricating the story. Unfortunately my records have been destroyed though. I’ve suffered for years from the social adjustment problems and have low self esteem as a result of being ridiculed and mistreated because I don’t get things,I don’t get jokes. This was particularly bad at one job where the enviro was hostile. My cognitive communication testibg was fine, but that neuropsychologist never commented on executive functioning deficits. These seem to be the biggest problems for me. The TBI specialist physiatrist said not getting jokes or missing social queues is a hallmark. I get frustrated by my inability to get organized and feel as if everything is slipping away. I’ve moved several times in duress, been in a lawsuit (the person was predatory), been duped by several boyfriends, and in general have made questionable decisions, so I now use what I call my “circle of trust” friends to help me with decisions. I get frustrated by my poor time management and forgetfulness, but I am determined to find ways to improve. I am however, having a hard time validating my medical history since the hospital destroyed the records. There are photos my dad took showing the extensive swelling from the TBI – my head was the size of a pumpkin- but I lost the photos. I
    Would like to know how or if damage from a severe TBI can be detected on imaging. Not being able to prove the accident happened has hindered my ability to get work accommodations set up to help me perform and prevent the harassment I tend to get at work for being who I am. I’m 45 now and painfully aware of my awkwardness, but my propensity to be detailed oriented has helped me in my profession up until now. I chose chemistry and then Pharmacy for that reason, to have clear rules and regulations to follow. Problem is that job market is competitive and I’ve been runoff by employers trying to bend the rules.
    Thank you for your assistance.

  172. Hello,
    I am a Former Army Spouse. My ex-husband & I got married while he was on R & R from Iraq in February 2007. He returned home for good in September 2007. Shortly after returning we got Stationed at Fort Benning. After arriving at Fort Benning I noticed a change in him. He started physically abusing my oldest son & I (who was his step-son). We had to call the MP’s several times because the abuse kept getting worse. We even seeked counseling but nothing seemed to help. After PCSing to Fort Riley in December of 2008 things got even worse. He was putting me in choke holds, trying to suffocate me, trying to slit my throat, hitting me in the head, stomach & anywhere else he could. He would also throw me across the room because he was very strong. Finally in August of 2009 the Army discharged him after he had been diagnosed with PTSD. We moved to another town in Kansas because we are originally from Kansas anyways. There were times I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it out alive because of the abuse. Finally in August of 2011 I split with him and we divorced in 2012. I moved to my parents house with my oldest son because my ex-husband somehow gained custody of our youngest son. Things at my parents house were great except for me having severe anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, eating disorders, and forgetting a lot of things. For example I would go into the kitchen to cook supper and I would forget why I even was in the kitchen or I would misplace something because I couldn’t remember where I had put it. In January of 2012 we moved to the town we are currently living in. I started having grand-mal seizures after moving here (which was strange because I had never in my life had a seizure before). After doing tests on me the Doctor determined that I was going to keep having seizures unless he put me on meds for it. So that’s what he did. To this day I still have seizures and at the time I was diagnosed with having seizures I had asked the Doctor if it was possible that being abused had caused it. He told me it could have since the abuse was very bad. I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this problem? I mean the abuse started back in 2007 and lasted until 2011. Could I possibly have a TBI that hasn’t been diagnosed? I’m still having trouble sleeping, memory loss, depression, severe anxiety and of course seizures.

  173. Andrew WIS Napholz February 23, 2019 at 8:23 pm · Reply

    Hey y’all. I’m from Milwaukee. I played 5 sports. Hockey and football in highschool. I had 16 concussions by age 16. I also got hit in the head with a wooden swing late at night my cousin flew the swing down the hill I was at the bottom looking for some ones glasses (lost) and was unconscious for 15 minutes. Then had the rest of my concussions in football and hockey. At age 18 my best friend beat me over the head with a mini baseball ball 45 separate hits. I somehow faught him out of my garage and my dad drove my to the ER. I experience headaches once a day. From age 16 I had a drug addiction. Age 22 to 26 were the worst years I had to go to the ER once a month for a migraine and always on holidays or the night before. Parents hated that, nothing I could do and they understood they could see the vomit and the commotion. My brain is ever more improving believe it or not. I take over 15 recommended dosages for every health vitamin, 3 including brain health and mood health, like St. Jon’s wort, and Chlorine, Walmart cognitive vitamin. Just at a chance that it may help and it actually has. I started taking a vision health vitamin at Walmart and now my new perscription worked but now I’m starting to see better without my glasses some days and some days with my glasses on for a long period of time they become fuzzy on blurry. And my glasses won’t even work some days I’ll have to use just my terrible stigmatism but now I’m having the opposite effect I can’t see without my glasses. For ten years my stigmatism has increased. One eye was more worse then the other but this year at age 31 my eyes have equivalent stigmatism. All the depression medicine and mood pills they shoved down my throat if you know what I mean, do not work for any bipolar depressed kid ever. Instead I’ve seen a tremendous amount of happiness developed in taking mood health vitamins at Walmart like St Jon’s wort, or theanine. Thats the only method to treat bipolar depression. Mood health vitamins not drugs!!! So inconclusively I still have mood swings but I’m happy all 24 hours for 6 months straight and in March 9th will be 7 months sober for me. I am on supervised Methadone dosing at a comprehensive treatment clinic and ill always be battling addiction in one form or another. But taking the supplements and if I exercised a little more I’d be feeling the best I’ve ever felt, except for my confidence is pretty low. But I am ever more interested in Audio books and information gathering in every and any topic, wanting to learn any and everything there is. Wanting to learn anything, it’s a feeling I haven’t had since I was 10. I have advanced memory I can remember every single detail to every and anything in my life that has ever happened. I can remember 10 phone numbers of friends in freshman year highschool like it was yesterday. Even down to 4 years old, concurring with my parents and grandparents. I might be having advanced memory now and could lose it later in life, lifes a mystery. Always try and better your brain health, supplements and vitamins, simply can’t hurt and it may only 50% chance that it even gets absorbed. Blood pressure is a big reason for migraines, that and hydration. Sometimes an additional blood pressure pill very small amount may be all you need to desolve a migraine. And melatonin and and Walmart vitamin valerian root sleep support helps me sleep. I also find taking an hour nap mid day solves everything if you can fit one in. Amitriptyline can prevent migraines and I take 75 mg nightly, it can relax a trigular nerve in the face to prevent migraines. Hope this helped and sorry I was all over the place. Remember supplements and vitamins mood and brain and sleep support. A new memory foam pillow and bed is worth it, A good night sleep helps anybody. AJ Napholz @ Waukesha, WI

  174. TRESSY Jean AUSTIN March 4, 2019 at 5:29 pm · Reply

    Four years ago, I slipped and fell off my driveway and injured my left ankle real bad and I am still in pain afterward, could that be coded as a fractured?

  175. Cheryl J Isaacs March 15, 2019 at 12:13 pm · Reply

    I am 69 years old. I fell out of a tree on to some huge boulders when I was 4. It knocked my upper teeth up into my gums. My parents took me to the hospital and after they pulled my teeth out of my gums, they took me home to recuperate. I was on the couch for the rest of the summer (2 months.) I never figured out why I didn’t spend any time in the hospital. Anyway, I’ve had problems my whole life with depression, anxiety, concentration, judgement was not as it should’ve been. I made a lot of serious bad decisions that affected my life and not for the better. I’ve had migraines my who life. I started developing neck, head, and back problems as an adult. I appreciated reading about TBI because I didn’t start telling my doctors until recently. It certainly answers a lot of questions.
    Thank you everyone for the information.

  176. Sharon Hamilton May 4, 2019 at 11:49 pm · Reply

    17 years ago I fell down some stairs and was not found until the morning. (40 yrs old at the time) In addition to many broken bones, I also suffered a Moderate Traumatic Brain injury. I am incredibly lucky and have recovered quite well until lately. I teach 6th grade and have really been struggling with my brain working at an acceptable speed. I often say one number and write a different one. I say the wrong things, and sometimes use words aren’t the ones I need. In addition, I feel like everything takes me longer, organization is sometimes an issue. Is this just me being me growing older, or is a result of my TBI?? Sometimes I feel like I am really losing it

    Thank you SO much!!

  177. Ive been in a abuse relationship for 16 yrs I’m 33 yrs old I have had beatings to my head a broken nose and so on I’ve been feeling all the systems of a concussion can that be because of the blows to my head. I don’t know what else it could be

  178. Robert Phillips June 6, 2019 at 7:27 am · Reply

    Hi Concussion people. Up untill a little over 2yrs ago l had the most amazing memory Sharp as a tac. Could remember conversations, times & months & yrs when the holy spirit had spoken to me. Bible scriptures, books, chapters & verses. My memory was Gods incredible gift to me.

    Then in May as previously mentioned l was T-boned in my Ford utility on the drivers side. Went to hospital as l was completely knocked out cold. Seven days after the accident l was in the Lawyers Office. I was being interviewed by two lovely female lawyers. I was asked who my Dr. was. I didnt know. I couldn’t remember his name. 2nd question, what suburb did he have his practice, l couldn’t remember.

    I just broke down in tears. My wonderfull memory wasn’t functioning the way it used to. These past 2yrs my memory has slowly been going backwards.
    Cant find words, l know there in there. Sometimes there on the tip of my tounge, like l am close to retrieving them…. then my mind goes blank.

    Cant remember peoples names, sometimes it takes me days to remember just one word, seven days is the longest time thus far. Other times l am talking to friends & my mind just goes completely blank. And l lose what my conversation was about & have to ask them what l was talking about. Recently l found myself going thru the self checkout at the supermarket…. couldn’t recall a few names of some of the vegies & so l had to ask somebody close by.

    I was at the pilates (clinical) physio about 3 weeks back & l was unable to remember one of the exercises, & so l went up to the physio to ask him how to do the exercise.
    So he asked me to share with him, guess what, there was no words in my head so l could explain it to him. I tried different approaches to scan my brain, nothing came up, just completely blank.

    Going for my 3rd Neurophysiology appointment in a few weeks in 2yrs. A physiologists who l have been seeing for about 9 months & a memory clinic all over these comming 3-4weeks.

    This past 1-1/2 weeks l couldn’t remember how to open my Dyson Vacum Cleaner to empty it. So for those of you who are navigating thru similar struggles.

    My heart goes out to you all.

    Robert (Australia)

  179. I sustained a TBI in a car accident when I was 17 in 1964. I had a photographic memory before the accident. When I was in my early twenties, I had my first experience of blanking out while I was driving my car. I didn’t remember where I was, where I was going and why I was going there. It only last about a minute so I didn’t worry about it. My memory loss became significant by the time I was 35 so I went to a psychologist but was prescribed a mood stabilizing drug (Xanax) which I only took twice. By the time I was 42, I was unable to remember new information enough to keep a good job so I had no way to save for my retirement. I have been to several specialists but they all gave me drugs to relieve stress, saying that would restore my memory. Finally, one of them reviewed my entire health history and determined my declining memory and cognitive abilities are from the TBI. At 72, I estimate I only have about 15% of my original memory capacity. I cant keep a thought in my head for more than a few seconds. I have an appointment with the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Brain Center in August and am hoping to get some help but I don’t know what they’ll be able to do to rebuild my neurotransmitters which I hope will restore some of my memory capacity. I am going to try to find contact information for Dr. Gupta and ask for suggestions. Good luck to you all.

  180. Greg (2nd post),

    I’m not a Doctor/therapist.

    Many combat vet suffer the symptoms you discribe.

    Sleep paralysis is a common problem. The off the corner of the eye shadowy creatures tend to occur more with stressful events.

    Audio hallucinations could also be related to sleep paralysis or perhaps disturbing memories playing back during anxiety attacks.

    Self awareness of the precursors are the best way to take control, if at all possible, in order to self regulate.

    Magnesium is very helpful to reducing symptoms of anxiety, if it works for you. Tinnitus sufferers report better coping abilities with magnesium.

    If/when you have tinnitus it is critical to listen to it no matter how stressful until you can memorize the algorithm like a song you can remember. Eventually it will normalize in a less that anxious background. You may learn to use tinnitus as a sleep aid as I have. High peaks of emotional distress coupled with audio accustical trauma makes it incredibly easier to get.

    The key is to always try to learn something new. Learning mode tends to bypass symptoms.

    Alcohol & caffeine should be avoided. Orange lensed glasses can induce sleep without any side effects to help with sleeping.

    Best of luck Greg.
    – Avid

  181. My name is Randy I had a truck fell on my head thay said I was lucky to be a live thay did cat scan 2 time after my the truck fell on my head now a year later now my right eye hurts all the time now and I stay kinda dizzy don’t gevme wrong it scares me and my neck hurts from time to time what could bee goin I have no seen a doc for it got me worrying.

  182. When I was 13 (I’m 60 now} I slipped and fell while standing in a river bed. My head hit the rocks and snapped back, I felt a sensation in my head that I can only describe as a “whirlpool”. While i didn’t lose consciousness, I was extremely woozy, and it felt like fluid was swishing around in my head. The next several months were a nightmare. I never told my parents, or anyone else about the accident, as I was a kid, and didn’t know how to express myself as to what happened. I felt this constant tightness inside my head like a tight headband pressing down. It felt like my head was continually filling with fluid. it was torturous for me, but I continued to keep this to myself, and never told anyone. it took about a year before i began to feel like i was getting back to normal.
    Years later i began to have episodes of PTSD, in which i would relive the accident in my mind, and the aftereffects. I would often start to feel the symptoms again, but still i didn’t mention any of this to my doctor, not wanting to relive the accident.After one particularly bad episode a few years ago, i finally told my doctor and therapist about my childhood accident. To make sure there was nothing physically wrong, an MRI was done, which showed cerebral atrophy. (Whether there’s a connection between the accident and the atrophy is not known} The neurologists have been unable to tell me what happened physiologically to me years ago, leading me to conclude that each TBI is different and unique. I still struggle with PTSD, anxiety and brain fog
    Thanks for reading, and if any of you have had a similar experience, please let me know

  183. 15 years ago I was struck with a large fire extinguisher while being robbed. I was hit so hard that it split my artery open on my left frontal lobe, and fractured my jaw. After a long recovery, I found over the past 10 years I cannot make new memories easily. I can remember everything from childhood until then. I have also noticed my anxiety, PTSD, and depression have sky rocketed over the past 8 years. I’m also very forgetful and sometimes clumsy. My sensitivity to light has been increasing, headlights and street lights look like they have tails. Definitely time to see a doctor.

  184. At age 24, I am now 65, i was pushed into an outside air conditioning unit by my then husband. All I remember is then being in the infirmary and told to not go to sleep for the next 24 hrs. Next I remember being in bed and the husband going into the next room. I don’t remember anything after that. Back then no one called it a “TBI” at least not in the army. My children complained that I forgot words and stopped in mid-sentence. My oldest daughter learned to finish my sentences and we just laughed about it. But now it no longer funny. And I wondering if I can be believed by the medical community and get help. I have other symptoms from sleep walking and falling recently from medication the doctors had given me, but that has not been addressed. I feel lost, abandoned by my doctors and the system, and I don’t know what to do. It took going to the hospital for another reason for me to get help with my speech. And then it stopped when I was sent home.

  185. Fell down a set of stairs when I was 7, and hit a wall and cut my head open down to the skull. I’m in my late 50s now and my memory is getting worse, plus suffered from anxiety and depression for years. Is this due to head I jury?

  186. I had a bicycle wreck when i was about 9 yrs old. I got slung over the handle bars and went about 20 feet in the air and landed on my forehead i was knocked unconscious for about an hour. When i came to i had a cartoon knot over my left eye. Still have it today and im 49. I had a motorcycle wreck and hit a tree with my nose at around 35 mph. I was not knocked out and didn’t go to the doctor till 3 days later. I was out of my mind for those three days and now im suffering with severe neck pain hard time with my memory depressed anxious screwed up sleep patterns and VERY BAD TEMPER. But i wrote this all by myself

  187. Question, so when I was 18. I had head injury at work. And at the time, I was forgetting stuff. And well I went to the doctor and they couldn’t find anything. But I was forgetting peoples names. But because I was young and dum. I got a lawyer. But didn’t continue with the process because it was a long process. Specially when your young. And know I’m 26 and I forgot a lot. Super bad memory. Most like there nothing I can do right ? Just making sure, cause obviously it was my fault for not doing anything about. But if there is let me know. Thank you

  188. Hi. I had a brick bounced of my head when I was 7, I did not loose contentious but I know I didn’t feel very well after for a few days, unfortunately I was not treated for the head injury I’m now 43 and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’m starting to wonder if my head injury has caused my disability.

    • Hi Angie:
      When I was 7, I had a rock thrown at me. Hit me in the right forehead, (still have a lump there). Ever since that injury, I have memory loss, my past life since then has been pretty much a fog. Also, I was not capable of learning new things, which has effected my job performances my whole life. Before being hit with that rock my memory of my life from about 4-7 years of age is very clear. My guess, the hit and my memory loss, and other cognitive depletions are connected.

  189. I had a car accident ,in 1967 drafted into the service in 1972.Lost consciousness for around 30 minutes in 1967 . I am now 72 in 2021. Is it possible to have sleep apnea from the concussion. And now have memory and brain fog. I was thrown through the windshield and have anxiety, depression and other things. The V.A. Kind of ignores the issue. Just wondering can this latest development be caused by my t.b.i.

  190. I had a brain tumor in 1972 followed by radiation therapy. After all these years I have balance issue and memory loss. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

  191. Hi, i had a motorcycle accident in 1982 when I was 27 years old. My accident was quite volatile due to my head bouncing off the pavement and hitting the bottom of the car. From what my mother told me, my vitals ceased to work because my heart stopped quite a few times (7 – 10) going to the hospital and while I was in the hospital. I am blessed to still be alive today. I have chronic headaches and anxiety. I am still trying to piece together that day due to no memory of the accident but I am getting help finally. I want to ear from anybody that has or had an accident like mine. Thanks, Dwayne

  192. Matthew Fisher August 2, 2022 at 4:30 pm · Reply

    Ok, 1979 I was struck by a car crossing the street after Dad dropped me off at the bus stop. He drove on and saw it coming and watched in horror as his 9 year old Son got hit and throw him 60 feet head first into the base of a telephone pole. This also broke my right femur. I was unconscious for 3 days at the ER. I have never remembered that morning and still can’t 43 years later, I barely remember waking and the first few days there on. The entire left side of my skull was fractured, but there was no report of brain injury or damage at the time. Mind you, 1979 is what I consider the dark ages of medicine. There was but one MRI machine available in all of New England at the time. So I went through the rest of my childhood and adulthood perfectly fine, until about 20 years ago. Migraines haunt me often, and Tinnitus is unignorable at times, I’ve lost a considerable amount of hearing as well. The peculiar thing is, I still have a contusion or “scar tissue” on the RIGHT frontal lobe. I’m told that the impact sent my brain slamming into the right side of my skull, or at least that’s what is hypothesized. I’ve suffered strange flashes in my head from time to time when I’m dozing off to sleep, it’s like someone operating an old camera flash cube while eyes are closed is the best description. It’s been a while since one of those episodes, months perhaps, I can’t remember. Nobody was ever able to explain that, not one Neurologist. Question: how long does scar tissue on the brain remain? And is it that or is my brain constantly battling something? Because I believe the scar tissue is bigger than it was from my first images until now. Any input is welcomed, thank you

  193. I was struck in the head in October 1970 when the bank I managed was violently robbed and a fellow employee killed. I had no side effects until during the mid 1990’s, I noticed that my memory had slowed sharpened and now at aged 82, I am fortunate to say it’s good. I have been searching outside the doctor’s office for an answer since around mid 90’s. I do ingest many vitamins and supplements daily including Ginko, but wonder: Am I a rare case that instead being mentally deficient due to the injury, my memory has gone the other way or are the supplements responsible?

  194. Hi 25 years ago I had a fall and hit my head .I must have passed out because I don’t remember any pain to my head .That night I ended up having two black eyes and there was blood over my face .From that day I had exstene balance problems and couldn’t lay on my right side because I would have severe motion spinning which was very scary to me .My balance problems got better but not 100% but after 25 years I still can’t lay o my right side .It is the worse feeling in the world. I have had CT Scan done and nothing showed so I lived with this for so long .I am still trying to get a diagnosis made .I am 66 years old now and just want for a doctor to listen and help me so I can live thd rest of my life not fearing this spinning sensation .I don’t even know how to explain this awful feeling .

  195. Ryan Woltering June 13, 2023 at 4:02 pm · Reply

    Some of y’all are ridiculous. Oh at 7 months I was dropped oh I fell off my bicycle that’s why I’m screwed up. I mean really? I have a tbi split my skull in half broke every rib and 7 vertebrae when I hit a concrete pylon at 80 mph. Experience that them come back and see what’s what. I carry a notebook around cause I have no short term anymore. Of course we live in the land of im a victim. Everyone is so weak now days.

  196. I was a timber cutter. March 1999 I was just standing near a tree when the wind shook a dead, seasoned limb from my have no idea how high. Struck my hard hat with absolutely no warning/sound on the left side about a 1½ hand widths above the left eye. Had to be pumped full of steroids for a week to allow the swelling to subside enough to put me back together. Crushed forehead. Broken eye sockets; the left one so bad that it could only me glued back together like a jigsaw puzzle on a mesh made to fit the eye socket. Broken nose. Right and left cheek plate both broken and the left one was broken through the jaw which also caused the loss of 4 teeth. I noticed things sometimes….short temper…confusion….sudden loud noises can trigger a reaction, so I assume I have PTSD.

    I am blessed to be alive because so seriously don’t see how anyone could survive an accident like that. Grace!

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