Infographic: How to stop your child’s nosebleed

Infographic: How to stop your child’s nosebleed

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  1. Cute design on the infographic! These are definitely some helpful tips on how to stop nose bleeding.

  2. Lynn Hutley

    Between myself as a child and my son, I’ve spent a fair amount of time squeezing the bridge of a nose. Works very well!

  3. The infograph says to squeeze the boney part of the nose for five minutes, but the text of the article says to squeeze under the boney part. Which is correct? BTW, the girl in the picture seems to be squeezing at the lowest point of her nose, and Lynn H. mentions squeezing the bridge of the nose..

  4. I recommend packing the nostril with a tissue for 5 minutes. This is easier than holding/pinching the child’s nose and avoids the issue as to where to pinch.
    You’re welcome.

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