How ginger can help you stay well

How ginger can help you stay well

It can be bitter but powerful or soothing and effective – ginger.

While popular for seasoning food, ginger has been used for centuries as a healing mechanism for many ailments. It also has a potent immunity booster and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dr. Adeshola Ezeokoli, an internal medicine physician with Advocate Medical Group at Advocate Trinity Hospital in Chicago, believes in the power of ginger.

“Ginger can do so many things,” she says. “It can help with gas, nausea, stomach problems, and it is commonly known as something that has many health benefits.”

Here are four ways to use ginger to cure common ailments:

  • Sickness: A sip of ginger tea can sooth the throat and help relieve cold symptoms.
  • Digestive problems: Ginger contains carminative, a substance that helps prevent the formation of gas from the digestive system. It is also effective in treating stomach pain from eating a food that does not agree with you.
  • Sinuses: Spring brings flowers and warmer weather. It also brings higher pollen counts and misery for sinus suffers. According to the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy, ginger is capable of inhibiting mucus secretion. Place ginger in a pot and breathe over it while it is boiling or dip a hand towel in warm ginger tea and place it on top of your sinuses (forehead or cheekbones) while you lie down.
  • Nausea: Motion sickness symptoms such as, the feeling of dizziness, nausea and cold sweating can be avoided by a little bit of ginger root. It has also been known to benefit pregnant women when they feel indigestion and morning sickness.

However, Dr. Ezeokoli cautions that ginger is not a cure-all.

“If you use ginger for your stomach and you are still feeling pain, a higher dose of ginger may not prove helpful,” she says. “You should see your physician as it may be more serious, but for something like indigestion or if you feel like a cold is coming your way, it can be a good first step to help boost your immune system.”

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  1. Whenever my stomach gets upset, I eat some candied ginger or drink natural ginger ale. It always helps! Thanks for sharing these benefits.

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