Warning: This beverage may affect both men and women’s fertility

Warning: This beverage may affect both men and women’s fertility

Drinking even one sugary drink a day may negatively affect your fertility.

That’s according to recent research published in the journal Epidemiology. Study authors surveyed nearly 4,000 women between the ages of 21-45 and 1,045 of their male partners, interviewing participants about medical history, diet and lifestyle choices.

Researchers found that female participants who consumed one or more sodas daily had a 25 percent lower likelihood to conceive, and male participants who consumed one or more sodas daily had a 33 percent lower likelihood to conceive with their partner. They also noted an even greater negative effect on fertility when the sugary beverage consumed was an energy drink.

“While we routinely link sugar-sweetened beverage consumption to a plethora of medical problems, this article suggests both male and female fertility can also be impacted for those who consume at least one such beverage a day,” says Dr. Melissa Dennis, OB/GYN with Advocate Medical Group.

“More research is needed before making any final determinations regarding sugar-sweetened beverages and fertility, but this article certainly supports the thought that overall good health is important for both partners when trying to conceive. This includes focusing on a healthy diet, exercising and enjoying sugar-sweetened beverages in moderation. “

Dr. Dennis encourages you to speak with your physician about any concerns you may have. Need a doctor? Find an OB/GYN near you.

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  1. So correlation *does* equal causation. Who knew?

  2. This study in no way proves that the consumption of beverages with sugar causes lower fertility. Nonetheless, America’s beverage companies are offering more choices than ever with less sugar and calories. In fact, 48 percent of all non-alcoholic beverages purchased today have no sugar, and 60 percent of new brands and flavors hitting the market are low- or no-calorie drinks.

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