Health care heroes: A strong leader

Health care heroes: A strong leader

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic began and demanding challenges arose, Dr. John Falkenholm, pharmacy operations manager at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, was praised for his strong leadership.

For over 20 years, John went above and beyond to protect the health and well-being of patients all while supporting his team members.

When COVID-19 upended the workflow across the department, hospital and nation, John faced challenging situations with ease, working tirelessly to physically obtain and deliver medications that were scarce, but critical for the treatment of patients.

“I have worked alongside John for more than 12 years and can always count on him as a great resource,” says Dr. Amina George. “We most value his commitment and support for the team which enables us to provide for our patients despite the circumstances.”

With his industry knowledge and relationships with pharmacy colleagues across the nation, John works one step ahead by surveying resources, medications, raising supply chain issues and providing guidance on how to avoid disruption in patient safety and care.

“During this unprecedented time, everyone is facing challenges they did not anticipate,” John says. “Leading a team of seven, it’s my responsibility to ensure they feel confident in the care they are providing and that we don’t forget to take care of each other.”

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  1. John is an outstanding team member!

  2. John is ALWAYS a team player! Great to work with….well-deserved praise.

  3. John has been very effective in resourcing our limited options during this pandemic. Providing much needed inhaled medications via MDI to support our patient care, when the supply is being drained due to the demand of others. John and his team insured we have the medication supplies we need to care for our patients.

  4. Karen Osmanski May 5, 2020 at 2:46 pm · Reply

    My husband is an oncology patient and when his oncologist prescribed a medication that insurance would not pay for, John stepped, worked with the pharmacist and found a solution. In this stressful time of Covid and cancer, we appreciate Johns dedication to helping others.

  5. I worked many years with John at Lutheran General Hospital before I retired last year. He was always hard working and a true pleasure to work with! He is a kind and wonderful person!!

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