Your dog loves you, but is loving them good for you?

Your dog loves you, but is loving them good for you?

Coming home to your canine wagging its tail can instantly make your day. Being a dog parent comes with some responsibilities, but the unconditional love your canine shows you can make you feel pretty great. Having a constant companion doesn’t hurt either, especially during the pandemic.

But did you know having a dog can have health benefits, too? The possible emotional benefits of a hanging around a hound are well-documented—it can help you relieve stress, lower anxiety and even reduce feelings of loneliness. Some studies have even shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure levels and reduced risk of death.

In fact, dogs are even brought to hospitals to visit patients to provide a much-needed dose of familiarity and joy. The team at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton even gets calls from physicians for a dog to stop by a patient’s room.

“These dogs really benefit the health and well-being of our patients, their families and our team members,” said Catherine Buehler, who oversees the volunteer program at Aurora Grafton who are certified in animal-assisted therapy. “Every day those dogs are walking down the hall, people feel calmer.”

In a hospital setting, seeing a dog can evoke a sense of calm and familiarity. Volunteers with certified pups check in with nurses on various floors to see who might enjoy saying hello to a furry companion. Petting and talking to a dog can provide an emotional boost for patients. And, for many patients who feel a loss of control, being able to show love to a dog during their stay helps them feel empowered and safe.

The pros of having a pup at home go beyond just emotional well-being. Having a dog can help you stay more active and keep you moving. Some physical therapists even use dogs to help people work on their mobility.

So give Rover or Fido an extra squeeze today—and make sure to take a long walk together. You’ll both feel healthier and happier.

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  1. Donna Cahill May 3, 2021 at 1:28 pm · Reply

    I agree with everything that is contained in the article regarding the benefits of owning a puppy. All the benefits you listed in your article pertain one hundred percent with my puppy Belle and me. If I didn’t have her I don’t know how I
    would have gotten threw this past year.

  2. If I didn’t have my pups and my fosters I don’t know how I
    would have gotten threw this past years . Life is better with animals. Please ADOPT !DON T SHOP ! SPAY AND NEUTER !

  3. Cat lovers unite! Cats are also a benefit to their owners.

  4. There are numerous studies out there for the human/ animal bond. It is beneficial for care and serotonin

  5. We love our dog so much in my family, I take her (Katrina the Yorkie) to Target!!!

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