What do men really think of your high heels?

What do men really think of your high heels?

Fashion or comfort? There seems to be two types of women: those who love to wear fashionable high heels and those who prefer their comfortable flats. But how do men respond to women in high heels?

For the first time ever, researchers answer this question in a recent study, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

”Women’s heel size exerts a powerful effect on men’s behavior,” said the study’s author, Nicolas Gueguen, a behavioral science researcher, in the report.

The findings show that men’s helpfulness increased along with the height of the heels a woman was wearing. Women were different though. On the contrary, heel height had no influence on other women’s willingness to help.

Whether shoes are sexy or not, Dr. Dave Charnota, a podiatrist at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Ill., warns that safety and comfort should come first when choosing shoes for the day. High heels can also be dangerous, he adds.

“The change in gait and unnatural position of the foot in the shoes can provide instability in the ankle and mid-foot regions, leading to injuries such as sprains, strains and fractures,” says Dr. Charnota.

He recommends that women choose their shoes for the day based on how much walking they will do.

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  1. I’ve got to say that I’m a stickler for high heels. What an interesting study. Thanks Lisa for writing about the topic.

  2. Thanks Linnea-you are very fashionable. I love fashion too, but have to admit, I am more into comfort when it comes to shoes…

  3. Hi Lisa, I agree with Linnea i’m a huge fashionist. I love my heels. The higher the better most times foregoing comfort for cute! I will be an old lady wearing 8 inch heels LOL!

  4. Judith A. Carlson March 4, 2015 at 12:09 pm · Reply

    I used to model high-heeled shoes when I was in my teens (I’m now 73). I wore them every work day during my working years and could even run in them. I stopped wearing them only after I had a cerebellar ischemic event 7 years ago that left me with residual primary vertigo, so high heels weren’t exactly contributing to my stability while walking. I have no foot problems, no back problems, but I always made sure the shoes fit, alternated among different shapes of toe boxes, and they were always comfortable. I do miss them!

  5. Kate Eller

    I have had some of my most painful blisters and sore feet from flats, so I think it is more the quality of the shoe than the height of the heel. However, I’ve sworn off sky high heels!

  6. Of course a flat shoe is more comfortable depending on the type of shoe. Some flat shoes can be just as bad as high heels, because some shoes can be hard with little or no cushion or support. It is important for a women to choose a good study shoe with good support no matter if heel is high or flat. I must say that a stylist high heel does a women justice.

  7. Vanessa, you will most certainly not be an 80 year old woman wearing high heels. Your feet will be far too messed up by then! High heels do so many unnatural and damaging things to feet. Some women can get away with wearing them longer than others, but no one can wear them frequently or longterm without trouble. I hope your feet hold out until you are 80+. 🙂
    (Also, there is a reason little old ladies wear “sensible shoes”- at that age, and even at much younger ages, heels cause falls and then hip fractures or wrist fractures or spine fractures, and that is a downward spiral of disability for many older folks. Actually, I have treated many teens and 20 somethings who have sprained or even fractured ankles and feet from wearing high heels, especially if drinking and/or dancing. Just be smart. 🙂 )

  8. I have seen so many women slip and fall who decide to wear heels to a bar especially in the winter when there is ice on the ground. SMH..although they look nice. I think safety comes first.

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