From the Marine Corps to the COVID-19 front lines

From the Marine Corps to the COVID-19 front lines

“I am exhausted – physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Those words from Jon Jandrin echo what so many people are feeling right now.

As an ICU nurse at Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay involved in the direct and compassionate care of some of the community’s sickest COVID-19 patients, Jandrin understands those feelings more than most.

“This is certainly a special population, and a population with such significant uncertainty,” he says. “These patients are extremely sick, and each hour of the day, there is constant change with them.”

And sometimes, the change is rapid.

“You leave at the end of your shift and the patient was doing well, looking like they are getting closer to move out of the ICU, and when you return in the morning, they had taken 10 steps backwards… It is heartbreaking.”

Jandrin’s passion for the medical profession began after serving in the Marine Corps and serving overseas, expressing a deep gratitude for the individuals who care for  deployed soldier. After returning to the states, Jandrin attended the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh to obtain a degree in athletic training, and then later went on to earn his nursing degree from Rasmussen College.

But never in his 10 years in the medical field did he ever imagine he’d be on the front lines during a pandemic. And he’s finding ways to make the most of it while providing impactful care to his patients.

“These patients need us, and they need us because they cannot have the ones that love them so much here with them as they struggle through this,” he says. “We as the nurses need to step in to be their ‘family’ when they cannot have that person here.”

Speaking of family, keeping perspective is one of the things that keeps Jon going.

“I miss my wife and children and family, as we are working so much right now. I hardly have time to see them all, but my family understands because they know that these patients need us. I have been through so many challenges in my life, I try to remember that things could be worse for me.”

As the father of three – including an infant – he has hopes that he can get back to seeing more of his family. And soon.

But to get there, he knows that the public cannot give up yet.

“While I know this has been a challenge for all of us, small sacrifices we make now will truly help to create a change in what is going on. I want for this to end just as much as the next person,” Jandrin says. “I would love not to have to wear a mask everywhere, but I know that this will protect the ones I love and the ones that are compromised.”

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  1. Thank you for your tireless care you give to your patients knowing how much of a sacrifice it is to you and your family. Please know that all you do is so greatly appreciated.

  2. I am so proud of you. As your mother, I see how you care for your family and know your patients are receiving the same care from you. We are here for you!

  3. God love you Jon! Stay strong. We appreciate you and the AAH team for all that you do every day trying to heal our sick loved ones during these dark times of this COVID-19 pandemic.

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