Her team members helped her get through the pandemic

Her team members helped her get through the pandemic

The increase in production and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is fostering a positive outlook on a global scale. With increased COVID-19 studies and trials, the disease continues to be better understood by medical professionals.

As the Aurora BayCare Medical Center research team fights on the pandemic’s frontlines and advocates for further research in COVID-19 studies, Lori McElrone, manager of clinical research for multispecialty-neuroscience and oncology at Aurora BayCare, said she is experiencing COVID-19 fatigue. Her personal life hasn’t been easy during the pandemic, especially when caring for her elderly mother.

“My mother is the one who inspired me to go into the medical field,” McElrone said. “She’s the strongest, most selfless woman I know. The pandemic’s been especially hard on her.”

Not only has her personal life been challenging, her professional life hasn’t been easy either. Her team is currently leading several studies across all hospital departments, including the Aurora COVID-19 clinical trial for patients with severe COVID-19-related pneumonia. The hospital has been a true leader in treating patients with coronavirus, she said.

“My team and I are thrilled to be a part of this change — now and in the future,” said McElrone. “Research and vaccine development is a key force in getting us back to normal.”

As one of only 40 health care sites nationwide and the only hospital in Wisconsin participating in the Auxora COVID-19 clinical trial, Aurora BayCare continues to contribute research to the medical community on Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, or ARDS, the most severe type of COVID-19 pneumonia.

When asked about her experience managing the study and involvement in COVID-19 patient care, she credits the success to her fellow team members.

“I continuously witness the amazing care my peers give day in and day out,” McElrone said. “The team repeatedly goes above and beyond to not only assure their patients are given the best care but also to ensure family members of hospitalized patients stay informed of their loved one’s ongoing medical status.”

McElrone understands the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone and encourages people to “get vaccinated when you’re eligible.” She also says that although quarantine and social distancing may be tiresome, the community should stay the course.

“It’s the only way we will be able to get back to some sense of normalcy,” McElrone said. “I’m excited to advance clinical trials involving COVID-19, but I’m mostly looking forward to family and friends gatherings after we’ve reached herd immunity!”

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