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  1. I have used a product called Cat Crap!! It is applied to clean glasses, apply a thin film and buff with a soft cloth. It was recommended to me by an optician and it works great! Lasts all day. I found it on Amazon!

  2. I found that if I roll/fold a small tissue and put it at the top by the nose wire it keeps my glasses clear. It seems to absorb the excess moisture.

  3. An old-fashioned home remedy that works great is to use a bar of soap. Rub the bar on the lenses (inside and outside) until there is a thin film of soap on them. Using a dry soft cloth (like a pillow case) buff the soap film off until the lenses appear clear again. This works okay using foam soap, it just doesn’t last as long.

  4. I make sure the metal adjustable strip is high on my nose and then place my glasses
    so that they are holding it down. No fogging at all doing that.

  5. I use my husband’s shaving cream. Use it to clean the glasses, rinse and dry. Works well and will last all day when you use it consistently.

  6. most people do not have these products readily available to them, or only have to wear their masks a short time.
    I have been telling patients to just press the wire very firmly at the base of the nose bone, almost directly between the eyes then place their glasses over the top of the mask to hold it in place. Their glasses will acclimate to the temperature of their breath and everything is fine

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