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Toya Campbell

Latoya Campbell, health enews contributor, is a Public Affairs Coordinator at Advocate Aurora Health. She has a BS degree in Communications/Broadcast Journalism from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and previously worked in digital and graphic marketing for a public library. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, fitness activities and a good spa day.

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Could a vaccine lower diabetes risks? 
Could a vaccine lower diabetes risks?
The chance of developing this type of diabetes could change within the very first year of life.
Ice cream vs. frozen yogurt  Featured
Ice cream vs. frozen yogurt
Is there a better choice when it comes to your favorite summer treats?
Just how much more sitting are Americans doing?  Featured
Just how much more sitting are Americans doing?
You might not want to sit down to hear the answer.
Was Beyonce’s post-pregnancy diet safe?  Featured
Was Beyonce’s post-pregnancy diet safe?
In her documentary, she says: “I’m limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol…and I’m hungry.”
Should you try to eat less meat?  Featured
Should you try to eat less meat?
Yes, there is such a thing as a flexitarian.