Drinking a beer and working out?

Drinking a beer and working out?

For those looking for a six-pack this year, a Wisconsin gym is offering its clients a way to get it much faster than expected – just not quite the six-pack you might think.

Mike Zamzow, the brew master and owner of Bull Falls Brewery, is offering a competition this winter called “Butts and Beers.” It’s an exercise class that combines cardio and yoga with a little beer on the side. Each participant gets a free beer after exercise class. The idea was inspired by a Minnesota brewery who hosted a similar event.

“There may be some who come to the class who figure out they’re not cut out for this, but when they get into the taproom, their classmates will encourage them to stick with it,” Zamzow said in a CNN story. “That wouldn’t happen with a regular class when you typically get done with your workout and then get right into your car.”

Brandon Nemeth, fitness specialist at Advocate Trinity Hospital in Chicago, gives the gym a high-five for coming up with an interesting marketing idea, but doesn’t buy the idea of beer as an incentive.

“I’m not a fan of the idea of using beer as motivation to get through a workout,” says Nemeth. “Too many times when people achieve something or celebrate something, they do so in the tune of junk food. Now, we will celebrate workouts with beer?”

Nemeth says that while the research may be out there that moderation of certain alcohol can have positive effects on the body, the promotion of beer is purely being used as a unique marketing attempt.

“Some people can’t drink one beer or a glass of wine and be done,” he says. “They may go home and open up a six-pack and totally ruin their exercise regime. Drinking alcohol, even one drink, can lead to overeating, especially empty calories like chips and other snacks.”

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  2. Runners have been using beer as a motivational tool for a while now; you see post-race beer booths at many of the major Chicagoland running events like the Soldier Field 10 Mile and the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. There are even events like the Beer Runs that make these events fun for adults. I find it a great way to create exercise as a culture and a social event. I’m glad to see it’s moving onto different fitness activities as well. It’s definitely a better alternative to drinking or eating junk food without a work out!

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