“Supporting each other has kept us all going.”

“Supporting each other has kept us all going.”

Coming from a long line of healthcare professionals, Cheryl Cowie knew she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. As a social worker at Aurora Medical Center Washington County, she knows she found the right fit. The greatest reward for her is being able to make an impact during patients’ stay and seeing them successfully discharged from the hospital.

For this experienced social worker, the past year has been unlike any other. Cowie worried for her colleagues and patients. She also was concerned about what would happen if she became sick and was not able to provide for her team and patients. She often thought, “if I get sick, where does that leave my colleagues and patients?”

The days since March 2020 have been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. She is grateful for the support her team provides to each other.

“If you’re not there for each other, I’m not sure how you survive,” says Cowie.

Her hope is that this is a mere moment in her lifetime that has made her a stronger person and better social worker. It has changed her outlook and given her an even better appreciation of life.

One sentiment she will carry with her is the immense pride she feels for her team, her profession, and fellow healthcare professionals. They have acted as a support system even more so in the last year.

“Those who have been here are the only ones who fully understand,” Cowie said. “Our dedication to taking care of people and supporting each other has kept us all going.”

While the pandemic has been challenging, Cheryl remains hopeful that the end is in sight. She recently received her second dose of the COVID vaccine.

“I choose to believe Dr. Citronberg when he says that it is safer to get the vaccine than to get the virus,” says Cheryl. “I wanted to do the right thing for myself and the organization.”

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