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How risky is sexting for your pre-teen? 
How risky is sexting for your pre-teen?
Young teens who receive provocative text messages are six times more likely to be sexually active.
Why teens participate in ‘sexting’ 
Why teens participate in ‘sexting’
A new study finds that it is increasingly common for adolescents to engage in racy texting as a way to increase their social status.
5 tips to help parents handle bad grades  Featured
5 tips to help parents handle bad grades
How you handle low marks with your children can make all the difference in their future success.
Helping teens battle depression  Featured
Helping teens battle depression
Open lines of communication with your teenager goes a long way in helping them beat the blues.
How to deal with cyber bullies  Featured
How to deal with cyber bullies
With social media it’s easy to vent your frustrations in an instant. Learn how to avoid online arguments.
Dangers of overscheduling your child  Featured
Dangers of overscheduling your child
Parents may think their children benefit from endless activities, but an overloaded schedule with no unstructured free time may lead to a host of other physical and behavioral health issues for children.