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Music to a mother’s ears 
Music to a mother’s ears
A speech-language pathologist tackles a little boy’s inability to communicate effectively, giving him the courage to speak.
The truth about “stiff” backs  Featured
The truth about “stiff” backs
Sometimes words and phrases have different meanings to different people. So what does “stiff” really mean?
Relationship problems? Try this 
Relationship problems? Try this
Find out what may help to alleviate stress and the resulting toll it takes on your health.
Do open marriages work?  Featured
Do open marriages work?
What would you and your partner need to consider before entering into a polyamorous relationship?
Can FaceTime help your children learn? 
Can FaceTime help your children learn?
A new study sheds light on the power of video chat when it comes to developing new skills.
Can gratitude help prevent divorce?  Featured
Can gratitude help prevent divorce?
A study looks at how communicating appreciation to your spouse can positively affect your marriage.
3 tips to talk to kids about Alzheimer’s  Featured
3 tips to talk to kids about Alzheimer’s
Learn ways to help children when a loved one is diagnosed with the disease.